Why Won’t My Govee Lights Turn On? 5 Things to Check

govee lights strip led string troubleshootinggovee lights strip led string troubleshooting

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Govee lights are a great way to enhance and customize the look of a room. They make a fun addition to a smart home system, but sometimes you might experience problems with the lights not turning on.

Overall, there are a few common reasons that cause Govee lights to not turn on, including:

  • Control unit issues
  • Failed pin connector
  • Problems with the power adapter
  • Outlet trouble
  • Broken connection

There can be various reasons why your Govee lights won’t turn on. To make sure you can use them again, you should read on below to find out what checks to make when this happens.

5 Reasons Why Govee Lights Won’t Turn On

If you’re running into issues with your Govee lights not turning on, you’re in luck. There are five common reasons for Govee lights not turning on, and each has a fairly simple solution.

When your Govee lights won’t turn on, try the following:

  • Check the control unit
  • Check the pin connector
  • Check the power adapter
  • Check the outlet
  • Check the connection

More often than not, the solution to your Govee lights not turning on lies within one of these issues.

Check the Control Unit

The control unit of your Govee lights is an essential part. If you notice that the lights won’t turn on, this should be your first stop.

The control unit handles all the input for the lights, so a problem that affects it might prevent them from working.

When you check the control unit, make sure to observe if there are any obstructions getting in the way of the connections.

This could be a common occurrence when you first use the lights after unpacking them. Some packaging material may have gotten stuck.

If you do see something obstructing the connections on the control unit, exert caution when dislodging it.

You want to avoid causing any accidental damage to the connections while fixing this problem.

After checking the control unit, make sure to also check the different components that connect to it.

Check the Pin Connector

The pin connector is the part of the Govee lights that establishes the link between them and the control unit.

This component is essential to the proper functioning of the Govee lights, so it should be among your first checks when the lights won’t turn on.

A common problem that can affect Govee lights is a failed connection between the pin connector and the control unit.

The first thing to check is whether any of the pins seem bent. If that is the case, you will have found the culprit behind why your Govee lights won’t turn on.

You may not be able to fix this problem yourself.

If you’ve just received the Govee lights and notice damage on the pin connector, you should contact customer service.

In the absence of damage to the connections, you should reconnect the pin connector to the control unit.

Make sure that the pin connector is firmly lodged into the control unit. This will ensure that the connections are secure. Once you do this, turn your Govee lights on and enjoy them.

Check the Power Adapter

If your Govee lights won’t turn on, you should also check the power adapter. This component connects to the control unit and gets the power to the Govee lights.

When the Govee lights are not turning on, there may be an issue with the power.

If you are experiencing problems with this, you should disconnect the power adapter from the control unit, then carefully reconnect it.

Make sure that the connection between the power adapter and the control is properly established and not loose.

You should also check the power adapter cables. If you notice any damage to them, this may affect the status of the power adapter.

This could cause issues with the Govee lights, including preventing them from turning on.

Reconnecting the power adapter can troubleshoot the majority of these problems. If any part of it is damaged, you may need to replace the whole adapter.

Check the Outlet

You should always try to plug in your Govee lights straight into a wall outlet and not into an extension lead or power divider.

This will help prevent power issues with the Govee lights. If you do notice problems with the Govee lights not turning on, you should check the outlet.

The first thing you should do is test the Govee lights with another outlet. This will easily show you whether your problem stems from the outlet.

You shouldn’t use any power dividers when testing this theory.

If you test another outlet and the Govee lights still won’t turn on, try that same outlet with a device that is demonstrably working.

If that new test works, it would indicate that there is another problem affecting the Govee lights, and you should perform the other checks in this guide.

Check the Connection

The Govee lights can be affected by a problem with your Wi-Fi connection. This connection is managed through the Govee app.

If you are experiencing problems with your Govee lights turning on, you should reprogram this connection.

To do so, follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Make sure the Govee lights are connected and plugged in.
  • Open the Govee Home app on your preferred device.
  • Go to the Devices tab and delete the Govee lights from there.
  • Then go to the top right of the screen and tap on the Plus sign.
  • Add the Govee lights from the menu.
  • Test the lights again.

This check should sort out most connection issues you might have with the Govee lights that would stop them from turning on.


When your Govee lights won’t turn on, you should perform these checks. In most cases, they will help solve your problem.

Issues with the Govee lights are usually caused by connection problems between the various parts linking with the control unit, but they can also indicate a problem with the outlet or with the Wi-Fi.

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