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Why Your Ring Spotlight Camera Is Blurry

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
Blurry specs of snow falling.

Ring Spotlight Cameras are some of the more popular smart home cameras amongst Ring’s excellent—and ever-expanding—lineup of devices. But, as sometimes happens with cameras, you may open the live feed to discover that your view is blurry or distorted.

The number one reason for a blurry or distorted Ring Spotlight Camera is connection speed. Outside of that, both software and physical factors could be the cause of a blurry visual.

So, in the name of frustrated Ring Spotlight Camera owners everywhere, we’ve put together a list of four of the most common causes for a blurry Spotlight Camera and how to troubleshoot it.

Wi-Fi Interference and Signal Distance

There are so many factors that can affect Wi-Fi signals. Weather, distance, too many Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and object interference are just a few.

You’ll want to start the troubleshooting process by testing the speed of your Ring Spotlight Camera. Open your web browser and go to Take your smartphone near the Ring Spotlight Camera and select the Start button in the center of the gauge.

If your upload and download speeds are better than 2Mbps, your Ring Spotlight Camera is good to go. If not, then you will have to make some adjustments to get the signal strength back up.

  • Reset the Router: Lack of speed may result from a large amount of short-term memory (cache) or too much chatter on the Wi-Fi channel the router is currently on. Resetting it will eliminate both.
  • Move the Ring Spotlight Cam: Sometimes distance is an issue. Anything over 30’ is enough for poor reception. But even 20’ may be too much.
  • Reduce Devices on Wi-Fi Network: Check your Wi-Fi network by going to your router’s web page. The address and password should be on the back of your router. Skim through the connected devices and delete old devices or devices that shouldn’t be on the network.
  • Remove Objects/Clutter: The Wi-Fi signal is dampened by glass, rubber, plastic, metal, and sheetrock. If you’ve set up new furniture directly in the path of the Wi-Fi to Spotlight Cam signal, rearrange the furniture or move the Spotlight Cam to a different location.

Wi-Fi can be finicky at times, and you should periodically run a speed test to ensure that you have good signal strength on the Ring Spotlight Camera.

Dust, Moisture, or Debris is on the Spotlight Cam Lens

It may seem like a daunting task to clean the Ring Spotlight Camera lens. You may be afraid of doing more damage than it’s worth. However, if you take your time, use the right solution, and stick with a cloth designed for cleaning lenses, you should be fine.

  1. To start with, don’t use isopropyl alcohol or similarly strong chemicals. All you need is some warm water and a very mild dose of dish soap to properly clean the lens.
  2. For the edges of the lens, dampen a Q-tip and gently slide it around the perimeter of the lens to clear out and pick up any dirt and debris.
  3. Use a lens wipe—slightly damp—to wipe the lens clear of anything that is potentially obscuring the image. Follow it up with a dry lens cloth to sap up any additional moisture left behind.

Issues with Spotlight Cam Night Vision

Several culprits are potentially behind blurry nighttime views in the Ring Spotlight Camera:

  • Moisture/Condensation/Dew: This is typical in the early morning to late morning hours before the sun rises to cook it off. If it’s a common occurrence with your Ring Spotlight Camera, purchase a water repellent spray such as RainX.
  • Infrared Reflection: Metallic objects tend to reflect infrared to the Ring Spotlight Camera, creating a blurry, diminished effect. The best way to deal with it is to remove the object or adjust the angle of the Spotlight Cam to reduce the effect.
  • Check the Batteries: If the batteries are low, the IR light may not be as effective. Check the battery and if it’s low, recharge it and see if the effect returns.

Keeping your Ring Spotlight Camera well-maintained and checking it periodically will help reduce or eliminate any of the above.

Spotlight Cam Has Overexposure to Sunlight

It may only be an issue that affects your Ring Spotlight Cam during certain parts of the day, as the sun moves through the sky. Regardless, sunlight can effectively wash out your Spotlight Camera’s image, making it fuzzy or blurry in appearance.

When you set up your Ring Spotlight Camera, you want it right where it is. However, if the sun is a troublesome factor, you may have to consider installing an overhang, changing the camera’s angle, or moving it all together.

If you have the Ring Spotlight Camera (Battery), consider adding on the Ring Solar Panel and using it as an effective overhead to keep the lens as shaded as possible during the day.

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of video clarity problems with Ring Spotlight Cameras—or any smart cameras for that matter—is Wi-Fi. Always start there first, with a speed test and possibly investing in a Ring Range Extender.

Ring makes great products that are important for the well-being and security of your home. Keep your Ring Spotlight well-maintained and periodically check the speed and signal strength to keep your Ring products reliable and long-term.