Xfinity Remote Will Not Pair with Element TV


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Are you buying an Xfinity remote with the intent of pairing it with your Element TV? The pros and cons of using an Xfinity remote as well as the TVs it is compatible with shows that this would be a good consideration. However, what do you do if your Xfinity remote will not pair with your Element TV?

Your Xfinity remote may not pair with your Element TV because of the following reasons:

  • If your Xfinity remote hardware is damaged or physically broken
  • When Xfinity remote buttons required for pairing are not responsive

Amidst other uses, Xfinity remotes have been found to have really helpful post-pairing functionalities including the swap and favorite buttons. After pairing with a TV, Xfinity remote controls the TV even when out of sight. But how do you make use of the incredible post-pairing features of the Xfinity remote when it won’t pair? Keep reading to find out. 

Why Can’t I Program My Xfinity Remote to My TV?

There are many reasons why you may not be able to program your Xfinity remote to your TV. Programming your Xfinity remote to your TV will only take place when the Xfinity remote is paired with the setup box. 

Your Xfinity remote will not program to your TV properly if:

  • Your Xfinity remote control batteries are low
  • You did not go through the correct process when programming your Xfinity remote to your TV
  • There’s an obstruction between your Xfinity remote control and your TV

Now, let’s see some solutions for when your Xfinity remote won’t pair with your Element TV.

What to Do When Your Xfinity Remote Won’t Pair With Element TV

There are solutions for when you aren’t able to pair your Xfinity remote to your TV. 

Some easy fixes for when your Xfinity remote won’t pair with your Element TV include:

  • Change your Xfinity remote’s batteries to newer ones
  • Remove any obstructions between your Xfinity remote and your Element TV to help transmit stronger remote signals. 
  • Contacting the Xfinity Customer Service to report an error code you can’t handle

However, when these solutions don’t work, there are more complex ways to solve this issue. These are listed below.

Reset Your Xfinity Remote

In this case, you should consider the troubleshooting option. The factory reset process is useful when the remote refuses to respond or for previously paired Xfinity remotes and TVs with dissonance. The factory reset process unpairs the TV and the Xfinity remote so that they are paired again like normal.  

The reset process can be done by following these steps:

  1. Remove the Xfinity remote batteries
  2. Press on the power button for half a minute
  3. The reset process should be a success if, after inserting new batteries in the Xfinity remote, the remote starts functioning by connecting with the TV.

Now, let’s move on to the next solution.

 Reprogram Your Xfinity Remote With Your Element TV

Reprogramming your Xfinity remote to your Element TV is a quick and simple process. 

To reprogram your Xfinity remote to your Setup box, follow these steps:

  1. Find the setup button. The setup button is on the lower part of the Xfinity remote 
  2. Click on the setup button until the red LED light changes to green 
  3. Press the Xfinity button on the remote to get a three-digit code on the Element TV screen
  4. From your Xfinity remote, type in the three-digit code that is appearing on the screen
  5. Look up the remote code tool available online at the Xfinity website. You need this code to pair with your Element TV
  6. Click on the setup button, then enter the Element TV’s manufacturer’s code

This completes the reprogramming process.A signal of a complete process is that the red LED light flashes twice. This is a helpful video on how to reprogram your Xfinity remote to your Element TV.

What Are the Xfinity Remote Codes for Element TV?

There are different Xfinity remote types. Picking the Xfinity digital adapter remote for instance; the Element TV code is a four or five-digit code. 

In most cases, the Element TV code which works in pairing with Xfinity remotes is 11687. If not, try using 11756.

There are more possible Element TV codes inside of the Xfinity remote manual if the two provided codes above do not work.


The Xfinity remote is suited for pairing with a lot of TVs, including Element TV. If your Xfinity remote will not pair with your Element TV, then there are underlying factors to address. You may need to get a suitable Xfinity code and find a solution to the pairing difficulties. This article has described some of these solutions.

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