Can You Record Nest Cam Locally?

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Smart homes are great ways to keep our home safe and secure and with the Nest cam you could have multiple solutions in increasing the security. Nest cam is a monitoring device that helps you see what’s going on in your home even if you are miles away. 

Usually Nest Cam can be recorded through a subscription, and all records are stored in the cloud. However, the Nest Cam can be easily recorded locally or on a private cloud. 

With the broad-cast security cam, you don’t have to worry about your home not being in good shape, because you could always find the issue by going through the video records. Read on to know how to do so. 

How Can I Record From My Nest Camera?

Many people use the Nest Cam to catch potential burglars in the act, while many use the cam to supervise their home or their children’s activities, making sure everything is in order. Most people cannot get the quality feed they want from the Nest Cam. 

 Here, we’ll show you how to. Before you try it out, the Nest cam recommends you to have a subscription, once you have done that follow these steps:

  1. On your computer web browser, sign in to your account on
  2. Select the camera that has recorded the video you viewed.
  3. On the lower right corner of your screen, click on ‘Clips’. Maximize your browser page to view the option.
  4. Select ‘Create Clip’.
  5. Sliders should appear on your timeline. Either drag them forward or backward to determine when your video will begin and when it will end.
  6. Once you have created the selected video as your clip, name the clip of your choice then click ‘Save’.
  7. Once the clip is saved in a file, a message would pop up, notifying that “Your clip is ready. View your clip”. Click on “View Your Clip’. 
  8. Click on the clip and see if you like it or you want to edit it. If you are satisfied with the work, click on “Done”.
  9. You would now have a recorded clip from your Nest Cam that is stored in your local computer storage or downloads. 

The Nest Cam can still be recorded locally without any subscription. Although the method is outdated. It can be done by using a web browser and a VLC player on your PC.

Google has a fantastic line of Nest products, including the Nest Doorbell, which we’ve reviewed and think it’s a fantastic product!

How Can a Nest Cam User Record the Free Live Stream Locally?

Nest cam is one of the best secure security cameras from Nest, which is owned by Google. The little monitor is designed to capture videos and audio from indoor or outdoor, even when there is no daylight present. To record a live stream is similar to recording videos on Nest camera. 

For more information on how to record videos, take a look at this article.

How to Share Nest Camera Live Video

If you want to share other people with your Google Nest camera or live stream video, there are ways to do so without giving out your account details or password for the app. The most common way to share or invite someone is by using the Home app or with Family accounts in the Nest app. 

Nest app has a couple more ways to share videos, public link and password-protected link. If you’d like to share your camera’s recordings with other people without sharing access to your home and the devices in the app, you can share your camera’s video publicly or with a password-protected link.

These are instructions to share your video with public or private link using Nest app:

  • On your computer web browser, log in to your account on the Nest Home
  • Select the camera you would want to share and click on Settings on the upper top corner.
  • Click the Camera sharing.
  • Select a sharing option, either sharing with a password or sharing publicity.
  • Then, click on “Agree & Share.”
  • A link would then be created for your camera. You could share this link with anyone you want. 

The password of your link can be easily changed by going to this page and clicking ‘Change password’. If you choose to stop sharing your camera, and share again, a new link would be created. 

How Do I Store Nest Video Locally?

Containing footage from a smart security device can be very helpful, especially for proof cases or evidence. Nest has an option to share, create and save videos. You might never know when the cloud might lose all recordings, so it’s safe to have a backup. Before you can save footage, you are going to need a Nest Aware subscription.

You would have to create some clips before you save some footage. Nest app automatically saves all footage in the cloud but it cannot be taken without creating a clip. You could create clips or both your computer and phone. The clips on your phone last for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, while the clips on your computer can last for an hour.

On Phone

Follow these steps to store Nest videos on your phone:

  • Open the Nest app and choose your camera.
  • Scroll down to your camera’s history and select a footage
  • As the clip plays, press and hold New clips to start and release to end the clip.
  • Tap on save to download the footage on your phone.

Now, let’s look at your computer.

On Computer

Follow these steps to store Nest videos on your computer:

  • Open your browser and sign in to
  • On the lower right, click on ‘Clips’.
  • Tap on Create Clip.
  • You would see sliders. Drag them to begin and end your clip.
  • Add the name of your clip and click ‘Save’.

Now, let’s look at whether or not Nest cameras record offline.

Does Nest Camera Record Offline?

Nest cameras rely entirely on Wi-Fi, and the camera would not work if there is no internet connection or if the signal is inconstant. Although the Nest camera cannot record without the internet, it can store footage when offline. It has enough internal memory to store up to one hour of recorded events when it’s offline. 


Using the Nest cam to record locally is an extremely easy and quick process to do. It allows you to record while having the option to connect on your own network. All footage is saved in your computer’s local storage. It is safe to subscribe to the Nest Aware for your footage to be saved on the cloud.

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