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Wyze Lock Auto Unlock Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated Apr 4, 2020
Wyze door lock

Wyze is a company creating selling security devices, aimed at making your home feel more secure. One device offered is the Wyze Lock. 

Wyze Lock Auto Unlock Troubleshooting Tips. If your Wyze Lock Auto Unlock is starting to have issues, here are a few steps you can take for your device to start working with ease. 

  1. Check the Settings 
  2. Your Location Settings Need to be Enabled 
  3. Double Check Your Phones Bluetooth 
  4. Check Your Locks Batteries 

The Wyze Lock makes entering and leaving your home less stressful with the auto-unlock feature every time you return home, remote access to control your lock with the Wyze app, and auto-locking when your door is closed. It even works with Google Assistant and Alexa!

Check the Settings 

Start by checking your Unlock settings to see if it is enabled and is set to automatically unlock. 

If your Wyze Lock tab in the app is still open, this interferes with your lock and makes it no longer able to work. To prevent this from happening, always return to the Home page after you are done using the Wyze app. 

Your Location Settings Needs to be Enabled 

For geofencing needed for your Auto-Lock to work, the OS-specific requirements need to be satisfied. The range for geofencing is the size of one city block. 

For this feature to work properly, exit the range and re-enter before Auto-Lock is triggered. You can not edit the geofencing range at this time. 

If your Bluetooth range is not met after 10 minutes, it will timeout. If you take longer than 10 minutes to get within range, the Auto-Unlock will cancel and the Wyze Lock will be unable to automatically unlock. 

Double Check Your Phones Bluetooth 

Geofencing is able to work when your phone is within range for the bluetooth to connect and your location services are on. The Auto-Lock uses this combination and a 2-step process to make sure you’re close enough for your device to unlock. 

Replace Batteries 

If the batteries in your Auto-Lock are getting low, it could cause your device to fail. Replacing your batteries would be a good step to try when your device is not working properly.

If you decide to replace your batteries, you need to replace all four together. Your batteries need to be replaced with standard alkaline batteries. You need to avoid Rechargeable or Extended Life batteries for your Wyze Lock. 

Cycle Your Phone and Bluetooth

Turn your phone off and on. This is going to assure your phone is communicating correctly with your Lock when you are within the Bluetooth range. 

You will also want to turn your Bluetooth on and off. By doing this, you are taking another step to make sure your phone is communicating correctly with your Lock when you are within range. 

If you are using a Motorola device, double-check that your GPS is enabled. Motorola devices require your GPS is enabled for Bluetooth to connect properly.  

Auto-Unlock Setup 

  1. Find your Wyze Lock on the Home screen and tap on it. 
  2. Locate the gear-shaped icon and tap on it to open Lock Settings. 
  3. Tap Auto-Unlock 
  4. Locate the Auto-Unlock toggle and tap on it. This will send you to selecting your home location 

How to Make Sure Your Auto-Unlock Works Properly 

  1. Double-check that your WiFi and Bluetooth are connected.
  2. Turn on your Location Services. Double-check that they are connected and permission is granted for the Wyze app. 
  3. Always keep the Wyze app running in the background on your smartphone or tablet. 
  4. To ensure this is the case, disable the battery-saver settings on your smartphone or tablet, so that the Wyze app is never closed due to battery life. 
  5. You may also whitelist the Wyze app 
  6. This feature should only be used on the primary door used to enter and exit your home. 

Issues with Auto-Lock 

If your Auto-Lock is having issues, you’ll want to follow a few of the same steps listed above, such as checking your batteries and settings. If you are still having issues, there are a few other steps you can use to get your Auto-Lock working again. 

Double Check That Your Auto-Lock is Aligned 

If your deadbolt is out of alignment, the Auto-Lock may jam and fail to lock. This may happen if the door is not closed properly or if the door position is adjusted. 

Is Your Lock Calibrated Correctly? 

Your Wyze Lock comes with a built-in gyroscope sensor that allows your device to keep track of its current position and angle. Calibration is part of the setup process for the Lock. 

Check the Gateway 

Your Gateway needs to be online. This can be checked with the Wyze app. This is also a great time to make sure the Gateway is running with the latest firm. 

If you are checking the Gateway firm, follow these few steps:

  1. Open your Wyze app.
  2. Select the Gateway’s listing on the Home tab for access to the Product Page.
  3. The Gateway should say it is online. 
  4. Tap the icon in the top right corner for access to Settings.
  5. Select the Firmware listing so you know which version is installed. Your lock needs to be using the latest version. 
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