Why Your Eufy Floodlight Camera Keeps Turning On


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Floodlight cameras can improve smart home security. This device illuminates dark and hazardous areas, records video, and turns on when motion is detected. This adds an extra layer of security to the whole process. It’s problematic if they start acting oddly, which leads to the question, why do the Eufy Floodlight Cameras keep turning on?

If the Eufy Floodlight Camera keeps turning on, it is typically a problem with the settings within the eufySecurity app. Sensor, activity zone, motion detection type, and motion sensitivity settings can all lead to the camera turning on.

If your camera on the floodlight starts randomly recording things, it is time to manually update the settings within the eufySecurity app to fix the problem. If you have never performed this adjustment, continue reading the article to find out how to do it. If you’re wondering why the lights keep turning on, we’ve got other tips.

Camera Sensitivity 

The Eufy Floodlight Camera has a sensor that tells the camera when it should turn on, when it detects movement, and when to record movement. This is extremely useful for home security. Unfortunately, the sensitivity can cause problems if it is not properly implemented. Keep reading to learn more about these main culprits:

  • Dirty or blocked sensors.
  • The visual bounds for the camera are not adjusted appropriately.
  • The sensitivity is set to All Motion instead of Human Motion.
  • The sensitivity of the sensor is set too high.
  • The firmware is not up to date.
  • Motion is easily detected during the day, more so at night.

These are usually the main reasons a Eufy Floodlight Camera turns on and video records randomly. Keep reading to learn how to fix these settings and win your recording space back.

Dirty or Blocked Sensor

Sometimes, the Eufy Floodlight Camera turns on randomly if the sensor is blocked or dirty. This is because it relies on this sensor to determine if there is movement in the area. Without the sensor, or if the sensor is partially blocked, it may think there isn’t motion or become hypersensitivity and ping the owner with more motion than ever before.

When you get these text messages, it can become a bit scary. After all, it could mean the worst when the motion detector goes off, right? Typically, it’s a dirty sensor if the camera is going on and off rapidly. Simply get up on a ladder with a microfiber cloth and wipe it off. You should see a lot of improvement instantly. 

Camera Bounds

If you have a playground outside or an animal that goes outdoors, the Eufy may begin to send notifications every 7 seconds and turn the camera on as a result. If a user sets an activity zone appropriately, this can stop this problem. When an activity zone is created, it tells the camera to ignore certain types of motion in a room. 

In the eufySecurity app, there will be an option to set an activity zone. Select that prompt, go in, and adjust the setting to encompass the entire area. You can even set it, so this zone is only considered an activity zone during the day but follows regular protocol at night. It is intuitive and convenient.

Human Motion vs. All Motion

The Eufy Floodlight Camera can’t differentiate between different types of movement unless the user explicitly instructs it to do so. It is possible that this may cause an issue with the general settings and result in the camera turning on and creating random recordings from the movement is perceived.

The user needs to go into the eufySecurity app to fix this problem. Within the app, a setting allows the floodlight camera to determine which motion to look for. The two options are Human Only and All Motions. Human Only will only trigger when the AI detects human movement. All Motions will send alerts with every movement the AI detects.

If you do not want a notification for every leaf, car, or bug, setting the floodlight camera to Human Only is best. This will result in fewer messages and notifications and more peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Motion Sensitivity

Another reason why the camera is turning on randomly is due to motion sensitivity issues. The Eufy has different motion sensor speeds, which can cause the camera to turn on at the drop of a hat for even the smallest movements. Users must try different motion sensitivity levels to find a good happy medium. 

In general, the higher the level, the higher the sensitivity will be. You would want to pick a speed somewhere in the middle to get the best movement notification without picking up all life’s extras like wind, weather, or animals.

Out of Date Software

If you have not updated the app or the software for the Eufy Floodlight Camera, it may begin to grow a mind of its own and malfunction. This will cause the camera to record without apparent reason or stop recording altogether. If this is the case, go into the settings and ensure everything is up to date. This will get the camera back in action again.

Weather Sensitivity

The camera can also turn on due to the elements. The camera can take this as movement and motion if it is windy, rainy, snowy, or hailing. To cut back on weather-related movement events, go in and adjust the motion sensitivity on the camera. Continue to adjust it until you notice an acceptable difference without sacrificing safety.

A Solid Light For Your Life

Now that you have adjusted your settings, you will likely have a more manageable camera situation in your back or front yard. This means you are getting the most out of your floodlight camera without sacrificing safety or video storage since there is only so much space for such recordings. Keep moving and living while your security light helps you stay safe at home.

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