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Wyze Outdoor Camera: Ultimate FAQ Guide

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
Wyze outdoor camera mounted to a home
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As Wyze Labs continues to grow, their smart cameras and home security endeavors are becoming more ambitious, adding sophistication and new lines of products at outstanding prices. The Wyze Outdoor Camera is just one of those devices.

But is this camera right for you? This FAQ will break down the Wyze Outdoor Camera by answering important questions so you can make an informed decision.

Is the Wyze Outdoor Camera Worth it?

The Wyze Outdoor Camera is certainly worth the price. Despite being a relative newcomer in the business of smart cameras and home security—the V1 camera was released in October of 2017—Wyze Labs managed to create cameras packed with the features of far more expensive devices and at incredibly low prices.

With the outdoor camera, Wyze Labs restyled its popular indoor camera with a weatherproof shell, adding a layer of physical security without compromising what made the indoor camera a quality purchase. The Wyze Outdoor Camera also comes with a base station and a built-in battery that lasts three to six months.

Wyze is also alert to growing concerns over privacy issues. Their outdoor camera includes a MicroSD port if keeping your video files saved to the cloud is a concern. If there is one thing that holds Wyze cameras back, it’s the lack of a person detection feature without a subscription to Wyze’s Cam Plus service.

Here are some of the Wyze Outdoor Camera’s other specs and notable features:

  • CPU: 900MHz
  • Dimensions: 2.3 inch x 2.3 inch x 2.8 inch
  • Storage: MicroSD slot, up to 32GB
  • Camera: 1920×1080 / 110 degree FoV / 8*850nm LEDs / 3.3mm focal length / 8x digital zoom / F2.5 aperture
  • Battery: Two 2,600mAh rechargeable batteries / 3-6 month life cycle
  • Weather Rating: IP65
  • Wireless Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Security: WPA and WPA2
  • Operating Temperature: -4 degrees F to 120 degrees F
  • Frames Per Second: Daytime – 20FPS / Nighttime – 10FPS
  • Support: Base station supports up to 4 cameras
  • Base Station Memory: 128MB with upgradeable MicroSD slot.
  • Interface: Ethernet port

How Do You Set Up the Wyze Outdoor Cam?

To set up the Wyze Outdoor Cam, make sure you have the Wyze app downloaded, and the Base Station set up first. Also, ensure your camera is fully charged. Then:

  1. In the Wyze app, select Home, then the + symbol in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Select Add Device > Cameras > Wyze Cam Outdoor > Begin Setup, and follow the prompts.

If you haven’t previously installed the Base Station, you’ll have to do so before setting up the Wyze Outdoor Cam:

  1. Open the Wyze app and select Home, then the + symbol in the upper, left-hand corner.
  2. Then select Add Device > Cameras > Wyze Base Station > Next.
  3. Once the Base Station is powered up, the status light will remain yellow. Plug the Base Station into your router via the ethernet port and wait until the light changes to solid blue.
  4. In the app, select Next > Go to Wi-Fi Selection. The process will complete automatically.
  5. Once installed, you can remove the Base Station from the ethernet connection and place it anywhere throughout your home.

To add a Wyze Outdoor Camera:

  1. Open the Wyze app and select Home, then the + symbol again.
  2. Select Add Device > Cameras > Wyze Cam Outdoor > Begin Setup.
  3. When your camera is fully charged, remove the back cover, and switch the power on. When the status light is yellow, return to the app and select Begin Setup.
  4. On the bottom of the Wyze Camera, press the Sync button. The status light will blink yellow and blue until it settles on a solid blue when connected. The app will then let you name your camera.
  5. When you’re ready, place the cam anywhere outside you choose, keeping in mind that there is an effective range of 35 feet.

Does the Wyze Outdoor Camera Require a Base Station?

The Wyze Outdoor Camera does require a Base Station. Fortunately—unless you’re purchasing or receiving a replacement—the outdoor camera comes with the Base Station included.

Wyze Labs developed the Wyze Outdoor Camera with the Base Station in mind for good reason. Many outdoor security cameras run into difficulties with Wi-Fi interference. Installation outside means there is another layer of potential interference in between the camera and router.

The Base Station not only serves as a local storage device but also as a Wi-Fi range extender so that your Wyze Outdoor Camera’s 35-foot range is extended farther from your router.

How Do I Mount the Wyze Outdoor Cam?

To mount the Wyze Outdoor Cam, screw a 3mm hole into the wall before inserting the included drywall anchor. Your Wyze Outdoor Camera kit will also include a single, 1x24mm screw to attach the device to the anchor.

Observe the area in which you want to mount the Wyze Outdoor Cam. Check for low-hanging vines, branches that sway easily in the wind, high-traffic zones, and anything else that may continuously set off the motion sensor and fill your storage up with false flags.

The baseplate for the Wyze Outdoor Cam has a hole labeled “ceiling mount” and another labeled “wall mount.” Line up the ceiling mount hole with the drywall anchor and screw in the 1x24mm screw until the base plate is secure.

The Wyze Cam will magnetically adhere to the base plate, and the sync button should be facing downward. The same method applies when mounting the camera on a wall, except you’ll use the “wall mount” hole to secure the base plate.

If you’re securing the base okay to wood, concrete, heavy plaster, or any surface other than drywall, the same steps apply, just discard the drywall anchor.

Is the Wyze Outdoor Camera Waterproof?

The Wyze Outdoor Camera has an IP65 weather rating, meaning that it is not exactly waterproof. However, generally speaking, it will be fine if exposed to rain, snow, and other normal weather conditions.  

The IP (Ingress Protection) system used for defining a product’s resistance to weather is an exercise in “words have meanings.” In other words, an IP65 rating means that your Wyze Outdoor Camera will be fine if exposed to rain, wind, or dust. That doesn’t mean you can shoot it with a water cannon for five minutes and expect it to still work. So be careful if you plan on pressure washing your home exterior.

IP ratings were developed such that the first number indicates resistance to particulates and the second number indicates moisture resistance. On a scale of 1 to 10, the higher the number, the more resistant. You will find an exact breakdown of the numbers here.

What Is the Viewing Range for Wyze Outdoor Cameras?

Wyze advertises its outdoor camera has 25 feet of illuminated viewing area with night vision. Its camera’s 3.3mm focal length will provide roughly 5 yards of effective viewing area within a 110-degree viewing angle.

The Wyze Outdoor Camera uses eight 850 nanometer LEDs for night vision purposes. However, effectively speaking, that’s more than the five yards of effective viewing that the 3.3mm focal length provides.

Is the Wyze Outdoor Camera Better Than Other Outdoor Cameras?

While the Wyze Outdoor Camera lacks the view-width and resolution of the Arlo Pro 4, it stands shoulder to shoulder with competing smart cameras while allowing more features outside of a subscription model. Plus, it’s less expensive by far.

Arlo, Blink, and Ring (by Amazon) have some of the bestselling outdoor cameras available. However, they don’t come at a low cost. Wyze Labs created an outdoor camera that claims many of the features of more expensive brands while retaining a budget-friendly price point. So how does it stack up?

 Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight CameraRing Spotlight Cam BatteryBlink OutdoorWyze Outdoor Cam
Resolution2K HDR and Color Night Vision with a 160-degree view1080p HD, Night Vision with a 140-degree view1080p HD, Night Vision with a 110-degree view1080p HD, Night Vision with a 110-degree view
CompatibilityAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThingsOnly Amazon Alexa without Ring BridgeAmazon AlexaAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Bandwidth2.4 GHz/5.0GHz 802.11 b/g/n2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Battery LifeUp to 6 monthsUp to 6 months with two 6,000 mAH batteriesUp to two yearsUp to 6 months with two 2,600mAH batteries
Subscription RequirementsNo activity zones, calls, storage, or notifications without $3/mo. PlanNo live video, storage, or photo capture without Ring Protection Plan; $3/mo. for a single device or $10/mo. for moreNo live video, photo capture, motion video capture, or video storage without a subscription; local storage is applicable; $3/mo. for a single device or $10/mo. for moreNo person or package detection without subscription; local storage with MicroSD; $1.99/mo. billed annually for Cam Plus Subscription
Motion, Pet, People, Vehicle, and Adjustable ZonesAll included with Smart Plan onlyAll included with the Ring Protection Plan onlyMotion detection and adjustable zonesMovement and detection zones
Weatherproof RatingListed as “weather resistant”Listed as “weather resistant”Listed as “weather resistant”IP65

Resolution and field-of-view aren’t in the same league as the Arlo Pro 4. However, the Wyze Outdoor Cam stands toe-to-toe with the competition in almost every relevant category. Also, their subscription plan is cheaper and less restrictive—albeit with an annual billing process.

Does the Wyze Outdoor Cam Have Cloud Storage?

The Wyze Outdoor Cam comes with 14-days’ worth of cloud storage for free. After that, users must purchase a subscription to access additional storage.

Despite the limited cloud storage for new users, Wyze Outdoor Cams come with a base station, and both the camera and the station have ports for MicroSD cards. The MicroSD is used for local storage and for a feature called “Travel Mode.”

Travel Mode is a unique feature that allows the camera to record motion-triggered footage to a MicroSD card while not connected to your Wi-Fi network or the Base Station. This is a convenient feature in case of a power outage, interference, or any other broken connection between the camera and the Wi-Fi.

The MicroSD slot in the Wyze Outdoor Camera is expandable to 32GB, but you’ll have to purchase one separately. The same goes for the Base Station. The Base Station MicroSD is also expandable up to 32GB and serves as a local storage option for any videos or photo captures you want to save over from the camera.

Are Wyze Outdoor Cameras Safe?

Generally, Wyze Outdoor Cameras are safe, although there is a potential for risks—as with anything else that connects to the internet. Despite this, Wyze takes precautions to ensure that consumer information remains secure in the event of a data leak.

In December of 2019, Wyze experienced a data leak for nearly a month. While customer credit/debit cards and passwords weren’t exposed, Wyze quickly moved to automatically log out all of its customers from their respective accounts and reset all third-party integrations.

Wyze Labs’ privacy policies are available online, so consumers have access to a transparent understanding of what Wyze does with user data. They also utilize “Transport Layer Security” (TLS) for videos saved on cloud storage. Two-factor authentication is also an optional setup via text or authenticator app. Wyze also encrypts data with AES 128-bit encryption.

Does Wyze Outdoor Camera Require a Subscription?

While a subscription opens up many features otherwise unavailable, it isn’t required for the Wyze Outdoor Camera. Unlike most competitors, the Wyze Outdoor Camera is not as restrictive on a free account, though it lacks one essential feature.

Wyze Labs went back and forth over person detectionback in 2019, promising—in a customer email—to bring the feature back for free in January 2020. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. Wyze reversed course on July 20, 2020, and decided to grandfather existing customers in with free person detection while relegating newcomers to the new Cam Plus subscription.

Without the subscription service, motion alerts, zones, and local storage are still free. However, if you want person and package detection, the Cam Plus Subscription is $1.99 per month, billed annually.

Why is Wyze Outdoor Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

There are several reasons why the Wyze Outdoor Camera may not connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Interference from the structure of the house
  • Weak battery
  • Signal interference from other devices
  • Far distance from Base Station
  • Lack of updated firmware

Fortunately, there’s a solution for each of these issues.

When mounting the Wyze Outdoor Cam, remember that there’s a 35-foot maximum range. Wi-Fi doesn’t pass as easily through concrete, steel, or brick. Use your app as you pick a location to monitor the camera’s signal strength.

A weak battery will also disrupt the signal. You can check the battery status at any time using the Wyze app. If it’s low, bring the camera inside and fully recharge it. Since the battery is built-in, you’ll have to remove the camera or run an extension cord.

Check your network to see if your router is overwhelmed with devices. This is a common issue in smart homes with several devices. The signal from each source can also disrupt the Wyze Camera, so you may have to move things around until you get the appropriate signal strength.

Also, check your firmware routinely and update it if necessary. You can do this by opening the Wyze app and selecting Account > Firmware > Upgrade > Update. (Source: Wyze Support)

Does the Wyze Outdoor Cam Work with Digital Assistants?

The Wyze Outdoor Cam works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can link to either one or both through the Wyze app; this will add voice control and other viewing options.

Linking to Amazon Alexa requires the Alexa app, which is available through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

You can activate the Wyze skill by asking an Alexa device to enable it or by manually enabling it on the Alexa app. Once you’ve activated the Wyze skill, open the Wyze app and select Account > Smart Integrations. This will allow you to complete the link and setup process.

The same applies to Google Assistant, except that you won’t be enabling a skill. Download the Google Home app from the App Store or Google Play. To link your Wyze Outdoor Camera to Google Home, open the Wyze app, name your camera, and check the firmware to make sure it’s up to date. Next, open the Google Home app and select Add > Set Up Device > Works With Google.

You should see your Wyze information under Works With Google. Select it and log in to your Wyze account. Every device linked to your Wyze account will automatically sync with Google.

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