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Xfinity Remote Will Not Pair with Toshiba TV

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022
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If you have an Xfinity Remote, you might be wondering how to pair it with the Toshiba TV. Xfinity remotes are a great addition to your smart home because they can be paired with any TV and other equipment such as soundbars and audio/video receivers. 

While the setup process to pair the Xfinity remote and Toshiba TV are pretty easy, some people encounter problems from time to time. If they are not pairing, your voice remote might not be compatible with your TV. You might also need to factory reset the TV or check that the TV buttons are working. 

You might be wondering how to see if your remote is compatible or how to factory reset a Toshiba TV. Don’t worry, we will go over all the details in this article. We will also discuss how to pair the remote with your TV in case you don’t know-how. 

Troubleshooting Your Xfinity Remote 

Like all smart devices, Xfinity remotes can have issues from time to time. Since the remote makes using your Toshiba TV much easier, you will probably want to fix the issue right away. 

Here are some common reasons why your remote might not pair with your TV. 

You are Trying to Use Multiple Boxes 

Xfinity remotes have to be paired separately to each TV and each box in your house. You also can’t pair more than one TV to the same remote. If you have multiple boxes and TVs in your home, make sure you are using the right remote with the right TV. 

If you have several boxes, you might want to consider labeling the remote to make sure you don’t get them mixed up. 

If you are trying to pair your remote to a new TV and you have already paired the remote to a previous TV, it will not work unless you unpair the remote from the first TV. 

Your Remote’s Buttons are Not Working 

If the buttons are not working, pairing the TV to the remote will be impossible because you need to use the buttons to set up the remote on the TV. 

Check for these signs when using your remote:

  1. Press a button on the remote and see if the LED flashes. 
  2. If it does, replace the batteries. 
  3. Press a button again and see if the LED is still flashing. 
  4. If the LED is flashing 5 times, this means the batteries are low. This can happen if you put in old batteries. 
  5. If you have changed the batteries and the buttons are still not working, you might need to contact Xfinity support

Your remote’s buttons might stop working if you recently spilled something on the remote or if the remote got wet.

Your Remote is Not Compatible with the TV 

Not all TVs and remotes will work together. You can use this guide from Xfinity’s website to see which remotes pair with which devices. It also has steps for how to pair each remote with the TV and gives you troubleshooting tips. 

If you still aren’t sure if your TV will work with the remote, you can contact Xfinity support and they will be able to help you. 

How to Get Your Remote to Pair With Your Toshiba TV 

If you tried the steps above and found that your buttons are working, you’re not using multiple boxes, and your remote is compatible with the TV; you might need to take some additional steps to see why the remote is not pairing with the TV. 

The best way is to reset the remote. Almost all problems are solved after factory resetting the TV. 

Factory Resetting a Remote with the Setup Button 

If your remote has a setup button, try these steps:

  1. Press the setup button. 
  2. Wait until the Led at the top of the remote changes from red to green. 
  3. Press 9-8-1. 
  4. The LED light will blink twice once the remote has been reset successfully. 

A factory reset button will erase all the settings, so any pairing issues should be solved. 

Factory Resetting a Remote Without the Setup Button 

Not all Xfinity remotes have a setup button. If yours doesn’t, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the A (triangle) and the D (Diamond) buttons. Hold them at the same time and wait three seconds. 
  2. Wait until the light changes from red to green. 
  3. Press 9-8-1. 
  4. Once the remote has been reset, the LED will blink blue three times if the reset was successful. 

If you would like to learn more about Toshiba TVs, check out this article.

Final Thoughts 

If your Xfinity remote is not pairing with the TV, you might need to factory reset the remote and then try pairing again. You also need to check that the buttons are working and that your remote is compatible with your TV. 

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