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Will the Ring Floodlight Cam Work Without Wi-Fi?

Last Updated Aug 17, 2021
Ring floodlight camera with lights on installed on home.

The Ring Floodlight Cam provides a reliable camera and lighting combination for today’s smart, connected home. This powerful lighting solution requires a permanent, wired connection to function, along with the convenient Ring app to provide you with all its connected features. But since it requires the use of an app, you may be wondering if the device can work without Wi-Fi.

The Ring Floodlight Cam will not work without Wi-Fi; an internet connection is necessary to access the device’s smart features via the Ring app.

There are many scenarios when you might lose your Wi-Fi connection, from service outages and weather to other interruptions in your connectivity. The ability to remain connected to your home security remains a priority, even during these events. Keep reading to learn how the Ring Floodlight Cam functions and how Wi-Fi is important in these situations.

Why Does the Ring Floodlight Cam Need Wi-Fi?

Whether you are looking for live video of what’s going on outside your home or unexpected activity on your property, the Ring Floodlight Cam requires both power and a Wi-Fi connection to function.

All Ring devices are connected through the app, and control of the camera always depends upon a Wi-Fi connection. Here are some of the ways Wi-Fi enhances the device:

  • The Ring Floodlight Cam requires a 2.4 GHz Wireless 802.11 b/g/n for all connected services. Since the floodlight operates based on motion, the floodlight will turn on and off based on detected motion. However, you will not be able to control any functions if there is no Wi-Fi.
  • By requiring only a 2.4 GHz connection, which allows you to connect at greater distances, your device will work as a standalone floodlight and camera or part of a fully connected Ring system. Without Wi-Fi, there is no camera function of any kind until that connection is restored.
  • The floodlight and camera can use Wi-Fi in any way you decide to set it up in the app. You can have a custom-tailored schedule that fits your needs. For example, if your children get an early bus or ride to school, you can schedule the camera and floodlight to come on to light their way at the same time every day. As with all services, you will once again need to have a solid Wi-Fi connection for this to work.

How to Connect the Ring Floodlight Cam to Wi-Fi

Now that you know that you will need a reliable Wi-Fi connection to utilize the functions of your device, we will look at the connection process:

  1. If you do not have the Ring app installed on your phone, you will need to download it and create an account if you do not already have one. For an Android device, click here. If you have iOS, click here.
  2. After installing, either log in if you already have an account or create one. Then, open the Ring app.
  3. Next, you will choose Set Up a Device.
  4. Locate the QR code for the Ring Floodlight Cam. This can be found on the back of your device or the packaging and quick start guide. Scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  5. If adding a device to an existing account, you can specify the location for your new device or add your location at this time. Then, you will name your device for easy location in the app later.
  6. After the Ring Floodlight Cam is installed in your preferred location, you will need to turn it on and make a connection with the app. Press the button on the top of the device. A light will blink white at the bottom of the camera. When this happens, press Continue in the app.
  7. Your device should automatically connect to the network at this time. If it does not, press the Home button on your phone, leaving the app. Navigate to your Settings tab on your phone, and select the Ring Wi-Fi network your devices will connect to. Ensure that you have the correct password available and enter it. The process should be complete, including a possible update to the device’s firmware. Your device is now ready to use.

After completing the setup procedure, you can now visit the app and set up any specialized zones, test the camera’s live view, and any other configurations you wish to explore. The connected Wi-Fi, along with the app, gives you several options to customize your interactions.


The Ring Floodlight Cam is an excellent addition to your home security system. Although it’s not wireless, its powerful floodlight, along with multiple camera features, allows for a customized experience, especially once paired with your home’s Wi-Fi.

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