Will My Pet Set off My Ring Alarm?

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Ring Alarm provides professional monitoring which ensures your home is always protected, but it also means the chance of emergency responders being dispatched for a false alarm. This can result in a fine for you and responders not being able to respond to an actual emergency, so if you are a pet owner, you will need to know how to prevent your pet from setting off your Ring Alarm.

Will my pet set off my Ring Alarm? Most pets under 50 pounds will not set off the Ring Alarm when the motion detector is mounted at least seven feet high. For pets under 30 pounds, use the medium sensitivity motion setting. For pets 30-50 pounds or multiple pets, use the low sensitivity setting.

I have two dogs over 50 pounds, so I needed to know how to set up Ring Alarm in a way that my dogs would not set it off. I have shared this information for other large dog owners as well as what happens if your pet does set off your alarm. 

Most Pets Will Not Set Off Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm Motion Detectors are pet-friendly. You can minimize, but not completely eliminate, the chances of triggering a false alarm if your pet is under 50 pounds. 

If you have multiple pets or a dog over 50 pounds, you will need to keep these pets out of rooms with enabled motion detectors when Ring Alarm is armed.  

Motion Settings for Homes With Pets

Follow these steps to adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity based on your pet’s weight:

  1. In the Ring app, select the motion detector that you want to adjust.
  2. Select Motion Settings.
  3. Slide the sensitivity bar to your desired setting.

Pet owners should never use the high sensitivity setting for their motion detectors. 

Ring alarm home security system

You can also set which motion detectors are enabled in Home and Away modes. 

  1. In the Ring app, tap the three-lined icon in the top-left corner. 
  2. Select Location Settings.
  3. Select Modes.
  4. Select Home or Away.
  5. Select Sensors.
  6. Choose the motion detectors that you want to be enabled while in this mode.

Tips For Large Dogs

Large dogs and multiple pets with a combined weight of over 50 pounds can set off an enabled motion detector when your alarm is armed. However, if you are determined to use a Ring Alarm, there are some ways around this problem. 

When setting up your Ring Alarm, only put motion detectors in rooms that your large pet will not have access to when you are away. For example, you may decide to leave your large dog upstairs when you are not home and only put motion detectors downstairs. 

What Happens If Your Pet Triggers a False Alarm

If, despite all your precautions, your pet does set off your alarm, police will not automatically be dispatched. Here’s what happens:

  1. The Ring Monitoring Center calls you to confirm that there is an emergency. You will need to provide your verbal password to the monitoring agent. Tell them if it was a false alarm at this time and police will not be dispatched. 
  2. If you do not answer the call, the Monitoring Center leaves you an automated voicemail.
  3. The monitoring agent immediately calls the first person on your emergency contact list. If they answer, they will need to provide your verbal password to confirm whether there is an actual emergency or false alarm.
  4. If they do not answer, the Monitoring Center leaves an automated voicemail.
  5. The monitoring agent continues to call each person on your emergency contact list until they reach someone. 
  6. If no one answers, the agent dispatches the police to your home. 

Ring Alarm Trial Period

When you set up a new Ring Alarm, you have a 7-day practice period. During this time, if your alarm is triggered, the Monitoring Center will send you an automated message, but they will not automatically dispatch the police. The automated message will give you the option to connect to a live agent if you are having an emergency. 

Ring suggests that pet owners use this practice week to test their motion sensitivity settings with their pets to ensure that a costly false alarm will not be triggered. 

Monitoring Your Pets

Ring Alarm provides comprehensive home security, but for pet owners, Ring Alarm can serve another important purpose. It can help you monitor your pets when you are away. 

Ring Alarm is compatible with all Ring cameras, so you can watch your pets remotely. The cameras have two-way audio, so you can even give your pet commands when you are not home. This is the way I trained my youngest dog to stay out of trouble when left home alone. 

Ring can also enable you to give your pet sitter access to your home while you are away. If you have a Ring video doorbell and compatible smart lock, you can disarm your Ring Alarm and let your dog walker in remotely. When they leave, you can arm your alarm again in the Ring app.

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