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WYZE Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022
Wyze vacuum

You have a WYZE Robot Vacuum and love using it to clean your lovely home every day. However, it suddenly stopped charging and always leaves the job incomplete? What can you do if your WYZE Robot Vacuum does not recharge?

A WYZE Robot Vacuum mostly cannot charge itself because of interference by the dust and dirt around its electrodes. Sometimes, however, it does not have enough space to rotate itself and approach the charging station when it needs to charge.

As a WYZE customer, you can do more troubleshooting tricks with your WYZE Robot Vacuum when it stops charging. Keep on reading and explore some common issues of the WYZE Robot that most users experience.

WYZE Robot Vacuum Won’t Charge

Generally, a WYZE Robot Vacuum refuses to charge when electrodes are not working perfectly. They may need changing or cleaning, depending on their condition. Users should also designate a charging station with enough space for the robot to dock easily and quickly.

If the problem persists, try changing the place of the charging station in the house. Place it against a different wall or use a piece of cardboard to make the connection firmer. Sometimes, walls and carpets can cause the vacuum cleaner to dock into the charging base incorrectly, and the device will refuse to charge if it is not connected correctly. 

Take care of any gaps between the charger base and the device. Buy WYZE Vacuum Replacement Parts and change the damaged ones at your home. 

If you have a WYZE Handheld Vacuum instead of a Robot, and it is not charging when you plug it in, check if you are using the factory-provided charger and A2C USB cable. Your Handheld Vacuum will not work with a USB C2C connection to any adapter.

WYZE Robot Vacuum Not Returning to Charging Station by Itself

If a WYZE Robot Vacuum is not returning to its charging station, reset the map and perform a cleaning run. Remove obstacles in and around the home base. Send it for cleaning again after remapping. 

Your WYZE Vacuum should never be on a different level or floor than the charging station. It should return for charging if it is low on battery or has finished cleaning. If it returns for charging during a cleaning run, it will resume from that same position afterward.

Inspect the Vacuum

 If it is not doing so, try to check if any of these is true:

  • You moved the charging station from its original place but on the same floor.
  • You are trying to use the robot on a different floor than the charging station.
  • Obstacles interfere with the device when it tries to return to the station.
  • The charging station is slightly higher or lower than the rest of the floor due to uneven ground or a thick carpet.

If you would like to learn more about WYZE, check out this article.

Reset the Map

To reset the map stored in your Vacuum, follow these steps:

  • Open the WYZE app on your phone and select your WYZE Robot Vacuum.
  • Tap Reset Map and then tap Reset Map again.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can tell if your vacuum is charged.

How Do I Know When My WYZE Vacuum is at 100% Charge?

All WYZE Vacuum devices display a Solid White status light when fully charged (and connected to a network). Blinking yellow light means the device is low on battery, while a pulsing yellow light means it is charging.

If you do not see any status light on your WYZE Vacuum, it must be at 0% battery or switched off completely. You might also like to know about meanings of different status lights on your WYZE device.

How Long Does a Robot Vacuum Take to Charge?

Most robot vacuum cleaners take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours for a full charge. Their status lights usually turn from a blinking color to a solid color once their batteries are full. The WYZE Robot Vacuum, for example, takes around three and a half hours to go from 0 to 100% charge.

A Cordless Vacuum from WYZE can take more than 4 hours to charge, while their Handheld Vacuum reportedly requires about 3 hours for 0 to 100% charging.

The iRobot Roomba vacuum robots usually take around 2 hours to charge 100%. Before first use, though, it is good to keep them charging overnight. A Vorwerk Robot Vacuum should take no more than 3 hours for charging. The RoboVac 12 cleaner from eufy takes almost 6 hours for charging.

Can You Leave a Robot Vacuum on the Charger Overnight?

Robot Vacuum owners can leave their devices charging overnight without worries of damaging them because they have built-in safeguards to prevent overcharging. Users should leave their robot vacuums in the charging stations all the time.

Some robot vacuum batteries can damage if not charged in days. If you do not dock your WYZE or Roomba robot when it is not cleaning, it will not be ready for the next cleaning run. 

However, if you are planning to leave your house for a month or two, it is best not to leave your robot vacuum on its schedule behind you. Try activating a low power mode if your robot vacuum has one, or take out the battery to disable it.


Modern electronics and smart devices have made our lives very easy by taking care of tasks concerning home maintenance. Today’s vacuum cleaners can take care of themselves, besides taking care of the house. WYZE Robot Vacuums are excellent for any household. However, inevitably, things can still go wrong with them. Sometimes the problem is with the device, and sometimes with the outlet.

Now that you have gone through this article, you can tackle when your WYZE Robot Vacuum has a problem with charging.