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Why Won’t My Ring Stick Up Cam Go Live?

Last Updated Jan 20, 2022
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Ring stick-up cameras have made it easy to have and install security cameras all over your house. Solving the challenges we have had with previous cameras that were cumbersome and expensive to install. But as much as they come with so many benefits, they also aren’t 100% perfect. For instance: why won’t the ring come live sometimes? 

The good thing is that when your cam doesn’t go live, the issue isn’t that the cam is broken or malfunctioned but because there is a problem in transferring data between your cam and your ring app that lets you view or record things. As a result, your camera goes on a time-out as it activates itself. 

Knowing this, then you are assured that you don’t need to buy a new cam. Instead all you need to do is learn how to fix the error if it happens again. Read further down and this will be well explained to you with other additional information you weren’t aware of. 

Why Won’t My Ring Stick Up Cam Connect to the App Properly?

There are times when you want to view your ring camera from your app, you might get a blank screen as it tries to reconnect. Note that the reason why your ring cam won’t sometimes go live is that there could be a problem while data is being transferred from your ring stick-up cam to your ring app and nothing to do with the fact that your cam might be bad. 

Here are some of the factors that may cause your ring cam not to connect with your ring app properly:

  • It could be because of a poor connection between your phone and the internet
  • It could be because of slow internet upload and download speeds
  • It could be because of a poor connection between your ring camera and your internet

If you would like to learn more about Ring, check out this article.

How to Reconnect Your Ring Stick Up Cam and App

So once you receive a message on your phone that your ring app is trying to connect with your ring cam or see a blurry image on your ring app when you try to go live, here are some pointers you can follow to ensure connectivity is back on:

  1. Open the ring app on your phone
  2. Tap devices on your phone and select either the doorbell or security camera option. 
  3. Ensure that your cellular data on your phone is turned off
  4. Tap on the device health section
  5. Once open check the signal strength on the network section. 
  6. If it’s poor, it’s quite obvious that the distance between your router and your cam is quite far and you need to change that. 

Now, let’s look at how to enable live view on your Ring camera.

How Do I Enable Live View On My Ring?

Live view enables you to stream live videos from your doorbells and security cameras using your ring app that’s on your phone or even the ring website. And you can even share your account details with anyone you want to access your live feeds. 

Follow these easy steps and in an instant, you’ll have access to live-viewing: 

  • Open your ring app.
  • Tap the menu which is on the top left side of your app.
  • Tap devices and select the one you are currently using
  • Then tap live view. 

Now, let’s see what features the live view option has to offer.

What Can You Do With Live View?

Here are some of the things you can do once you have access to live view

  • Enable sound by tapping the icon that looks like a speaker.
  • Use the two-way talk by also tapping the icon that looks like a microphone. 
  • Turn on the lights from your phone by tapping the light bulb icon.
  • And if you want you can activate the sirens by tapping an exclamation icon. 

Now, let’s see how long it takes to update your Ring camera.

How Long Does It Take for the Ring Camera to Update? 

For the most part, it takes about 5 minutes for the ring camera’s firmware to update. 

This update happens when the software device is not up to speed with the latest developments. 

Can You Tell If Someone is Watching You on Ring?

The answer to this is that there really is no way to tell that someone is watching you on a ring camera. But there is a way to know that the ring camera has been turned on by noticing a small red blinking light, especially during the evening when there is not much light. 


It’s common to have your stick cam not go live every once in a while for several reasons, most revolving around poor internet connection causing a problem in transferring data between your stick cam to your ring app. 

And so to avoid pop-up messages saying that your camera is trying to connect, be sure that your router is in the right position in your home close to your stick cameras. 

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