Will the Ring Alarm Set with the Door Open?

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There are many times that you must leave your front door open while bringing in groceries from the car or drop off a few things in your house before you leave for the day. Can set the Ring alarm with the door open, though, so you do not forget?

The Ring alarm will set with the door open, but the app will request you to bypass the door’s sensor. Once the sensor has been bypassed, it will stay bypassed until you reset the alarm.

In this article, we will look at the Ring alarm system, what it can provide for you, and some alternatives you might consider if you shop for an alarm system.

What is the Ring Alarm System?

The Ring company sells the Ring alarm system as part of its video doorbell and security ecosystem. Since it is part of the Ring ecosystem, you can control the alarm system in your free Ring app. That means you will be in charge of your system anywhere you happen to be and will receive real-time notifications if the alarms are triggered.

One of the cool features of the Ring alarm is that it was designed to also protect your home internet as well as your house. The system comes with a secure mesh Wi-Fi router and optional Backup Internet. If your internet goes down, you will have backup internet to ensure that your house is still protected.

You can also add many other compatible devices that seamlessly integrate into your Ring alarm system. For example, you can purchase compatible smoke/CO2 listeners that will alert you to potential problems in your home whether you are at home or away.

The alarm system comes with several sensors that you can place around your home that will detect motion or doors and windows being opened when the system is armed. You can purchase additional motion and contact sensors as well from Ring.

What are the Best Features of the Ring Alarm System?

One of the add-on features of the Ring alarm system is the Protect Pro. For an additional fee, you can enroll in 24/7 monitoring in addition to the Wi-Fi backup mentioned earlier.

Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro also have built-in backup battery power that keep you protected for about 24 hours. With the Ring Alarm Pro, you can also purchase Ring Power Packs that will provide you hours of power and will allow you access to all of your Pro features.

If you purchase a Ring Alarm Pro, you will also get a built-in eero for quick Wi-Fi and additional network security.

Are There Good Alternatives to the Ring Alarm?

There are definitely some other alarm systems to consider if you are on the fence about a Ring alarm system. Here are a few that offer great features at an affordable price.

SimpliSafe Home Security

In 2014, SimpliSafe Home Security won the Editor’s Choice award for DIY home security packages. Equipment prices for the SimpliSafe system are comparable to the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro.

The system is incredibly simple to set up and is fairly unobtrusive. Start with a mandatory base station and keypad, and then add other devices a la carte to create a personalized home security system with everything you need and nothing you do not. If you need it, SimpliSafe also offers professional installation help as well.

Once your system is set up, there are a couple of different tiers of subscriptions you can use for monitoring and such. Lower tier subscriptions offer professional monitoring and the higher tier provides more smart home integration and SMS alerts.

Wyze Home Monitoring

If you are looking for a system with the lowest entry price, Wyze will probably be your best bet. The equipment is not quite as fancy as the SimpliSafe or Ring, but it will give you some basic functions that will help you protect your home.

For moniroting, Wyze has you covered; even the prices for their subscriptions are less than Ring and SimpliSafe. You can even purchase a subscription for cloud storage of your camera’s video footage for a pretty nominal fee. Another thing to check out is Wyze’s offer of a free starter kit and cloud storage for one year if you pay for one year of professional monitoring in one payment.

These are a few options for affordable and convenient DIY home security systems if you do not already have a Ring Alarm.


The Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro are good options that will not break the bank. There are a few other options that may cost around the same, a little more, or a little less, but there is a reason why so many people trust their home security to Ring. You can use many options in the Ring app; setting the alarm with the door still open is one of those features.

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