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Why Your Spectrum DVR Is Not Recording (Simple Steps)

Last Updated Mar 23, 2022

When your show is on, recording and watching it when you please is a wonderful luxury. Always having your show ready to go when you get home after a rough day could make a bad day seem better. After getting ready to view, you find out, the entertainment you set to record on your Spectrum DVR didn’t register. So, why is my Spectrum DVR not recording?.

When recording on a Spectrum DVR, memory space is the most common problem people have reported. A Spectrum DVR can come with a variety of different-sized storage units, so checking your memory and deleting old recordings can be a simple fix for most DVRs.

While this is a quick and easy fix, some may still have problems saving shows for later. Don’t worry, hope isn’t lost! There are still some other underlying issues that can keep your shows from recording! Keep reading to find out.

There Was a Recording Conflict

Occasionally, the issue of your DVR not recording is just a problem with conflicts between two or more different shows’ recording schedules. 

It could be attempting to record too many shows or movies at once or having a series set to record. An error message should pop up, saying “Recording Conflict”. Your DVR will not record the show with the lowest priority if the message is not initially seen.

When the error message appears, you can choose which recording schedule to cancel the recording. Otherwise, you can go to your settings and adjust the priority yourself, moving them accordingly with your TV remote.

You Can Not Record On Demand Shows

Spectrum offers some shows that are referred to as On Demand. On Demand shows mean that they are literally on demand and are available to watch whenever you want with the ability to pause, rewind, and forward as desired.

Your DVR cannot record shows that are being viewed as On Demand because they are already available for viewing without the need to record them, allowing more free space on your DVR.

Imagine that On Demand is Spectrum’s DVR that consumers can watch at their leisure. However, most shows or movies are available on demand for a limited time as they cycle different programs from different genres to attract all consumers.

Your DVR Needs to Be Restarted

A soft or hard reset could solve the problem if none of the simpler options have helped. A soft reset is considered turning off and turning back on your cable box. However, a hard reset is your best bet.

Unplugging your cable/DVR box power cord for at least 60 seconds and plugging it back in will hard reset your cable box. This solution can ensure that nothing physical, such as the cables to your TV, are causing the problem.

Alternatives to Using DVRs

While DVRs may have been useful for the era of cable, technology has advanced and more people are using Smart TVs that have the option to use streaming services. Let’s take a look at some alternatives to using DVRs below.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are fully interactive with the internet, even allowing you to open a web browser through your TV. 

An example of a smart tv is a Roku TV stick. A Roku TV stick is easily adaptable to your own TV through an HDMI connection cable, without the need to buy an entirely new TV. This will allow you to watch your shows when you please.

Roku TVs do not include a DVR feature. However, they do put all of your streaming subscriptions in one easily accessible place.

Streaming Services

Having a streaming service is similar to having cable, with a limited range of shows or movies at your disposal. The main difference is while cable gives you channels to watch, streaming services give you the entertainment directly.

Possible streaming services include: 

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Showtime
  • HBO Max

Any of these, typically paid for, streaming services provide the consumer with unlimited usage of the shows, allowing you to watch them without the need to download them beforehand.


If you don’t want to pay for subscriptions or don’t have internet, an easy solution that has proven itself through many childhoods are movies or series pre-recorded on DVDs or VHS tapes.

DVDs and VHS tapes are foolproof alternatives to get the entertainment you want on demand. Just pop it into the DVD player or a VCR, and you’re good to go!


While not recording your favorite shows on your Spectrum DVR, most problems causing it are as simple as the fixes listed. Taking steps to clear your memory, adjust your priority, be aware of the shows you can or cannot record, or restart your cable box entirely could be the salvation to your problem.

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