Wyze Lock Beeping? What Does It Mean?

an open blue door with deadboltan open blue door with deadbolt

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Security is important, and the good news is, the Wyze lock is a great choice when it comes to home security. However, even though the Wyze lock is really simple to use, there are a few issues that you could encounter, and one of the most common problems is that the lock is emitting a high-pitched beep. So why is your Wyze lock beeping? And what does it mean? 

If a Wyze lock is beeping, it is usually either because your door has been left open or the deadbolt is not locking properly. Unfortunately, there could also be a problem with the lock itself if the deadbolt is actually locking but the mechanism won’t stop beeping. 

Just to clarify, your Wyze lock is working properly if it’s beeping when the lock is not locked properly as an alert to let you know that you need to lock the door. But in this article, we are going to go through why your Wyze lock is beeping if the deadbolt is actually locking, and more importantly, how to fix the problem!

What Does It Mean if Wyze Lock is Beeping?

There are three main reasons why your Wyze lock is be beeping: 

  • The door has been left open for a certain amount of time, initiating the internal alarm. 
  • The deadbolt was unable to lock, resulting in a door jam. 
  • The lock is working properly but the Wyze is still emitting a high-pitched beep.

Before we go ahead and describe the instructions for fixing a malfunctioning Wyze lock, let’s find out why your specific lock is beeping, as it might not need fixing at all, but simply a change of your settings. 

Why is my Wyze Lock Beeping?

To find out why your Wyze lock is beeping, you may need to do a little investigation. 

  • When you hear the beep, check your lock, if the door is open, it is simply initiating an alarm.
  • If the door is shut, but the lock isn’t closing properly, you are experiencing a door jam. 
  • If the deadbolt is properly closed and all is well, your Wyze is malfunctioning. 

Now that you have established your specific problem, let’s figure out how to fix it!

How to Set Wyze Lock Timer Alarm Settings

You can decide when you want your Wyze alarm to let you know that your door has been open for a certain amount of time (your options are anywhere from 1-60 minutes). 

If you often leave your door open and do not want to hear a constant beeping, we recommend setting it to a longer timer, and luckily, it’s incredibly easy to do it on the Wyze app!

  • Open the Wyze app and select Wyze Lock. 
  • Click Settings, then Alarm Settings. 
  • Select the Left Open Alarm and set your time preference! 
  • Make sure the Toggle is set to on. 

Of course, you can also always turn this option off, however, it is a pretty handy feature in regards to your home’s safety.

How to Fix a Door Jam Alarm

Although it may sound incredibly simple, sometimes your Wyze may be beeping because the deadbolt is just not quite fitting with the door frame. This can happen if something like a rug gets away and can be an incredibly easy fix! 

However, it can also occur if the Wyze lock is not fitting properly into the lock on the frame. If you have recently set up the Wyze lock and it’s constantly beeping, make sure that the deadbolt is fitting properly into the lock. And if you have had your lock for some time, it’s important to check that some mishap hasn’t knocked the lock out of place. 

The solution to your problem will depend completely on why your deadbolt doesn’t seem to be connecting to the lock, but unfortunately, you may need to get a technician out to move the lock back into place.

If you want to turn off the door jam alarm until you find the right solution, you can access it in the Wyze app under the Alarm Settings option. Once there, simply hit the Toggle to off under the Door Jam Alarm section. 

What if the Lock and Settings are Working Properly but the Wyze Lock is Still Beeping?

If you have followed the above instructions and figured out that your Wyze deadbolt is connecting properly and all your alarm settings are properly set, it’s probably an issue with the mechanism itself.

You may be able to fix the problem by uninstalling the lock and following the setup instructions all over again, but unfortunately, you may need to contact Wyze and get a technician out to help.

If you want to try to fix it yourself first, you can follow these simple instructions set by Wyze.

Final Thoughts

The Wyze lock is extremely popular and is usually quite user-friendly. 

However, if you have been frustrated with incessant beeping, hopefully, you can now fix the problem and get back to enjoying all the wonderful features, especially the ensured safety of your home. 

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