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Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn On? Try These 7 Fixes

Last Updated Jan 26, 2023
Turning Power on with Remote

Having a working television is an important part of many homes. Today’s smart televisions are more advanced than ever before, opening an entirely new world of entertainment. However, with these televisions come higher prices, which can make your Samsung TV malfunctioning even more frustrating.

Keep reading for seven methods to try before you call in the experts. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, reach out to a professional for assistance. 

Start By Diagnosing Where the Problem Lies

A great place to start when fixing your Samsung TV is by simply turning the device on again. This works best if your television is in standby mode, which means you will see a red indicator light on the bottom left-hand side of the TV. 

To restart your television fully, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button on your television’s remote.
  1. If the LED light turns off, there should not be an issue with your power supply. 
  1. Tap lightly on the screen and see if there is a “blink.” If the screen blinks, then there should not be an issue with the screen working correctly. If there is no blink, you may have a deeper issue with the screen. 

With this step finished, you should have a clearer idea of where the problem lies. If your LED Is not turning off, you may have an issue with the remote or power supply. However, you may have a deeper issue if your screen is not reacting properly. 

Try Doing a Quick Reset 

Once you know where the problem lies, you may want to start with a basic reset. While turning the TV on and off may be simple, it may help. 

  1. Unplug your TV from the outlet and wait a full 60 seconds.
  2. While the television is unplugged, press and hold down your power button for 20 seconds.
  3. Plug the TV back in and see if it works. 

If this works, you should be good to watch your television and a simple reboot was all that was needed.

Check Your Remote Batteries

While remote controls make our lives easier, they can make us falsely think there are deeper problems than those present.

  1. Take both batteries out of the remote completely. 
  2. Hold down the power button on the remote with the batteries out. Do this for 30 full seconds. 
  3. Put the batteries back into the remote, or put a fresh set of batteries into the remote to be safe. 
  4. Try to turn the television back on. 

Issues with your remote are a quick fix and are usually battery-related.

Plug Your Television Into a Different Outlet 

If your television suddenly will not turn on, it could be that the power outlet is no longer providing the proper power to your device. You can try plugging the device into another outlet in your home. 

Another option is plugging in a smaller device into the outlet to check if power is still being provided. If that doesn’t function either, try plugging the TV into a functional outlet instead.

Do a Full Factory Reset on Your Samsung TV

If nothing you have tried has worked thus far, it may be time for a full factory reset on your device. 

  1. Start with your TV powered on.
  2. Click the “Home” button on your remote.
  1. Go into the Settings on your device. 
  2. Find and click a category labeled “General”
  1. Click “Reset.”
  1. Enter your security pin. If you do not know your security pin, you may want to try 0000, as this is the commonly used code. 

This will completely reset your television, bringing you back to an initial setup screen if it works.

Try Reseating Your Power Cord 

There can be an issue with the power cord in the back of the television. While the outlet may be providing power, the source of the issue is coming from the back of the TV. 

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the television. 
  2. Leave this cord unplugged for a full 60 seconds. Plug this back in after the time has passed.
  3. Plug the cord back into the television and ensure it is fully in. If the connection is not tight enough, it will not power the TV properly. 

If your cord was the issue, it should come back on once reseated.

Choose the Correct Input Source

If your Samsung TV is not using the correct input source, it will not power on correctly. A quick change of the input source can resolve the problem easily.

If you are using a streaming device, cable box, or another source, you will want to ensure that you are using the correct input source. This is done by matching the HDMI port used with the area in which the device is plugged. You will simply push the source button on your remote control to change this. 

If all Else Fails, Consult the Experts for Help 

If the solutions above do not effectively fix the problem, then it is time to consult an expert. Luckily, there are Samsung experts specialists who can fix deeper problems that the average TV owner cannot. If you have tried all the simple solutions and are still finding your TV is unworking, it is time to bring in someone trained in repairs.


If your Samsung TV is not working properly, do not stress. Try the methods listed above before consulting the experts. These simple fixes can often restore your television quickly and easily, at no cost to you! Then, if all else fails, consult an expert for professional assistance.