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Why Won’t My Govee LED Light Strips Connect?

Last Updated Jan 13, 2023
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Govee has a wide selection of smart LED light strip products you can add to your smart home. These products connect easily to your Google home, smartphone, tablet, or Alexa. However, sometimes, your Govee LED light strips can fail to connect.

The issue of Govee LED light strips not connecting can be due to signal interference, wrong installation, or system bugs. The solution to this includes various troubleshooting tips, such as:

  • Checking your smartphone battery
  • Staying within the Bluetooth range
  • Resetting your Govee LED light strips
  • Removing interference
  • Rebooting our tablet or smartphone
  • Power cycling your Govee LED light strips
  • Re-installing the Govee Home App

 So, this article will guide you on troubleshooting Govee LED light strips that are not connecting to Bluetooth. Read on to discover how you can reconnect it to your smartphone.

Why Won’t my Govee LED Light Strips Connect?

The solution to Govee LED light strips not connecting includes multiple fixes.

These fixes include:

  • Check your smartphone battery
  • Stay within the Blootooth range
  • Reset your Govee LED Light Strips
  • Remove interference
  • Reboot your tablet or smartphone
  • Power cycle your Govee LED Light Strips
  • Re-install the Govee Home App

Each of these are simple troubleshooting methods to get a connection.

Check Your Smartphone Battery

The first thing you do when your Govee LED light strips don’t connect is to check the smartphone battery.

For instance, as the phone battery power gets low, Bluetooth will stop working.

Therefore, you will have to recharge the smartphone battery to re-establish the connection.

Stay Within the Bluetooth Range

The Bluetooth connection range is approximately 30 feet, and this distance can vary depending on the obstacles.

Therefore, if you are more than 30 feet away from the Govee LED lights, they will not connect to Bluetooth, no matter how hard you try.

The only quick fix you can do about this issue is to move closer to your Govee LED light strips.

There is a high chance it will connect to Bluetooth without further complications.

Reset Your Govee LED Light Strips

Another possible fix is to perform a factory reset on your Govee LED light strips. It is proven to be the best working method that you can use.

Follow these steps to reset your Govee LED light strips:

  • Ensure the Govee LED light strips are connected to power.
  • Press and hold the power button on your control box.
  • While holding the power button, press the middle button four times.
  • Wait for your Govee LED light strips to be reset. 

However, the process entails erasing ALL data from your Govee LED light strip.

Therefore, you will be required to perform the entire installation process again once the reset is over.

Remove Interference

Have you installed too many wireless devices, such as Wireless speakers, Microwave ovens, and neighboring Bluetooth gadgets, in your smart home?

You may be running into the Govee LED light strips connection issues due to increased interference.

The only quick fix is temporarily shutting down all the devices installed in your smart home.

You can then reconnect your Govee lights to see if the issue is fixed.

Reboot Your Tablet or Smartphone

Rebooting your smartphone or tablet is also a viable fix if you are sure your Govee LED light strips are working perfectly.

For instance, sometimes bugs in your smartphone or tablet can cause this connectivity issue.

Therefore, rebooting the smartphone and trying to connect the app to your Govee smart lights can quickly fix this issue.

Power Cycle Your Govee LED Light Strips

If the previous troubleshooting tips did not resolve the issue, you should try power cycling your Govee LED light strips.

For instance, you need to unplug your Govee LED light strip from the power outlet. After 10 minutes, re-plug it back.

Once the power is complete, put your unit back in pairing mode and try connecting.

Re-install the Govee Home App

The manufacturer recommends that users fix this issue by deleting the Govee Home App and installing it again.

You can then try reconnecting it and see if the problem is resolved.

This fix entails clearing the cached data. And the data includes information about your Govee LED light strips, such as login credentials, settings, and Bluetooth connections.

One of the above troubleshooting tips should help fix the issue of your Govee LED light strips not connecting.

So, you need to scroll through them and try everything.

How to Connect Govee LED Lights Strips to a Smartphone

Govee LED light strips are simple to set up and connect to Bluetooth.

The first thing to ensure your Govee light strips are within range of the Bluetooth device.

You can then follow the following steps:

  • Prepare your smartphone or tablet for connection
  • Download the Govee Home App. The app is available for download from Google Play (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices)
  • Switch Bluetooth ON
  • Add the Govee LED light strips
  • Complete the pairing

Although the above steps seem simple, there is more to each. So, our guide will help you help get your Govee LED light strips up and running.

You can also easily connect your Govee LED light strips to Google Home or other home ecosystems like Alexa.


Now you know why your Govee LED light strips are not connecting and how you can troubleshoot the problem.

You are now ready to forget about this issue. We hope this article was helpful.

However, if it still won’t connect, try contacting Govee support via hotline call or email for assistance.