A Ring spotlight is an LED motion sensor camera. This camera has a 270-degree detection range available. It also has an app that provides all of the activity that your camera detects in real-time. The Ring spotlight offers an extremely bright light as well. 

The Ring spotlight will, in fact, work without a bridge, but it will only function like this as a standard motion light. The bridge is essential for your Ring to work correctly. 

With the Ring camera, you have the ability to see who is near your home or property. You can always know who or what is around. You can have total control from your wireless device. These features will allow you to stop worrying about what can happen whether you’re at home or away. This article will teach you why a bridge is so crucial to your Ring.

What Is A Bridge?

The bridge is basically the central hub station. This will synchronize the motion sensors, smart lights, and the transformer all into the Ring system. You can use the Ring app on your phone while connected to Wi-Fi to combine all of the Ring products together. 

The Spotlight will only function as a standard motion light when you don’t have the Ring bridge. Whereas if you have the bridge connected, you can control the entire group of lights at once. When the bridge is connected, you can also be notified via the app that Ring offers when any type of motion is detected. 

Can More Than One Person Control The Spotlight?

The Ring spotlight offers you the ability to make groups. If you do this, then the groups can be shared with other people. There are different levels of access that you can allow the users to have. The three different types of user control are: owner, guest user, and shared user. You cannot control your Ring spotlight without a bridge.

  • Owner is the user that has complete and total control over the Spotlight and all of its functions. This person can add newly shared users and guest users and give limited control over the Spotlight device. The owner can add the Spotlight to groups as well as remove them. An owner can determine how long they stay on and when they are disabled to no longer activate when motion is detected.
  • Shared User is a user that only has limited control over the device. This type of user can also control groups and turn them on and off and receive notifications of motion-activated movement. 
  • Guest Users are not allowed to access any Spotlight controls.

What Does The Ring Spotlight Offer?

The Ring Spotlight has a camera that will stream as well as record any motion-activated movements. This device also offers a two-way talking system that cancels out the noise. The Ring provides night vision as well, which is very useful.

Is A Subscription Required? 

The simple answer is no. The Ring Spotlight does not require a monthly or yearly subscription, but it may be necessary to access certain features. Without a subscription, basic functions are available such as live views, two-way talking, live alerts, and a few other features.  A subscription is not required to use the bridge, but you will need to purchase the device itself.

A subscription offers many more things. The protection plan allows you to save every picture and video that your Ring device captures 24/7. There are two different options for the subscription. You have the basic plan and the plus. 

The basic plan includes video recording for one device. The plus plan includes video recording for all devices that you might have in your home 24 hours, 7 days a week. It also includes professional monitoring. These are just a few of the many features offered with the subscription plans. 

Ring Spotlight During Daylight

Surprisingly enough, the Ring Spotlight works during the day as well. It offers a 140-degree field that has high-resolution picture quality. This wide range of views allows you to see almost every yard angle or space near the device. 

Typically the Ring Spotlight camera can see up to 30 feet. Not only does the camera work great at night, but it works just as well during the day. This is a great quality that Ring offers, the fact that it is useful both during the day and at night. 

Final Thoughts

RIng offers at-home security features to leave you feeling safe and secure in the presence of your own home. This device provides options for every type of apartment, house, or property. Purchasing the Ring Spotlight Camera and the accompanying bridge can help protect your property from crimes before they ever have the chance to occur. 

Never feel in fear again, as long as you have the Ring Spotlight installed. This device allows you to see things in real-time and to be prepared at all costs. You will never miss a thing, and it’s all available at the tip of your fingers.