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Yale Assure Lock – Unofficial Guide (Installation, Tips, and More)

Last Updated Mar 14, 2022
Yale smartlock installed on door
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Say goodbye to your house key.  Don’t leave one under the mat.  No need to have a copy made to give the neighbor.  Manage short-term rental properties right from your phone.  A Yale Assure smart lock secures the front door using modern technology instead of antiquated physical keys.

Yale Assure locks use a combination of a motorized deadbolt and touchscreen display to replace old-fashioned key-operated deadbolts.  Installation is quick and easy, programming is accomplished using the touchscreen or mobile app, and operation could not be simpler. 

Yale Assure Models

There are several models of Yale Assure locks currently available in a variety of finishes such as Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass.

Basic Yale Assure lock models have a touchscreen keypad with backlight display, one-touch locking, motorized deadbolt, and voice assistance.

For added protection from tampering, lock-picking, and bumping, similar Yale Assure models have done away with the key option entirely.

Yale Assure locks are excellent stand-alone deadbolts, but they can also be transformed into smart locks with the addition of Yale modules. 

These plug-in modules allow for integration with major home automation systems. Z-Wave, ZigBee, and HomeKit network modules may be purchased separately or as part of a Yale Assure lock package.

The latest generation Yale Assure locks offer smart lock technology, also without the key option, in a much smaller exterior footprint. 


Replacing an existing deadbolt with a Yale Assure lock can usually be done in less than 30 minutes with just a Philips head screwdriver.  The cross-borehole, going from outside to the inside of the door, should be 2 1/8 inches in diameter.  The edge borehole leading from the door to the door jam for the bolt must be 1 inch in diameter. 

Yale Assure lock with app

For doors without a cutout for a deadbolt, the Yale Assure lock packaging contains templates for proper placement of the lock, bolt, and strike plate. 

To install the Yale Assure lock you will need to:

Step 1. Remove the existing deadbolt hardware.

Step 2. Install the strike plate into the door frame with two strike screws.

Step 3. Insert the adjustable latch into the door edge borehole.  It is set for a backset of 2 3/8 inches but can be adjusted to 2 ¾ inches.

Door with lock removed

Step 4. Ensure latch is in the retracted and unlocked position and with the up arrow pointing up, secure with two latch screws.

Step 5. Guide the cable underneath the latch mechanism and install exterior keypad lock flush with the door.

Door with Yale Assure lock exterior keypad lock installed

Step 6. Guide the cable through the interior mounting plate and attach to exterior lock with the two long through bolts.

Door with cabled pulled through Yale Assure lock, being attached with screwdriver.

Step 7. Attach the cable to the interior portion of the lock, placing the cable underneath the retaining hook.  Ensure the cable has been fully inserted into the connector.

Yale Assure lock being attached to door

Step 8. Install the interior portion of the lock with the tailpiece passes through the horizontal cutout in the latch assembly.   Ensure cabling is fully within the lock, and the sits flush with the mounting plate and door.

Step 9. Secure with two screws inside the battery assembly and one at the bottom of the lock.

Yale Assure lock being attached to door with screwdriver

Step 10. Test the latch assembly for proper operation by turning it with the lock’s interior thumb turn.

Step 11. If using an optional network connected radio module, insert the module into the space above the battery assembly.

Yale Assure lock attached to door without batteries inserted.

Step 12. With the lock in the retracted position, install 4 AA batteries.

Yale Assure lock with 4 AA batteries installed.

Step 13. Reinstall the battery cover using the attached screw.

Yale Assure lock attached to door.

The lock will sound with the voice greeting “Welcome to Yale Real Living” and is ready for programming.


Once the Yale Assure lock has been physically installed, the fun begins. Programming begins on the lock itself using the backlit capacitive touch keypad.

Set Master PIN Code

  1. Place your hand on the keypad to wake the lock up.
  2. Press the gear icon on the keypad
  3. You will be prompted to enter a 4-8 digit master PIN code and then the gear icon.
  4. The master PIN code is now set.
  5. From the unlocked position, test for lock handing by placing a hand on the keypad.
  6. If successful, the lock should extend the deadbolt.

Set User PIN Codes

Yale Assure locks allow you to create specific PIN codes for different people.  Both creating and deleting user PINs is easy to do.  Using the keypad:

  1. Wake the lock by placing a hand on the touchscreen.
  2. Enter the master PIN code followed by the gear icon.
  3. Select 2 followed by the gear icon or listen to the locks automated voice prompts
  4. Select 1 followed by the gear icon or listen to the automated prompts.
  5. Enter the desired 4-8 digit user PIN code followed by the gear icon.
  6. The user PIN code has now been set.

User PIN codes may also be created using the Yale Assure App.  If using one of the network-connected modules, the Yale Secure app or August Home apps will be used.  See your lock or module’s instructions to determine which app should be used.

Set User PIN codes in the App

Yale Assure locks without the modules use Bluetooth to work with the Yale Assure app.   Start by opening the app and following the on-screen prompts.  You’ll need to be standing near the lock anytime you want to app to send programming information to it.

At the bottom of the app’s screen, select the padlock icon, and Manage PIN Codes.

Yale Assure lock app with Manage Pin codes selected

From this screen, User PIN codes may be added or deleted.  Once changes have been made, you’ll need to transfer them over to the lock.  Select Send to Lock and follow the onscreen prompts. 

3 screens of Yale Assure lock app's Entry code page

You can create up to 25 unique user PIN codes or up to 250 when using the network module.

On Lock Programming

Additional programming may be done the lock itself.  The lock may be programmed to automatically relock after being unlocked, whether unlocked using the thumb turn or keypad.  By default, the lock with not automatically, relock, or it may be changed to relock after 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes and never wonder if the door was left unlocked again.

There is an LED light on the interior on the lock.  This light will periodically blink, indicating that the door is locked.  Though the light itself is faint, this feature may be turned off in the lock’s advanced settings.

One touch locking allows the user to simply place a hand on the keypad with the door closed to initiate locking the door.  This feature is enabled by default but may be disabled.

When it might be useful to disable user PIN codes without deleting, the lock may be placed into Privacy Mode.  In privacy mode, the user PIN codes have been temporarily disabled.

Though the Yale Assure lock uses both voice and other sounds to assist users, the volume coming from the lock may be set to High, Low, or Silent.  Supported languages are English, Spanish, and French.

In-App Programming

When wanting to make a number of changes to the lock’s programming at one time, it may be quicker and easier to do it from the app using Bluetooth. 

My assure lock settings page on Yale Assure lock app

All of the programming that can be done using the lock keypad, can also be done using the app and then sent to the lock via Bluetooth. 

Code being sent to lock via bluetooth on Yale Assure lock app


Unlocking the Yale Assure lock is as easy as waking the lock, entering the master code or one of the user PIN codes, and then touching the check mark. 

A feature of the Bluetooth-enabled locks is Twist and Go unlocking.  When using the Yale Assure app unlocking can be as simple as rotating your phone 90 degrees and then touching the check mark on the keypad, no PIN code entry required!

Network Modules

The network modules can add additional capabilities, most significantly, allowing users to have complete control ove­­­­r lock operation even when away from home.  

For example, certain lock bundles include a Yale Assure lock, network module and August Connect wi-fi bridge, but requires use of the August app rather than the Yale app.  With this hardware configuration, the August app may be used to:

Monitor activity

  • The Activity Feed keeps a detailed record of all lock activity, allowing you to see who used it and when.
The Activity Feed on Yale Assure lock app

Share access with friends, family, and other guests

  • Grant digital keys to guests and set exactly how long they will be valid

Set a specific access schedule

  • Allow access to cleaning services or dog walkers only during defined periods

Receive notifications

  • Set the app to send notifications right to your phone when the lock has been used

Always know the status of your door

What Happens When the Batteries Run Down?

Worried about the batteries running down and being locked out?  Yale has built in several safeguards to prevent that from happening.  The keypad itself has a low battery indicator and will flash red when batteries should be changed.  The home screen in the app also has a battery level indicator. 

In the event that these warnings have been missed, the bottom of the keypad has an override system.  A 9V battery can be placed on the terminals and provide backup power to the lock’s keypad and motor.

Yale Assure lock on door

Smart locks are an ideal solution for busy families and anyone who owns a short-term rental property.  With Yale Assure locks, you can literally lose your keys for good.

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