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WYZE Robot Vacuum vs. Roomba i7

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022
wyze vacuum

You like home automation, and you want to buy a robot vacuum. You had your heart set on the Roomba i7, but you have also heard of WYZE Robot Vacuum. Now you cannot decide between the two. Do you go with the product from the established maker (iRobot) or the new kid on the block (WYZE)? How do the two justify the price tag?

The WYZE Robot Vacuum offers more dustbin space, more battery life, higher suction power, and better navigation technology than the iRobot Roomba i7. It is also cheaper. By contrast, the Roomba offers more functionality, including voice-control support for both Alexa and Google Assistant.

By now, your interest is sure to be increased. So keep reading to learn more about which of these two devices you should get for your home.

Is Roomba i7 The Best? 

For a quick overview, check all details mentioned in the below table.

ModelWYZE Robot VacuumiRobot Roomba i7 (7158)
Suction Power2100 Pa1700-1800 Pa
Charging Time (0 to 100%)210 minutes90-120 minutes
Battery Life110 minutes75 minutes
Side Brush12
Navigation TechnologyLIDARv-SLAM
Voice-Assistant ControlAlexaAlexa + Google Assistant

If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article. Now, let us determine the best value product for the money through comprehensive comparison.

Mapping and Suction Power

The WYZE Robot Vacuum is better than the Roomba at mapping and navigation because it has a LIDAR sensor. However, the Roomba can save multiple floor plans, while the WYZE device can only store one. The Roomba has a max suction power of 1800 Pa while the WYZE device manages 2100 Pa. The WYZE Robot Vacuum also has a 150 ml larger bin than the Roomba.

Battery Life

The Roomba makes efficient use of the battery charge. It charges for almost 2 hours and provides 80-90 minutes of running time. Meanwhile, WYZE’s solution delivers 110 minutes of runtime for three and requires a half-hour for charging. Both of them can recharge automatically and can communicate with dedicated smartphone applications.

Cleaning Accessories

Undoubtedly, both robot vacuums have HEPA filters and have a side brush. The Roomba has one on each side, while the WYZE Robot only has a single edge brush. Both can designate no-go areas or set up virtual walls. Room selection and scheduling are present on the two. However, neither one has a water tank nor a mop attached.

Voice Control Support

Neither is a self-emptying robot, but both devices support voice control, albeit in different capacities. The WYZE Robot will not work with Google Assistant, but Alexa will have no problems connecting to it. The Roomba will work equally well with both.

Suitable Cleaning Surfaces

Both can work fine on multiple surfaces, be they carpets or hard floors. The maximum height the WYZE Robot Vacuum can account for is 20 mm. The Roomba can negotiate bumps of up to 16 mm. At more than three-and-a-half inches high, none of these vacuums can interfere with some pieces of furniture in your house. 

Therefore, be sure to designate them as no-go zones when you send any of these robots on a cleaning run.

How Long Do Robot Vacuums Last?

Most robotic vacuum cleaners can go smoothly for anywhere between 4 to 6 years. This range is generally for affordable models. Some high-end robot vacuums can even last for 8+ years if users take good care of them and get quality replacement parts when needed.

If you have a robot vacuum or plan to buy one that has Lithium-ion batteries, make sure that you replace them every two or three years to keep it in good working condition. Aside from that, you should perform regular maintenance on your robot vacuum and not leave it discharged for a long time. 

Empty the dustbin and clean the body and the filter regularly. Do not let long strings or hairs stuck in the brushes of the vacuum, and remove them in time if they do. If you do all these things and take good care of your device, it will work like a charm for many years to come.


The WYZE Robot Vacuum has more advanced equipment than the Roomba. Its navigation, power, and capacity are superior to those of the Roomba, and therefore, it is the better choice of the two. The Roomba might be noisier than the WYZE vacuum cleaner during operation, but not too much.

The only reasons to go for the Roomba instead of WYZE’s solution are its support for Google Assistant, its ability to store multiple floor plans simultaneously, and its dual side-brushes. If the Roomba i7 were cheaper, it would likely be the choice. However, as it currently stands, it is just too expensive for the advantages to have meaning.

So do not get left behind as the world moves on! Get a WYZE Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology to brighten up your home and power up your lifestyle!

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