Why Your Samsung TV Won’t Turn On From Google Home

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If you have a Samsung TV, then there is a good chance that you are using it with your Google Home. It’s convenient and straightforward to use your voice to turn on the TV without having to fumble around for remotes or control buttons. But what happens when you can’t get the TV to turn on? What could be wrong?

Your Samsung TV may not turn on from Google Home for several reasons. It may be because the TV and Chromecast firmware version need an update, the CEC is turned off, or you need to switch to a different HDMI port.

So, your Samsung TV won’t turn on from Google Home? If so, don’t fret. There can be many different reasons for your Google Home not to work with your Samsung TV temporarily, but generally, it’s an easy fix.  In this blog post, we explore some of the most common reasons why this might be happening and how to fix it.

Why Can’t My Google Home Turn On My TV?

You’ve probably already discovered that you can’t use your Google Home to turn on your Samsung TV. But why? There are a few reasons this might happen, and here we’ll explore six of the most common ones:

Your Chromecast Firmware Version Needs an Update

One of the common reasons you might not be able to turn on your TV with Google Home is because of out-of-date firmware. Firmware essentially acts as the software for a device, just like how Android or iOS updates can change the look and feel of your phone while also adding new features. 

Your Chromecast probably needs an update if you’ve not installed any new updates recently. If you’ve been away from your Chromecast for a while and it won’t turn on when you’re trying to use Google Home, this might be why.

Your TV Firmware is Outdated

Another reason your Chromecast might not turn on is if your TV’s firmware is outdated. This could be the case even if you didn’t know there was a new update since many devices automatically download and install updates when they’re available without any additional input from users.

To check if the TV firmware is up to date, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturers for more information.

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is Turned Off

In some TVs, adjusting certain settings can turn off CEC automatically. Unfortunately, when this happens, your TV won’t turn on when you command it through your Google Home.

To resolve this, go into the TV’s settings menu and ensure that CEC is turned back on. If it already is, try turning off and then turning on your Chromecast device to sync them up again.

HDMI Port Issues

You may also have challenges if the ports on your TV appear to be damaged. If you have a visual inspection and can determine that the HDMI port you’re using is no longer working, use a different port and try turning your TV on from Google Home.

If the issue was with the HDMI port, it should be resolved by using a different port. However, if this doesn’t work, you should contact your TV’s manufacturer to see if the HDMI port is under warranty and can be repaired or replaced (if it was damaged).

You’ve Been Turning the TV On and Off Repeatedly

If you’ve been turning your TV on and off repeatedly, you may experience problems with Google Home. The two devices may have a hard time communicating after being turned on and off so many times.

In this case, you should keep the TV “off”  for a while before turning it on from Google Home. Then, wait at least 10 minutes before attempting to turn on the TV. This way, the two devices have a better chance of communicating.

Google Home and Your Samsung TV Have Temporarily Lost Communication

Sometimes, when you’ve been using both devices non-stop, they may temporarily lose communication. This is usually because of a temporary connectivity problem between Google Home and your Samsung TV.

To resolve this, you should turn off both devices for about 10 minutes before turning them on again with their original remote controllers or voice commands (if Google Assistant works properly at that time). You can repeat these steps if they don’t work the first time.

Wrapping Up

Not being able to turn your TV on from Google Home is a frustrating experience. But, with some troubleshooting and patience, you can get it back up and running in no time!

Use the tips we’ve shared in this blog post to troubleshoot your issue and fix it yourself. If you run into a roadblock, contact the manufacturer of your TV for further assistance. We hope this helps!

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