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Will US Samsung TV Work in the UK?

Last Updated Oct 3, 2021
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Samsung has been the world’s leading TV maker for 15 consecutive years. One of the world’s first 3D LED TV creations was Samsung, which opened the path to a whole new world of entertainment. That pivotal improvement was trailed by the launch of Smart TVs in 2011, introducing internet access on TVs. Samsung has established its development centers around the globe.

Samsung TVs manufactured in the US can work in the UK, but they won’t be of much use! Most of Europe does not use 110–120V like the US, but rather 220–240V. You’ll have to use a voltage converter if you want to use your TV. 

Read on to learn why taking your US Samsung TV to the UK might not be such a jolly good idea. However, you’ll also find some ways you might be able to manage it if you really want to. 

What Is The Difference Between The USA And UK In Terms Of TV? 

The USA utilizes a computerized transmission standard called ATSC, which is inconsistent with DVB-T and DVB-T2 used in the UK and the more significant part of the remainder of the world – with the cable and satellite varieties being utilized in the US as well.

You can use a US to UK adapter plug. Assuming you have a cable/satellite receiver and HDMI cable, not having a SCART connection on the TV shouldn’t be a problem, despite all of the differences. 

The most exciting thing is earthbound TV as there are around 70 channels (stations) offered all over, and more than 140 in London. Some of these “channels” are gateways to web conveyed administrations, again part of the DVB detail.

Your set ought to have HDMI info in order to optimize your viewing experience. This can be utilized with an outside set-top box, similar to a Blu-Ray player or link/satellite box in the USA. Set-top boxes fall into three classes; advanced terrestrial, satellite, and cable.  

More Differences

There are two varieties of the advanced earthly norm; the first DVB-T, which most of Europe utilizes, and the later redesigned DVB-T2 used broadly in the UK and Africa. The fundamental distinction is that DVB-T can only convey one HD channel on every recurrence, while the T2 can convey up to 5. 

DVB-T2 recipients are “reverse compatible” and get DVB-T – but not the alternative way around. There are contrasts between every nation, and some might require a decoder card space for specific channels. 

Electrical Differences

Your Samsung TV will work in Europe as long as you have a connector/converter to change it from 240 volts (Europe) to 120 volts (US). You would then be able to stream content utilizing applications on your TV. You would need a cable, and would require the HDMI video design converter to change the arrangement over to NTSC. 

There are two fundamental contemplations while deciding if your Samsung TV will work in Europe: 1) Electrical framework and 2) Sign transmission. Electrical contrasts can undoubtedly be overwhelmed by a connector/converter, while signal transmission contrasts can deliver your American TV programming in Europe. 

If you have a Samsung TV and you don’t care about getting local television, then, at that point, a connector/converter is most likely all you need. You can connect your TV to the web and stream through its applications. 

That said, you might not approach all the popular TV applications, contingent upon the nation you’re in (setting up a VPN might be a workaround here). There is also a likelihood that your TV components might be hardcoded for the US, as it were. 

If you need broadcast TV (utilizing cable, over-the-air with a radio wire, or through satellite). In that case, you’ll probably additionally require the HDMI video design converter to change the configuration over to NTSC.


Samsung doesn’t recommend utilizing your TV bought from another region or the other way around. Samsung TV’s are designed in a specific way that is generally for the USA. While it is possible to use your TV in the UK, Samsung doesn’t really recommend it. 

These TVs aren’t made to be totally compatible with the UK and are made more for the USA. Oftentimes apps won’t work in another country like the UK but as we discussed this can be bypassed. 

Your TV isn’t covered under warranty when used in another country. Samsung TVs sold in the various areas are intended to work with PAL/NTSC broadcasting signals and an information voltage of AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz. 

You can purchase a voltage converter to change the voltage to AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz when utilizing the Samsung TV in various areas outside your region. Make sure to check out your TVs specifications before trying to take it to another country for use.