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Why Won’t My Sony TV Turn On?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
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It’s pretty much fun to binge-watch your favorite TV shows and have a nice time with your family. However, it can be a tad annoying and sometimes frightening whenever you want to have such good TV moments, to find out that your Sony TV won’t turn on.

Sony TVs often experience blackouts whenever there is an issue with the power that is meant to go into the TV. Sony TVs may not turn on due to issues like an unplugged socket or an exhausted remote battery. However, it is easy to fix this problem by troubleshooting activities on the TV.

Sony televisions are among the best TVs in the world. However, they have a few flaws that cause users to complain. One common issue that Sony TV users often have is that their television does not come on. Keep reading to find out some of the causes and proffer some solutions to this problem.

Reasons My Sony TV Won’t Turn On

At some point in time, all electronic devices often encounter downtimes for different reasons, and Sony TVs are no exception. Here are a few reasons you may encounter an issue while trying to turn on your Sony TV.

Your TV May Not Come On if There Is a Power Issue

Most times, whenever there is a problem with the power that is expected to come into your TV, it will not come on. This issue can arise from an improper connection of the power plug. Sometimes, it can also be due to a low current.

Wrong Input Selection Causes Blank Screen

Sony TVs usually come with a variety of HDMI and component device inputs. If the wrong input is selected on your Sony TV, it may appear as though it is on, but you’ll only see a completely blank screen.

Your Sony TV Won’t Come On if You Have a Faulty HDMI or Component Cable

If your input device or HDMI cable is damaged or broken, your screen may be blank or distorted. Whenever your component cable is damaged, your TV will often display the message “No Input Signal,” and you won’t be able to enjoy the usefulness of your TV.

What Do I Do If My Sony TV Won’t Turn On?

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Whenever you are in a situation where your TV won’t turn on, you don’t need to panic because it is often easy to fix. Let’s take a look at a few tips to guide you in fixing a Sony TV that won’t turn on.

Perform a Power Reset

Whenever your TV refuses to come on, the first thing that should come to mind is to perform a quick power reset. This trick works for most electrical devices whenever they get stuck due to bugs.

To complete a power reset, simply unplug your TV from the power socket, wait for about 2 minutes, then re-plug it into the same power socket. If that doesn’t work, go through the process again. However, try holding the power button on your Sony TV for about fifteen seconds before re-plugging it into the power socket.

Try a Different Power Source

The source of your problem may be the power supply socket/ outlet. There may be a burn or damaged fuse in the socket.

To be sure that the problem is from your power socket, try plugging the TV into a different power source. If your Sony TV turns on perfectly, then your power supply socket needs a replacement.

Use the Correct Input Settings

One of the perks of Sony televisions is that they come with a variety of HDMI and component inputs. However, sometimes, these various component devices can be the cause of the problem when they are not connected appropriately.

Your Sony TV may appear to be turned on at times, but the screen will be completely black. Hit the “Input” button on your TV remote and select the appropriate TV input to resolve this issue. Make sure you know the input option you want to use with your TV. If you’re unsure about the correct TV input, test it out by checking each option.

Replace Damaged Cables

Your TV may not work if you have a damaged HDMI or component cable. As such, fix or replace those cables if you need your TV to come on.

Get an Expert To Check Your TV

If none of the above solutions works for you, it’s advisable to consult a Sony TV expert to run checks on your TV. If you can, ensure to claim a warranty because that might be your best option in this circumstance.

Final Thoughts

Your Sony TV might not come on for a number of reasons. However, you don’t need to panic as the cause might be something you can easily fix within minutes. If all your efforts to fix your Sony TV on your own prove futile, it is expedient to consult an expert to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue.

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