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Wyze Cam v3 vs. Wyze Outdoor: Which is the Best?

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
wyze cam v3
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Wyze has created two great products in the Cam v3 and Outdoor Cam, but which is the better option? Ultimately, this depends on what you need the camera for and where you’ll need it. This article will delve into those questions as well as provide the key features each has to offer.

If you need a camera for adventuring, connectivity wherever, and general outdoor use, choose the Outdoor Cam. For a permanent and durable camera with a great capacity for capturing images in low light, the Cam v3 is the preferred option.

On paper, these cameras boast very similar features, accomplishing similar goals. Both have 1080p HD resolution, are water and dustproof, have infrared sensing for night-time motion detection, and several other intuitive features. However, the Outdoor Cam is wireless, meaning you can take it wherever and still have ample battery life. The Cam v3 on the other end is wired but with a stronger capacity for capturing low-light images.

About the Wyze Cam v3

Wyze Cam v3, given its name, is now on its third generation, meaning Wyze has been able to make some much-needed product design improvements, making this their best model so far.

If you compare the image quality produced by the Cam v3 to any previous model, there is a distinct difference in quality and capability. With twice as small an aperture, twice as much light can be let in. Coupled with more fps and a new 1080p resolution quality, this camera produces very high-quality images. Additionally, this new model is equipped with the new “Starlight CMOS” sensor, allowing images that are usually 25X darker to be seen with ease.

Apart from the images this particular product produces, there are hardware features that are great too. This camera comes with a magnetic mounting kit, or the product can be installed with screws for a versatile way of mounting. This product also has IP65 water and dust resistance, making it a great option for the outdoors.

About the Wyze Cam Outdoor

Compared to the Wyze Cam v3, it is clear that the Wyze Outdoor Cam has more high-end features, including many of those found on the Wyze Cam v3. So, what features does this camera offer that sets it apart from the rest?

For software, the camera has a 1080p HD resolution, which makes for quality images. It also comes with full night vision where the camera switches on a 25-foot illuminating light to capture images in little to no light. The standout technology here is PIR infrared technology, which enables the camera to pick up on thermal detection and distinguish humans and animals from other types of motion like trees.

Hardware is where the Wyze Outdoor makes its mark. It has the same IP65 resistance as the cam v3 but has a rechargeable battery instead of wires. This enables it to have settings like “Travel Mode,” where you can disconnect from Wi-Fi, take it anywhere, and still have full access to it. This can be incredibly useful for protection while hiking, for example.

Wyze Cam v3 vs. Wyze Outdoor Cam

Taking a more analytical approach to finding the better option may work the best for you. If so, here is a table including the most important features of each compared to each other.

 Wyze Cam v3Wyze Cam Outdoor
Price$23.99  $49.99 (Currently discounted here)
MountingMultiple mounting options, including magnetic and screwedPortable, does not have to be mounted
Power SourceHard WiredWireless, comes with 2x 2,600 mAh rechargeable batteries (3-6 months of charge total with normal use)  
Motion detectionInfrared LED (Adjusts based on motion distance)PIR Infrared motion detection (Senses body heat)
Image Capturing FeaturesStarlight CMOS Sensor (enables imaging in 25X darker areas compared to Cam v2 and v1) Starlight ISP (Noise Reduction)25-foot Yard-illuminating light
Field of View130 O110 O
Water ResistanceIP65: Water and dust resistantIP65: Water and dust resistant
Audio ComponentMini SirenTwo-way Audio
Cloud StorageFree up to 14-daysFree up to 14-days

Many of these features, though unique to each device, are not “make-or-break” or must-have features. Both utilize excellent technology to do similar jobs, but it ultimately comes down to what you need the device for.  

Is the Wyze Cam v3 or Wyze Outdoor Cam the Best?

Though both products are obviously very complex in features, abilities, and technologies, a few defining features shift some people to one product or the other.

Wireless Capabilities

To begin, the Wyze Outdoor has two rechargeable batteries. With the normal use of capturing between 10 and 20 video moments per day, they should last between three and six months under normal temperatures.

The Cam v3 does require wires, and wherever you mount it is usually its permanent home. Additionally, the wires allow the Cam v3 to have a strong Wi-Fi connection to your home at all times, whereas the Outdoor wireless camera requires a portable Wi-Fi base.

Night Vision

From the table above, it is clear that the Cam v3 offers a more in-depth approach to capturing images, especially at night. The Starlight CMOS sensor and Starlight ISP enable high-quality imaging in very low light, while the Outdoor Cam has a large light.

However, both have the same 1080p HD resolution. Therefore, if you want a camera to set up, keep in one space, and do its intended job, the Cam v3 is the best option. But, if you want a portable option, choose the Outdoor Cam.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, both cameras accomplish similar goals. They both can serve as standard home security cameras. The Cam v3 takes a more technical approach to imaging, while the Outdoor Cam has greater dynamics and is better for outdoor adventuring.

Also, with two-way audio, connectivity wherever you travel, and no wires, you’ll be free to roam wherever with the Outdoor Cam. Then again, if you need a workhorse of a home security camera, take the Cam v3.

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