Wyze Smart Plug Not Connecting – 5 Fixes to Try!

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One of the perks of having the Wyze Smart Plug is the ability to control and monitor your devices at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice with the Alexa voice command feature. However, this feature, along with other possibilities of your Wyze Smart Plug, can only be enjoyed if it is connected to your home WiFi. 

Are you having problems with connecting your Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi? It does not necessarily mean that your Wyze plug is bad or faulty. When you’re having troubles connecting your Wyze plug, it could be due to weak signals, incorrect passwords, glitches from the device, or a host of other possible reasons. 

In this article, we will discuss the reasons your Wyze plug is not connecting and five possible fixes you can try to remedy the situation so you can enjoy your smart plug. Let’s get right into it.

Reasons Your Wyze Plug is not Connecting

Some of the reasons why you’re finding it difficult to connect your Wyze Plug are as follows:

  • Glitches in the app or device
  • Weak internet or WiFi signal
  • Bluetooth and Location are not turned on
  • Your router is operating on a 5GHz frequency

5 Fixes You Can Try to Connect Your Wyze Plug

Now that you know what the problems could be, let’s talk about five possible troubleshooting tips you can try in order to fix your Wyze Plug connection problems. 

Check the Power Source 

In many cases, your Wyze plug may not be connecting due to a malfunction in the power source. The very first thing to check when you have connection issues is the power source to see if it has an adequate power supply and is working properly.

Confirm that your Wyze plug receives power when you plug it. This should be evident by the blinking of the light indicator showing that it is ready to connect to your WiFi. If you do not see this light, press on the power button of your plug until the light shows.

If it still does not come on, your power source may be faulty, and you need to have it replaced, or you can use another power source.

Make Sure Your Bluetooth and Location Are Turned On

When setting up the Wyze Smart Plug, your Bluetooth and Location have to be turned on. The plug won’t be able to detect and connect to your home WiFi fast if the Bluetooth and Location are off. 

If you’re sure the power source is in good condition, turn on your Bluetooth and Location if they’re not already on, as this could be the reason your Wyze Plug is not connecting. When this is done, your plug should be able to connect. You can turn the Bluetooth and Location off after completing the setup.

However, if it still does not connect after this, it could be something else. Check the next fix you can try.

Check WiFi Frequency

If you’re operating your WiFi on a 5GHz frequency, that is probably the reason it’s not connecting. This is because Wyze Plugs only support the 2.4GHz frequency. 

Check to see if the WiFi band on your router is on 2.4Ghz. If not, change it to the required frequency, and that should solve the issue.

Check Your WiFi Signal Strength

Sometimes the frequency might be right, but the signal strength is poor. Wyze Smart Plug requires a strong WiFi signal to connect. Check your router to see if it’s supplying enough signals because if it’s not, your plug will have a hard time connecting.

You can check the signal strength by trying to surf the web on your phone using the same WiFi network. Depending on how slowly or fastly the webpage opens, you can know if your router signal is strong or not. If the signal is poor, you may have to restart the router as a troubleshooting option to see if the signal will be better.

You can as well move the plug closer to where the router is to boost its chances of getting connected. In some cases, you may require a WiFi booster to increase the reach of its signals.

Confirm the WiFI Password

If all these fail to connect your plug, check if you’re inputting the correct WiFi password. It is possible that you may be typing it wrongly; double-check it to be sure. If you have forgotten your password, reset your router and choose a new password.

When this is done, your plug should connect. If it still does not connect, you may need to do a factory reset as the plug may have some faults. To reset it, long-press your plug’s power button for about 5 seconds and then go to your Google Play or Apple Store to see if there are new updates for your Wyze app. Update the app and try setting it up again.


These troubleshooting steps should do the trick and enable you to connect conveniently to your home WiFi. However, if after trying all these fixes and it still fails to connect, try contacting the Wyze Smart Plug customer care for assistance. 

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