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Why You Should Send a Robot Pet with Your Kid to College

Last Updated Mar 4, 2022
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Your child going off the college can be a scary, stressful time for you and them, but a robot pet can help the whole family ease into this transition. To learn more about the benefits of robot pets for college students, I went online and gathered all the information I could find about smart pets and their uses.

Sending a child to college with a robot pet has many benefits for the student and their family. Robot pets can help a new college student cope with homesickness. Features like voice assistance can help with time management and studying. Many robot pets also have cameras so that parents can check in on their children anytime.

As the market for robot pets grows, the capabilities of these smart pets continue to improve. I wouldn’t be surprised if robot pets become a standard feature on college campuses and dorms in the future. Keep reading to learn why.

Benefits of Having a Robot Pet Away from Home

There are many benefits of a college student having a robot pet.

  • Robot pets can provide emotional support for transitioning college students.
  • They can act as a voice assistant to help students stay organized.
  • They can be used as an educational tool in many ways.
  • They are an easy way to keep in touch with your child while they are away.
  • They can serve as a self-monitoring home security system.

Emotional Support

Leaving a childhood pet behind when you go off to college can be heartbreaking. A robot pet can help ease the pain. It can serve as a source of comfort for your child while they are away.  

Some robot pets are made to look and feel like real pets. Your child can pet and cuddle the robot when they are feeling homesick.

For a realistic-looking robot pet, check out the JOY FOR ALL Golden Pup. It responds to your voice and touch with lifelike movements and sounds. For cat people, JOY FOR ALL also makes a cat version of their companion pet.

Voice Assistance

Some robot pets come with a built-in voice assistant. College students can use it to set reminders and manage their schedules, so they never miss an important deadline.

The Vector Robot by Anki has Alexa built-in. It’s a great option to help your college student stay organized. It’s very small and moves on its own, making it a great addition to any college dorm.

Robot pets with built-in voice assistants can also help college students with their schoolwork. There are many educational tasks you can ask a robot pet to perform, such as:

  • Mathematical calculations
  • Dictionary definitions of words
  • Historical dates and information about significant historical events
  • Digital flashcard study sets

Programming Practice

Programmable robot pets are great for college students who are studying computer science or engineering. They can practice their programming skills outside of class in a fun, hands-on way.

While many programmable robot pets are marketed to younger children, they are surprisingly fun for folks of all ages. Buying one for your child to take to college may even motivate them to create their own robot pets as they grow and develop their skills.

Keeping in Touch

Many robot pets are equipped with video recording and two-way audio capabilities. Your child can use the robot pet to send pictures and videos of their college dorm or apartment.

If this sounds appealing to you and your child, check out the Dogness Smart iPet Robot. It is remote-controlled with 360-degree rotation and tilting capabilities. It can move around and film everything. You can also talk to your child through the robot using the free accompanying app.


Because many robot pets can move around and record video and audio, they can serve as home security. You can self-monitor your child’s college apartment using the robot’s accompanying app.

Is a Robot Pet Worth the Price?

A high-quality robot pet can cost several hundred dollars; this may make you wonder if it’s worth the price.

The short answer is, “yes!” The long answer is that the value of a robot pet varies depending on how often and how effectively its owner uses it.

If you think your child will use the robot pet regularly, it will be worth the price. If they are the type of person to move on from things and forget about them quickly, then a robot pet might not be a worthwhile purchase.

Different robot pets have different capabilities. If you are ready to take the financial plunge and purchase a robot pet for your child, make sure to look for one with the features you think your child will benefit from the most.

In Summary

There are numerous benefits to sending your child to college with a robot pet. Every child can benefit from the emotional and academic support that a robot pet can provide. It’s also a fun and easy way to check on your child while they are away.

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