Wyze Lock Keeps Jamming – 9 Fixes to Try!

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Wyze smart lockscan be a useful addition to your smart home security system, but not if you’re having technical difficulties with it. One common issue that users run into is a problem where the Wyze Lock jams during use. This prevents the lock from identifying that the door is shut properly and can keep it from locking. 

Below you’ll find a list of potential causes for a Wyze Lock jam and how to fix it if yours is acting up. There are several reasons why this smart lock might malfunction related to either installation or the software, so using this guide to troubleshoot may lead you to the solution. 

Why Does the Wyze Lock Keep Jamming? 

When a Wyze Lock develops a jamming issue, it often relates back to two potential causes: hardware installation, or a glitch in the smart lock’s software/firmware. Addressing these two aspects of the lock and inspecting them is the first step towards fixing it. 

Here are the reasons that your Wyze Lock may develop a jamming issue: 

  • The Wyze Lock’s position needs to be adjusted. Sometimes a mis-alignment of the deadbolt or the strike plate may prevent the sensors in the lock from lining up correctly and activating the lock.
  • The Wyze Lock’s software needs to be adjusted. Sometimes the auto-lock settings or the calibration of the lock can glitch out or just get accidentally changed, preventing the lock from working like it should. Adjusting the software settings can fix problems with the auto-lock function. 

If you’re running into either of these issues, there are a few fixes you can try before contacting Wyze’s technical support services. Try the troubleshooting solutions below before you write your Wyze Lock off.  

Fixes for a Jammed Wyze Lock

Even though there are many potential causes for a jammed Wyze Lock, going through these suspected problems and correcting them can eventually lead you to the fix for your problem. Try these methods for fixing your jammed Wyze Lock: 

  • Adjust the strike plate. If the strike plate of the deadbolt isn’t correctly aligned and flush in the lock setting, this can cause the lock to malfunction or jam. Adjust the strike plate using a dremel or file to widen the hole and prevent the friction that leads to physical lock jams.
  • Check the auto-lock settings. You may find that you’ve accidentally toggled the auto-lock settings off. Ensure that the auto-lock function is enabled and that the doors are scheduled to lock in the time frame of your preference before assuming that something is wrong with the lock itself.
  • Align the deadbolt. If the deadbolt is out of alignment, this will prevent it from operating smoothly and may cause the lock to jam. If there is too much resistance in the deadbolt, this can prevent the auto-lock from engaging.
  • Check the lock’s calibration. Sometimes the Wyze Lock will fail to work correctly if the sensors within the smart lock glitch out. Re-calibrating the lock according to the manufacturer’s instructions can often eliminate a lot of these problems.
  • Replace the lock batteries. If the batteries in the smart lock are low, this will preven the auto lock function from operating. Check the batteries to see their charge and recharge them if they’re low to restore auto-lock functionality and prevent an open jam. 

Going through these fixes one at a time can lead you to the fix that restores your lock’s ability to work. It’s always a good idea to check the physical installation of the lock for problems before messing with the software, especially if you just got the lock installed. In many cases, a simple adjustment of the deadbolt or strike plate can solve jams that may prevent lock operation. 

Why Does the Wyze Auto-Lock Jam? 

Sometimes when the Wyze Lock jams, it isn’t due to the seating of the lock itself. In many cases, it may be related back to the smart lock’s software. 

Here are a few ways you might fix a software glitch with your Wyze Lock if auto-lock isn’t functioning properly (Source: Wyze Support): 

  • Cycle the auto-lock. Turn your auto-lock function off and on again to see if this doesn’t reset the system and solve the problem.
  • Do a re-calibration. A calibration glitch in the lock can lead to auto-lock errors.
  • Check that your Wyze app is up-to-date. If you haven’t downloaded the latest updates to your Wyze app, this may cause malfunctions at some point when the older version of the software is no longer technically supported.
  • Force quit and restart your Wyze app. Like any other software app, the Wyze app can sometimes get frozen or hung up on internal processes, and your auto-lock may cease working when that happens. Quick the Wyze app entirely and pull it back up to see if this doesn’t solve the issue. 

Software problems with Wyze’s auto-lock functionality are usually temporary problems. In most cases, resetting the software loops that run the auto-lock will resolve the auto-lock jam. 

Wyze Lock Jams Are a Known Problem

Even though Wyze smart locks are a useful smart home addition that are also affordable, some Wyze smart locks do experience either physical or software-related jamming problems at one point or another. If you have persistent lock jamming issues even after using the troubleshooting guide above, be sure to contact Wyze customer support to see if you can’t get the issue fixed.

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