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Will SimpliSafe Call the Police?

Jan 27, 2020
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SimpliSafe is a home security system that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the technology and gadget world. While SimpliSafe offers a 24/7 professional monitoring service, most users want to know if the device itself will actually call the police, if something should happen that requires their services.

SimpliSafe will notify the police in the event of an emergency or if a system alarm is triggered. If the monitoring service can not get ahold of the user, or the user provides the wrong safe word or password, the police will be immediately dispatched to the residence or business.

With the SimpliSafe system, there are several alarms that can be triggered which will result in the police being dispatched, but what commands will trigger this and at what point does the system believe that the police need to be involved?  Below, we will discuss the triggers, different modes, and safe word applications that result in dispatch and emergency services. 

Alarm Trigger Process

When you are away from home and have SimpliSafe installed, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected and being properly cared for and monitored by professional services, 24/7. Depending upon the SimpliSafe equipment installed will depend on the types of alarms that could trigger a police presence at your home. But what happens when an alarm is triggered?

As soon as your system is armed in away mode, every device is ready to do its job. In the event that any entry or security alarms are triggered while the home is armed, an alert will be sent to the user’s phone via the SimpliSafe app, followed by a phone call for verification of the triggered alarm. 

When a user receives an alarm phone call from SimpliSafe, they will need to verify whether the engaged alarm was an unauthorized entry or a false alarm.

If it was an accident, the user will need to provide a safe word or password to disable the alarm and prevent emergency services from being dispatched. If the triggered alarm was not an accident, dispatch will be sent out immediately. 

When the SimpliSafe system is set up, a secondary phone number is added to the account. The secondary number can be a contact number for anyone that the subscriber trusts. Secondary numbers are contacted if an alarm is triggered and the primary number is unavailable. If both numbers are unavailable, the police are dispatched immediately.

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Alarm Trigger Devices

SimpliSafe offers a variety of equipment to protect your family and home from danger. The equipment is designed to detect unwanted intruders or natural disasters. If these specific devices are triggered, an alarm goes off and a signal is sent to the monitoring system and your mobile device app, to notify you. 

Police Trigger Equipment

Outside of home security, SimpliSafe offers services for natural disasters as well. For most people that travel or go away for the winter, the natural disaster services are popular. These devices will send the same notification and also reach out to the fire department in the event of an alarm trigger. With the fire service, they will not contact your secondary number, they will just dispatch to the residence.

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Disaster Protection Equipment

  • Smoke Detector
  • Water Sensor
  • Freeze Sensor

SimpliSafe offers excellent options for home security. Find out which service is the best, for your household.

Home Mode vs. Away Mode

At different times, your home will need different services. SimpliSafe offers two separate modes, depending upon what is needed and whether you are home or not. The home and away modes are set up differently to help give your home the best protection on the market, at all times of the day. 

Home Mode

When you are home, relaxing after a long day, the last thing you’d want to worry about is being in danger. With SimpliSafe, relaxing has never been more enjoyable and easy. All of the sensors that the users subscribe to are active and ready to work at full capacity, in the event of an intrusion. The only device that is disabled during home mode is the motion detector if you have your home in a secure home mode. If your services are turned off, none of the devices will work. 

Away Mode

SimpliSafe offers a top of the line home monitoring system with an “away” mode. As soon as the user arms their home, the security system is now considered, “away”. While in away mode, all of the devices are active and ready to notify the user and authorities in the event of a natural disaster or an unwanted visitor. Every sensor will be ready to capture unwanted movements, video, and motion.

Furthermore, all of the devices and add ons with the SimpliSafe system make this one of the best home monitoring systems on the market. Having the ability to call the proper authorities and keep your home safe and secure makes this one of the most popular systems available today.