5 Tips and Tricks for Calling the Spectrum Retention Department

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We all dread it. Calling customer service and trying to cancel a service, namely TV or internet. Companies such as Spectrum can offer great service, but there are a few tricks to help you get through the call and get what you need from it. 

While nothing is guaranteed when you call them, there are ways to help your requests in the right direction. Read below to find out seven tricks to make your call worthwhile and productive. 

Speak to Customer Service

When you first call Spectrum, you will want to speak to Customer Service (833-267-6094 or 888-369-2408). The representative there will tell you what they can offer upfront. Sometimes these deals may be what you are looking for. If not, then you would want to continue to number two below. 

Speak To the Retention Team 

If you feel you need more information on how to lower your bill, have them transfer you to the Retention Team (866-892-0019 or 800-892-4357). When you speak with retention, let them know you are considering using a service from another provider if what Spectrum offers you doesn’t meet your needs. Sometimes retention is referred to as customer solutions or sales. 

If you can still not get the pricing you were hoping for, you can escalate to a retention manager. They have the ability to offer promo offers the representatives can not and know what promotions are offered to current customers. 

Call at the Right Time

Another trick to be aware of is to call in the morning hours to ensure the representative on the phone is in not already tired from a long day and to ensure the representative has some daily coupons/discounts still available. There are so many discounts they are allowed to give in a day. 

Call Back Another Day

If you still don’t get the desired result, you can always hang up and try calling back in a few days. You will most likely get a new representative who may have new coupons or discounts to offer. A lot of times, these renew a couple of times a week, so you may have a deal option you didn’t have a few days before. 

Do Your Research 

Be sure to do your research before calling. This can help establish what you already want from your service or bill and helps the representative guide you through the proper channels to get it. 

Remind Them

Don’t hesitate to tell them that you are a long-time customer and have always paid your bill on time. These things can help them see that you are not just trying to get something for free but want to keep the service and have it work for you as well. 

Things To Remember

The point of the retention department is to try to keep you on as a customer so offering you one-time deals and discounts is their specialty. You can call them for things like rate decreases and see if you qualify for the introductory rate all over again. 

There are a few other ways to reduce your bill, which the retention team can also handle.

  • Remove some of your services, such as add-on stations to your cable
  • Lowering your internet speeds
  • Returning your modem. 

You can rent one of their modems, which they will replace if it goes bad, or you can buy one of your own, set it up on your own, and you are responsible for its maintenance. The price of purchasing your modem can be less than what you pay for renting one each month. 

There is also a chat option where you can speak to a representative in real-time via the chat in the lower right corner. They are limited in what they know and can do here. This is more for quick question and answer options, but they can still steer you in the right direction. 


To sum up, a call to a Spectrum does not have to be a headache, nor does it have you go in circles to find the information you need. If you follow the steps above, you can have a productive call and get the most service for your money. 

Spectrum also offers subsidized plans. You have to qualify for these, and the plans are unavailable for tv or high-speed internet options. This option is great for single parents or low-income families who need some form of the internet for their children for school. 

Remember that it can be challenging to get another promotional price once your new customer promotion runs out. Still, the representatives should be able to find something that will help you out with your service and make paying your bill just a little easier. 

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