Why Won’t My Ring Stick Up Cam Go Live?

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Ring stick-up cams have made it easy to have and install security cameras all over your house. But hey aren’t 100% perfect. For instance: why won’t the ring come live sometimes? 

The Ring Camera will go into a time-out mode if there is an issue transferring data between the camera and the Ring app. 

Now that the root cause of the problem is identified, continue reading to learn how to fix it.

Why Won’t My Ring Stick Up Cam Connect to the App Properly?

Ring stick-up cams are excellent smart home devices, but they don’t always work out. Ring stick-up cams won’t go live if there is a problem transferring data.

Some factors that cause this issue are:

  • Poor connection between your phone and the internet
  • Slow internet upload and download speeds
  • Poor connection between your Ring camera and your internet

Keep in mind this is not a Ring subscription problem. This Ring device works without a subscription.

Poor WiFi Connection: Phone and Internet

The Ring app won’t work if you have a poor signal on your smartphone due to your service provider or a weak WiFi signal from your internet connection to your phone.

To fix this, try moving closer to the router in your home. A router reset may also be beneficial and create a stronger signal for your phone.

You’ll also notice this if the Ring Live View isn’t working.

Slow Internet Speeds

If the internet speed is too slow, it will leave the Ring app buffering. This will cause the go-live feature to fail.

Consider upgrading your internet data speeds with your internet provider or refreshing the internet signal by calling your service provider and making the request.

A refresh or upgrade to speed often resolves this type of issue.

Poor WiFi Connection: Ring Cam and Internet

If your Ring Cam has difficulty staying connected to WiFi, consider investing in a WiFi extender. Ring has a great WiFi extender that is compatible with most internet providers.

How to Reconnect Your Ring Stick Up Cam and App

A Ring Stick Up Cam that is offline.
A Ring Stick Up Cam that needs to be reconnected.

If you determine that the Ring Cam and Ring app need to be fixed together. 

Here are some pointers you can follow to ensure connectivity is back on:

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone.
  2. Tap devices on your phone and select the doorbell or security camera option. 
  3. Turn data on. Ensure that the cellular data on your phone is turned off.
  4. Tap on the device health section.
  5. Check the signal strength in the network section. 
  6. The distance between your router and your cam is quite far, and you need to change poor connectivity. 

Now, let’s look at how to enable live view on your Ring camera.

How Do I Enable Live View on my Ring?

Live view enables you to stream live videos from your doorbells and security cameras using the Ring app that’s on your phone or even the Ring website. 

Follow these easy steps, and in an instant, you’ll have access to live viewing: 

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Tap menu.
  • Tap devices and select your device.
  • Then tap live view. 

Now, let’s see what features the live view option offers.

What Can You Do With Live View?

The Ring Cam has many features, from an alarm capability to two-way talk. Here are some of the things you can do once you have access to live view:

  • Enable sound by tapping the icon that looks like a speaker.
  • Use the two-way talk by tapping the icon that looks like a microphone. 
  • Turn on the lights from your phone by tapping the light bulb icon.
  • Activate the alarm by tapping an exclamation icon. 

Now, let’s see how long it takes to update your Ring camera.

How Long Does It Take for the Ring Camera to Update? 

Updating your Ring Camera firmware regularly will help prevent it from malfunctioning.

For the most part, it takes about 5 minutes for the Ring camera’s firmware to update. 

This update happens when the software device is not up to speed with the latest developments. 

Can You Tell If Someone is Watching You on Ring?

Many people are wary of smart cameras because they are afraid of hacking. This often makes interested buyers wonder, can I tell if someone is watching me on Ring?

There is no way to tell that someone is watching you on a Ring camera. However, a small red blinking light will turn on when the camera is powered on or during an event.

Although this is not an ideal system, knowing that someone may be watching you when you see the small blinking red light on your Ring camera is helpful.


The Ring Cam is a great addition to any smart home starter kit. Although it can have issues if it is not properly connected to a network. Troubleshooting these issues will often help.

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