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Wyze Cost Update – Wyze Monthly Fee? Yes – and You Get to Pick It!

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022

Wyze is a smart home security group that prides itself on manufacturing affordable quality smart home solutions. They emphasize customer-friendly experiences and pricing so that everyone can access their smart home needs. Recently they have introduced a new way to pay, Cam Plus Lite. You must be asking yourself how much is this program, is Wyze monthly free?

Yes, Wyze monthly can be free with the name your price tool recently introduced. This new program, called Cam Plus, allows Wyze users to pick the amount they want to pay to have access to special features. The amount can even be $0.00.

It can be tempting to run off to the website and sign up for the service immediately when you see the word free. Other people are more cautious and start researching what free means and what you get out of it. Read on to learn more about the program and what it has to offer so your inner skeptic can rest easy.

Wyze Released a New Way to Pay-$0 up to What You Want to Pay

Wyze is well-known affordable home security and smart home technology vendor. They specialize in providing top-quality products at nominal prices. For example, a Wyze home security cam only costs a consumer $35.00 and does not require anything but an internet connection to work properly. 

Wyze has also introduced person detection technology and video clip cloud storage technology. Originally they introduced this program to their original users and found that when given a choice to pay nothing or name their price, most consumers chose to pay towards the subscription.

Now, Wyze is expanding that service and opening its doors to Cam Plus Lite. Cam Plus Lite offers premium features at a name your price fee. This service includes:

  • Wyze person detection
  • 12-second event videos
  • Video storage in the cloud for up to 14 days
  • Filtration of people event videos to fine-tune notifications to your preferences
  • Video capture every 5 minutes
  • No limit to the number of devices on your account

What’s the Cost?

Cam Lite Plus is a program in which you can opt-in at any time as a Wyze user. The cost for this service is either $0.00 or whatever you decide you want to pay. Their model allows you to determine whether you wish to pay anything to receive the service and how much you think the service is worth paying monthly if you do choose to pay.

Opt-In To Keep Your Cloud Storage

If you were an original Wyze user, then you know that Wyze would take all your video recordings and save them in the cloud. Users could have hundreds of recordings that were meaningless stuck in the cloud, never to be accessed. 

Because of this inefficient use of the cloud, Wyze has opted to change its structure. Now, only users who opt-in to the Cam Lite Plus plan will access the cloud to store their videos. Additionally, only videos with person detection will be automatically stored. This will save both parties time, storage, and frustration when accessing a video.

Storage Upgrade

On top of this new name your price plan, Wyze has upgraded its latest firmware for all its cameras. This upgrade will allow your Wyze camera to have a larger expandable storage capacity. The past restriction was 32g of storage via a MicroSD card. With this new upgrade, users can buy larger storage cards to save more content. Additionally, this update will provide:

  • The ability to use a timestamp to take you directly to an event that you have saved if you are using local storage instead of cloud storage.
  • A new 30-second rewind feature.
  • A new 30-second fast forward feature.

These new updates will allow users to store more locally and access their videos quicker. It will also enable users to pull up portions of an event more quickly and efficiently. You can also adjust how much data your Wyze cam uses.

I’m Already a Cam Plus Member – Now What?

If you are already a Cam Plus member, you have already named your price for this software and should be reaping the benefits. If you have bought new cameras without this functionality, Wyze will automatically enable it on your new cameras. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the name of your price security.

Basic Plan Vs. Cam Plus

Still not sure which plan is right for you? We have a breakdown of what each plan offers to compare and determine which is the right fit for your needs.

Basic Plan

The basic plan includes:

  • Snapshot event recordings
  • 5-minute cooldown between recordings
  • Motion triggered alerts
  • Sound triggered alerts
  • Smoke and CO triggered alarms

Cam Plus

The Cam Plus plan includes:

  • Unlimited event recordings
  • Back to back recordings
  • Motion and sound-triggered alerts
  • Smoke and CO triggered alarms
  • Event fast-forwarding in 2x or 4x increments
  • Person and pet detection
  • Package detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Web view
  • Exclusive discounts

Affordable Security For Everyone

Wyze truly strives to provide its consumers with affordable home security on smart devices. They are constantly looking to enhance their products while keeping them affordable. Wyze is a good product for any consumer to look into purchasing.

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