Will Your Ring Chime Work Without WiFi?

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Your Ring Chime is your portal to connect every Ring device in your home.  This tool is sleek, slim, and provides you flawless integration that allows you to live comfortably. 

In order to properly use your Ring Chime you must have a stable internet connection. At this time, Ring has not created any other ways for your chime to work without it.

In this article, we’ll be examining how your Ring Chime functions, and if WiFi is necessary for the proper function of your machine.

The Ring Chime Communicates With Your Devices

Both the Ring Chime and the Ring Chime Pro were designed to communicate with your other Ring home devices. In order to ensure that the communication is efficient and complete, Ring asks that users utilize a base network speed of 2.4 GHz. While some devices are compatible with higher network speeds, such as 5GHz, all Ring devices were designed to operate off of the 2.4 GHz frequency.

When using your Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro, power is essential. You can optimize your use of the product by ensuring that you’ve plugged the device into a functioning power socket in any wall of your home.If you struggle with connection issues in the home, ensure that the device is as near to your WiFi source as possible to eliminate barriers causing further connectivity issues.

The Ring Chime has been one of Ring’s flagship products that has unified devices in homes across the world.

Does My Ring Chime Device Need WiFi To Function?

All Ring products in the home (cameras, doorbells, Chime devices) need a stable WiFi connection to function.

At this time, Ring has not created the means to have your devices connect to an outside data source, as you normally would on your mobile device. Because these devices run via cloud and WiFi technology, they absolutely require a stable internet connection to function.

When exploring options to develop your network, be sure to consider the speed of your network. As noted above, Ring devices are optimized for function at speeds of 2.4 GHz, and may show a compatibility issue if you choose to try to connect to a network at a speed of 5.0 GHz.

If your Ring device is experiencing slow sync speeds or other malfunctions on your 2.4 GHz speed network, it is likely that the problem doesn’t lie in your network speed, but in channel congestion. You can swap your device seamlessly to another channel via your router, and see if that resolved any of the noticed device issues.

If you have trouble with WiFi range in your home network, you may want to consider purchasing a Ring Chime Pro.

This product runs at a cost of $49.99, and can double not only as a synchronization device but as a WiFi extender. You can boost your signal based on wherever your device is utilized in your home. This can provide a powerful resource if your home is difficult to find network signals and range in, or if you have a larger home.

Ensure That Your Device Is Properly Connecting To WiFi

In order to properly function, all Ring devices require a stable network connection. This allows them to properly communicate and connect with you via the Ring mobile app. This short overview will show you how to connect your device to WiFi via your Ring mobile app.

If the device is already connected, and you are still having trouble, please disconnect the device and follow the steps below to reconnect the device.

  • Ensure that the Ring application is open on your device, and enter the application
  • Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, where you’ll see three vertical lines
  • Tap on the lines
  • Navigate to the left-hand side of the screen, and select devices
  • Select the device of your choosing to re-connect to the network
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen, where you will see the option: device health
  • Select device health and select reconnect to WiFi

After completing these steps, your device should be connected via the Ring mobile app, and continue to function optimally. You can choose to enter your mobile app and optimize your device via the devices screen. Simply follow the prompts within the app to create chime schedules, custom chime sounds, triggers, and more.

Ring Creates Affordable Solutions for Your Household Needs

Ring takes pride in creating state-of-the-art home safety products that are sure to address the safety needs of your busy family! Ring’s seamless integration with the other devices on the network requires that your Ring device has a stable WiFi connection to function. If you experience problems with your Ring device, try to disconnect and reconnect to your network.

 Bear in mind that you may be experiencing effects of channel congestion if you have multiple devices on one channel of your network. If problems persist, please reach out to Ring customer service. Their service agents are standing by and available to assist you in further troubleshooting your Ring device.

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