Can You Use Two Google Nest WiFi Routers Together?


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When it comes to internet speed, people are trying to get the best speeds for their money. This is because many online games, streams, and databases use a lot of internet data to run properly. If you have a home with a lot of technology and limited internet surface, you may wonder, can you use two Google Nest WiFi routers together?

You can use two Google Nest WiFi routers together. They can be connected to a singular modem, creating two separate networks. This splits the internet into two and reduces the load on any one network. It is a useful technique for backhauling. They can also be connected to make a mesh network.

Now that you know this is a possibility, it is likely you want to know how to go about this. Keep reading to learn how to connect two Google Nest WiFi routers to one modem and each other and troubleshooting tips.

How to Connect Two Google Nest WiFis to One Modem

You can connect two Google Nest WiFis to one modem if your modem supports multiple LAN connections. This will essentially create two open networks for the internet in one home. Some people do this to run 5G and a lower speed separately. Others enjoy it for backhauling. Here is how to effectively set up this connection. You’ll need two ethernet cables and then:

  1. Plug one end of an ethernet cable into one Google Nest WiFi router
  2. Take the other end of the cable and plug it into the first LAN port on the modem
  3. Repeat steps one and two with the other ethernet cable in the second LAN port on the modem
  4. Power cycle the modem

After this, log into your internet gateway and ensure each device is properly set up and functioning. You now have two Google Nest WiFi routers connected with one modem.

The Google Nest WiFi routers are very compatible and easy to use. The vast majority of people will not use their routers to backhaul. Still, many people may find this interesting if they want to split their internet into a home business network and an at-home network for tax purposes or other accounting reasons.

Google Nest WiFi was designed to be a mesh network for any home and business. It works similarly to most mesh networks, but there’s a bit more to it.

Connect Two Google Nest WiFis for a Mesh Network

Two Google WiFi routers hooked together will give you a larger range of internet services within your home. This may help increase speeds overall. This is also how many people create their own mesh networks. The process is simple to get started. Follow these steps to connect your two Google Nest WiFi routers together. You’ll still need two ethernet cables and then:

  1. Take the first Google Nest WiFi and connect one ethernet cable to its port.
  2. Take the end of this cable and plug it into the LAN port on the modem.
  3. Take the second ethernet cable and plug it into the second Google Nest WiFi router LAN port.
  4. Take the other side of the ethernet cable and plug it directly into the first Google Nest WiFis secondary LAN port.

You have successfully created a mesh network. Mesh networks are fast and efficient. While they aren’t ideal for a tech-heavy house with many devices connected to the internet all at once, they do provide good reach to large homes. These networks are good for browsing a smartphone, connecting to an Echo, or doing other simple tasks in a smart home.

Don’t forget that you can also use the Google Nest WiFi range extender if you’re just looking to improve internet speeds throughout your home. You can have up to five points throughout your home.

Trouble With Your Network

Even if you have properly plugged in all the components to the Google Nest WiFi routers, there still could be connectivity issues. This is because technology does not always work exactly as planned. In these cases, it is important to follow some troubleshooting guidance to see if you can get the tech in good working order again. 

Reset the Routers

Sometimes the routers will not talk to each other properly after a fresh installation. This can happen due to a cross in signals between the routers and the networks. Simply take the time to reset the routers by powering them down, waiting five minutes, and powering them back on. This should reset them enough to get them to recognize each other and function properly.

Modem Woes

The modem can also be the culprit when it comes to network issues. If the routers are not properly bridged with your internet provider’s network, they may not work at all. Before calling your internet provider for help, it is recommended to power cycle the modem. Sometimes a power cycle resets the chip, and the internet will begin to work properly again.

Wires Crossed

After a long day of work, it is easy to get your wires crossed when trying to connect the Google Nest WiFi routers. Stop, grab the nearest ethernet cable, and follow it to its end. Ensure that each end is connected to the right device. If you have accidentally connected one ethernet cable to one device, you probably won’t have good results. Swap it, and try again.

A Stronger Network

Using two Google Nest WiFi routers is a great way to create a solid mesh network at home. This will provide you with a steady and stable internet connection to enjoy streaming your favorite shows or using your favorite smart devices. Now that you are connected, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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