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Wyze Cam Pan V2 vs. V1—Worth the Upgrade?

Last Updated Nov 14, 2022
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Wyze Cam Pan devices allow you to add extra security to your home at an affordable price. You can control this device using your smartphone and monitor your cameras anywhere.

The Wyze Cam Pan V2 upgrade is worth it if you’re interested in better night vision, motion tracking, and CPU. Don’t worry about upgrading if you’re already satisfied with the V1 version of this device.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about the differences between Wyze Cam Pan V1 and V2. Our guide will help you determine if upgrading is worth it.

What Are Wyze Cam Pan Products?

Wyze Cam Pan devices are smart home cameras that gained popularity online for their enhanced panning, tilting, and zooming capabilities.

People enjoy these cameras because they’re affordable and allow homeowners a full range of spectatorship.

This product took off with version 1, but they’ve recently added the version 2 upgrade to include more features.

Wyze Cam Pan may not be as big of a name as Ring cameras, but that doesn’t mean this device isn’t worth a shot.

Features Included in Wyze Cam Pan V1

Before we discuss whether or not you should upgrade your device to Wyze Cam Pan V2, you will need to understand what the original version comes with.

As far as features are concerned, the Wyze Cam Pan V2 has the same features as the V1, but with several improvements.

These shared features are:

  • Night Vision
  • Infrared Light Filter
  • Pan Features
  • Group Cameras

Next, we’ll go further in-depth into each of these features.

Night Vision

You can set up your cameras at night and monitor everything that happens without trouble.

This camera comes with six LED lights so that you have a clear view.

Monitoring your home at night is a great way to determine things that go awry while you’re asleep.

You can check the overnight cameras if you notice that a place in the morning.

A camera that doesn’t come with night vision can’t catch footage that happens in the dark.

When you set up security cameras around your home, you should purchase a setup that can do 24/7 surveillance.

Infrared Light Filter

Night vision products must be cautious to ensure that the products don’t heat up due to the additional lights.

Fortunately, infrared light filtering can prevent this problem.

Your Wyze Cam Pan V1 has an infrared light filter to use your night vision without overheating problems.

These filters only allow infrared light to pass through your camera lens, so you can still get a clear movement view at night without damaging your device.

Pan Features

The Wyze Cam Pan V1 allows maximum movement while monitoring your home.

This is a fantastic way to minimize the number of cameras you need to purchase.

This camera allows you to pan around your room with a 360 view so that you can adjust your cameras while you’re away and see every part of the room.

If you’re suspicious that people are sneaking around your home, you don’t have to worry about getting out of range of your cameras until they leave the room.

Grouping Cameras

The Wyze Cam Pan V1 allows you to group multiple cameras on one device for optimal monitoring.

This method allows you to switch from camera to camera using your smartphone to watch every area in your home.

Features Added to Wyze Cam Pan V2

Now that you understand the features that come with the base model, it’s time to discuss how the Wyze Cam Pan V2 made improvements to this device.

There’s no doubt that the Wyze Cam Pan V2 is better than the original. This camera has better night vision, motion tracking, and CPU. It’s worth the upgrade if these are important features to you.

The following are detailed accounts of the upgrades to expect when you switch from Wyze Cam Pan V1 to V2.

Better Night Vision

The updated model comes with color night vision, so you don’t miss a thing.

The original model lacks the colors that this one has.

Better Motion Tracking

Do you feel the motion tracking on your V1 device could be better?

That’s because it could. The Wyze Cam Pan V2 has better motion tracking than the original version.

Better CPU

Do you notice your device lagging while you use it? The CPU on your Wyze Cam Pan V1 is outdated.

You’ll have a smoother experience when you upgrade to the newer model.

Final Thoughts

As technology evolves, devices like the Wyze Cam Pan need to keep up with this evolution to stay relevant in the tech industry.

Colorful night vision is becoming the norm among security cameras, which is why this device now offers that feature.

There’s nothing wrong with using the original model of your Wyze Cam Pan, but if you’re interested in optimizing your visual experience, purchasing the newer model is worth the money.