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Wyze Thermostat Current Network Not Good (Troubleshooting)

Last Updated Jun 27, 2021
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The Wyze thermostat is a smart, connected device that you rely on to keep your home at a comfortable level. When you experience an issue informing you that your current network is not good, you need to address the problem promptly. Researching the most reliable troubleshooting steps to take will get your device fixed and running smoothly in no time.

If your Wyze thermostat has an error telling you the current network is not good, consider your router’s proximity to the device as well as the connection itself. These are usually the most common reasons your thermostat will display a network error.

Discovering that your thermostat is having an issue with the current network can be frustrating. However, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. Keep reading to navigate the steps you need to take to get your thermostat back up and running, restoring the optimal operation of your thermostat.

Troubleshooting Your Wyze Thermostat Network Issue

If you see an error on your Wyze app that states there is a communication issue, you have a connection problem between your thermostat and the network you have chosen to connect with. When you see a popup that begins with, “Communication Issue: The current network is not good. Please try again later,” you are experiencing an issue with your connection.  There are a few reasons for this, but fortunately there are several ways to resolve the problem:

  • Try to force close the Wyze app and restart it. This solution can sometimes resolve the connection issue by attempting a new connection to your network.
  • Check the connection speed that your home is utilizing and ensure enough bandwidth to verify a strong connection. You can do this by going to a reliable site such as Speedtest, a safe and trusted place to ensure you have enough speed for your current configuration. If there is an issue, contact your service provider for assistance.
  • Is your proximity from the thermostat to the router’s access point too far away? If this is the case, you might need to consider a Wi-Fi booster for your home.
  • Press and hold the Wyze thermostat knob for ten seconds to initiate a reset. This process will restart the setup process and create a new connection, possibly eliminating the issue.
  • Ensure that your router is making a 2.4Ghz connection and not 5Ghz. A router that combines these two speeds may automatically connect to the higher 5Ghz speeds and reject the link.

Completing a Firmware Update to Resolve a Current Network Issue

After trying all the above steps to resolve your problem, next, you can try to complete a firmware update for your Wyze thermostat.

  1. In the Wyze app, choose Account, and then Firmware Update. This process will update your thermostat to the latest version.
  2. After completing the firmware update, your thermostat will go back to the factory setting, displaying the word “Wyze.” Press and hold the knob until Reset Settings appears. Turn the knob to Yes, then press the knob again.
  3. When your thermostat is finished resetting, you will need to go to the app and choose Add Device.
  4. After the process is complete, this should resolve the problem.

Contacting Wyze Technical Support

If you find your thermostat is still showing the “current network not good” error after trying all the above steps, you can contact Wyze technical support to get personalized assistance with your issue. You can reach the online help center here.

  • Choose Products, then Home, and finally Wyze Thermostat. These steps will take you to the help center for your device. Currently, there is no specific article for this error, but there is a lot of information there that can help you eliminate connection issues that could be related.
  • In the lower right-hand corner, you will see a green box. Click this box to open a support request. Scroll down until you see Wyze Thermostat and choose it. The list of options will suggest Help Me with my Thermostat. Choose this. View the available issues and select the one that matches your issue.
  • Live support is available if the click-through troubleshooter does not address your issue. Scroll down to the bottom of the main support page to see their hours of operation.
  • Click here to visit the Service Status and Known Issues page to see if your issue is listed there.
  • You can visit Wyze’s Facebook page and contact them through messaging or the listed phone number for support.


Your Wyze thermostat is a high-quality device designed to regulate the temperatures in your home. When issues arise, try any of the troubleshooting tips above to get your device back to working order!