Can You Use Echelon Without A Subscription?


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Taking care of your health and leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Not only will it help you as you age, but it will make you feel better in your day-to-day life too. Purchasing an Echelon workout bike is a great way to get into shape. The subscription price tag can be offputting to some users leading to the question, can you use Echelon without a subscription?

Yes, you can use Echelon without a subscription. If you do choose to use it without a subscription you will only have access to the basic functions and content of the Echelon.

Now that you know you can get away without using the app, we will break down the difference between a paid subscription vs. the free features that Echelon has for its users. Read on.

Echelon Without a Subscription

Echelon is an exercise bike that is meant to be paired with a subscription. 

Sometimes, the subscription can get too costly and users may opt-out from it. There are many benefits to using Echelon with a subscription, but there are ways to work around it if you can’t afford or don’t want a subscription.

If you are looking to decide whether you should opt out of the subscription, read this list to learn what features are subscription-dependent.

FeatureSubscription RequiredEffect
Resistance ValueNoYou can still see your resistance value on Echelon without the app, but it takes finesse. When you start to pedal, you must turn the knob to get it to work without the subscription.
Freestyle RidesNoThe machine will still give you stats on Freestyle Rides without a subscription. It will not save your progress under ‘Progress Area’ without a subscription.
All Other ContentYesYou cannot get access to any other content without the subscription. 

Echelon With a Subscription

If the prospect of not accessing all the features your Echelon has to offer isn’t appealing, you can always opt to buy a subscription plan. These subscription plans come in tier options as follows:

Billed Monthly$34.99 a monthMore than 35 daily classes and access to on-demand classes. Classes for all-equipment and off equipment FitPass, Up to 5 profiles per membership.
Yearly$33.33 a month, billed $399.99 annually.All the benefits of Billed Monthly plus Free Shipping.
Two-Year$29.16 a month, billed $699 every two years.All the benefits of Billed Monthly plus Free Shipping.

Using Other Apps

Echelon does not allow any other apps to be directly downloaded onto the bike itself. However, you can download other apps on your phone and use them in tandem with your Echelon bike. Here are some apps that you can use:


Peloton is the more expensive competitor to the Echelon. Many people opt for Echelon to save on cost because they have similar designs and functionalities. While this is true, some of the Peloton classes are quite different from Echelon classes and may entice a user to try them. Although it isn’t a typical method, you can enjoy Peloton classes by using this method:

  • Download the Peloton app on your phone and sign in.
  • Open the Echelon app on your phone and connect your bike via Bluetooth.
  • Select ‘More’ and then select ‘Freestyle Ride’ on your Echelon. This will give you your ride stats based on Echelon’s scoring system.
  • Open your Peloton app, choose your class and start biking!

For those of you who are using Peloton classes with an Echelon, you will need to convert your resistance from one app to the other to get the right workout. Here is a quick chart to help:


Fitbit and Echelon

Fitbit users everywhere will be happy to know that the Fitbit can be connected to the Echelon. Once a ride has ended, the user can wait a few moments and then look at their app or log in to their account online. The data will update and show your workout. If there is a connectivity issue, Echelon has a customer support page dedicated to its users to troubleshoot this.

Strava and Echelon

Just like the Fitbit, a Strava can also connect to the Echelon. Once it is connected, you can start to track your workouts with the app on your phone. It is just as easy as tracking a run, walk, or gym day. Finish your routine wait a few minutes, and it should automatically update the information for your Strava.

Your Health Matters

Buying an Echelon bike is a great choice when you are trying to improve your health. Sometimes, health improvements cost money, and that investment is worth it. Buying a subscription to an exercise app is a great investment in yourself and in your family. Together you can work to turn your health goals into reality.

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