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Wyze Smart Plug vs. Amazon Smart Plug: Which is Better?

Last Updated Mar 10, 2022
amazon smart plug

Smart plugs don’t often get the recognition they deserve. It’s admittedly hard. How do you compare a smart plug with a smart home lighting system, after all? Of course, there’s more to smart plugs than you think, and the Wyze and Amazon smart plugs are two outstanding options. But which is better?  

Wyze and Amazon smart plugs are identical in almost every facet. However, the one thing that sets the Wyze Smart Plug apart from the Amazon version is that the Wyze has more access to virtual assistants and additional features.

Read on to learn more about the two devices and how they stack up against one another.

Wyze Smart Plug vs. Amazon Smart Plug

Both the Wyze Smart Plug and Amazon Smart Plug are designed to plug in without taking up both outlets on the wall, and they are evenly priced at $19.99. In terms of features, they’re nearly carbon copies of one another, with neither supporting Z-Wave or Zigbee and neither supporting Bluetooth.

 Amazon Smart PlugWyze Smart Plug
Virtual AssistantsAlexa OnlyAlexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
Communication ProtocolWiFiWiFi
Additional FeaturesStandardVacation Mode

The two features that continuously push the Wyze Smart Plug into the lead over the Amazon Smart Plug are virtual assistants and the additional vacation mode feature with the Wyze Smart Plug. Also, you get two Wyze Smart Plugs for the same price as an Amazon Smart Plug.

While the two are equally priced in general terms, the Amazon Smart Plug sometimes finds itself on a pricier tier than the Wyze, even though the Wyze Smart Plug is arguably better to a small degree.

Wyze Smart Plug Features

The Wyze Smart Plug routinely finds itself in the stratosphere where reviews are concerned and for good reason. Understandably, companies can’t cram too many software features into a plug, but Wyze definitely got away with a few.

  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT – Wyze Smart Plugs are more compelling to a larger consumer base because it’s compatible with more virtual assistants. Although it won’t work with Homekit, the fact that it is compatible with IFTTT means that it can work with Homekit in a series of programmed workarounds.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling is a nice feature that lets you schedule when the smart plug is active and when it is not. If you want to turn your coffee pot on at 6:00 am, the smart plug will activate, and your coffee will be ready to brew.
  • Vacation mode – Vacation mode is probably the one feature that’s most attractive about the Wyze Smart Plug. When you turn vacation mode on, the plugs will activate at random times throughout a 24-hour day, turning on lights and devices as if someone is home when you’re not.
  • Wyze Sense – Wyze Sense is similar in function but only turns on when you enter the room and off after the room has been empty for a while.
  • Grouping – Grouping allows you to connect all of your Wyze Smart Plugs into a single “room” group for easy control.

Amazon Smart Plug Features

The Amazon Smart Plug is almost always going to fall clearly into the category of consumers who have Amazon Alexa Echo devices. You already know that it’s compatible, and there shouldn’t be a problem syncing everything together.

  • Works with Alexa – Works with Alexa is the most obvious stand-out feature of the device. It goes further in terms of bringing it home, especially if you own an Echo device and/or have downloaded the Alexa App (Android and/or iOS).
  • Certified for Humans – “Certified for humans” indicates that there’s little stress or complication involved in owning an Amazon Smart Plug.
  • Alexa Routines – Setting up an Alexa Routine is great for morning coffee or if you want certain lamps or LED strip lights to come on at select times throughout the day.
  • Away Lighting – Away Lighting is Amazon’s very own version of the Wyze vacation mode. It works in the same way, by turning on lights and devices at random when you are away to deter those from wanting to break into your home while you’re gone.


The Wyze Smart Plug squeaks out a victory over the Amazon Smart Plug primarily because it interacts with a larger group of virtual assistants, which means it has a larger potential consumer base.

However, these smart plugs are identical in terms of functionality, including most of their features, with the IFTTT commands and set up with the Wyze giving it an edge in features. Regardless of which one you choose and for what reason, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the result.

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