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Wyze Smart Plug Uses: Five Uses to Try!

Last Updated Dec 20, 2021
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There are no limits to what you can do with the Wyze Smart Plug. You can use the device when you’re away from home or even in the same room! But what are some common uses of the smart plug?

Here are five things you can do with your Wyze Smart Plug:

Wirelessly Turn On Lights

With the Wyze Smart Plug, you don’t have to worry about plugging in your light-operated decorations or lamps. That’ll be your Wyze Smart Plug’s job. Using the Wyze app, you can set schedules for your plug. You can do this by:

  1. Opening the Wyze app.
  2. Tap “Home,” then the “+.”
  3. Choose “Add Rule,” then “Schedule.”
  4. Choose your Wyze Smart Plug.
  5. Tapping “Turn On,” then “Next.”
  6. Selecting the “+” again.
  7. Entering a name for your schedule, then choosing “Save.”
  8. Selecting a schedule, then choosing “Save” again.

You can also choose what days of the week you want the plug to turn on. Now, with this feature, your lights will turn on when it gets dark and turn off when the sun rises.

Charge Your Phone Without Killing the Battery

USA Today notes that you risk draining the battery over time by keeping your phone plugged in overnight. A phone that was once able to keep a charge for days might not even last a few hours.

With the Wyze Smart Plug, you can wake up to a fully-charged phone without risking its battery. It generally takes three hours to get a 100 percent charge. So, you can schedule your Wyze Smart Plug to turn off after it’s charged your phone for three hours.

Turn On Your Smart Home Appliances

Many in-home appliances now work with smartphone apps. So, for instance, suppose you have a Smart Electric Kettle, and you want hot water boiling when you come home from work.

Using its app and your Wyze Smart Plug, you can make this dream a reality. Here, you can turn on the device itself by going into the Wyze app. Then, you can give your water kettle “instructions” through its app.

The possibilities here are endless. You can use your Wyze Smart Plug with other smart home-compatible appliances, from toaster ovens to microwaves.

Turn Your TV On and Off

With the Wyze Smart Plug, you don’t need the remote to turn your TV on and off anymore. Through the Wyze app, you can accomplish this with no problems. To turn your TV on or off, you’ll first need to create a shortcut. You can do this by:

  1. Open the Wyze app.
  2. Tap “Home.”
  3. Choose “+.”
  4. Tap “Add Rule,” then “Shortcut.”
  5. Choose your Wyze Smart Plug and give it a name (like “Living Room TV”).
  6. Name your shortcut (such as “Turn On Living Room TV”).
  7. Choose the “+” next to “Action.”
  8. Select your Wyze plug.
  9. Choose “Save.”

Now, when you log into the Wyze app, you’ll see “Turn On Living Room TV” from the app’s home screen. You’ll never have to use the remote ever again (well, except maybe to change the channel).

Use the Wyze Smart Plug with Other Wyze Devices

Wyze doesn’t just make smart plugs. This company produces everything from cameras to motion-activated sensors. By using Wyze’s Smart Plug-in combination with other Wyze devices, you can:

  • Create a home security system. More people are turning to smart home security systems. Not only would a Wyze Smart Plug power the Wyze Camera, but it would also give you other features, such as turning the camera on and off at your leisure.
  • Optimize your garage door. Sick of waiting for your garage door to open when you come home from work? With the Wyze Home Security System Entry, you can set a schedule that automatically opens your garage just as you’re pulling into the driveway. You can also use the Wyze Sensor for other things, like pairing a camera.
  • Change your home’s lighting scheme. Wyze produces colored bulbs. They come in four colors: blue, red, purple, and yellow. You can use these lightbulbs in a standard lamp that’s powered by a Wyze Smart Plug. Not only can this turn the lamp on and off, but you can also change the lamp’s color through the Wyze app.
  • Install the Wyze Security System. Want your security system to turn on and off during certain times of the day? No problem; you can make these changes through the Wyze app.  

In Conclusion

There are countless things you can do with a Wyze Smart Plug. As such, this is not an exhaustive list. For more ideas about what to do with your device, visit Wyze’s Community Forum.

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