Why is Xfinity Mobile Hotspot So Slow?

Using iPhone and laptopUsing iPhone and laptop

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the world and use the internet on the go. With an Xfinity Mobile plan, you can create a mobile hotspot using your phone. But, many users have felt that this mobile hotspot is much slower than their home connection. 

Xfinity’s mobile hotspots have a slower download speed than your general internet plan. They generally cap download speeds at 600 Kbps, which is often too slow for many data-intensive tasks. This ensures customers do not go over their limited data plans or overwhelm the network. 

Below, we will discuss more information on Xfinity Mobile’s hotspots and why they may be slower than you expect. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Why is My Xfinity Mobile Hotspot So Slow? 

Xfinity meets all our telecommunication and entertainment needs through their internet, TV, and phone services. When you leave the house, Xfinity Mobile can even give you access to a mobile hotspot, allowing you to use your smartphone as a “router” to get an internet connection on other devices. However, this connection is often a lot slower than home WiFi connections. 

Xfinity caps their mobile hotspot download speeds at around 600 Kbps. This is often fast enough to do things like watch videos in standard definition, but not fast enough for anything that requires a higher speed. Connecting more than one device to the hotspot is not recommended, as it will slow things down even more. 

This can be annoying, but the fact that Xfinity does throttle your mobile hotspot download speed can actually be a good thing. If you don’t have unlimited data, your mobile hotspot can quickly use up your available cellular data. If you use it consistently, you may even rack up significant overage fees. Slowing down the connection also slows down your overall data usage. 

Additionally, check out how many devices are connected to your mobile hotspot and remove them:

What is the Purpose of a Mobile Hotspot? 

If you bring your laptop to a coffee shop, park, or anywhere else, you may notice unsecured “xfinitywifi” networks around you. Xfinity offers their users free access to hotspots around the country, but this is not the same thing as a mobile hotspot. 

A mobile hotspot comes directly from your Xfinity Mobile plan. When you turn on your mobile hotspot, you use your cellular data to connect other devices, like laptops and tablets, to the internet in places where no WiFi connection is available. This essentially turns your phone into a router, allowing other devices with the password to use your phone’s internet. 

How to Activate an Xfinity Mobile Hotspot 

Even though the connection may be slower than you expect, it is still incredibly convenient to have the option of using a mobile hotspot, especially when you don’t have any other means of connecting to the internet. If you want to use the mobile hotspot on your Xfinity Mobile phone, you will first need to ensure your phone is capable of connecting to it.

Most phones that can access the internet can be turned into a mobile hotspot. However, before moving on, you must ensure your data plan allows this feature. After verifying your access to mobile hotspots, you can follow the corresponding steps below to activate yours. 

How to Use an iPhone’s Xfinity Mobile Hotspot

Setting up your Xfinity Mobile hotspot with an Apple iPhone is a relatively simple process. Just follow these steps: 

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Select “Cellular.”
  • Find the “Personal Hotspot” option and switch it on. 
  • After activating your hotspot, you will receive a password that allows you to connect to the internet on other devices. 
  • Open your laptop or tablet’s WiFi connection screen and search for your phone’s name under the available networks. 
  • Select your phone and log in with the password.

After completing the steps above, you will be able to access the internet on your secondary device using your phone’s cellular data.

How to Use an Android’s Xfinity Mobile Hotspot

There are many different Android devices, but most use the same steps to set up a mobile hotspot. Follow the steps below to connect: 

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Go to your “Network and Internet” settings. 
  • Find the “Hotspot and Tethering” option. 
  • Turn the WiFi hotspot on.
  • Choose your password, or use the one your phone generates automatically.
  • Open the list of available WiFi networks on your other device and select your phone’s name.
  • Connect to the hotspot with the password you were given or the one you typed in on your phone.

Now, your Android Xfinity hotspot is ready to use. Whenever you want to stop using it, just turn the hotspot off through your phone’s settings.

In Conclusion

Xfinity’s mobile hotspots are generally slower than the typical Xfinity internet speed. This is because the company throttles mobile hotspot download speeds to ensure users do not use too much mobile data while out and about. Although it may be a bit slower than you’re used to, having the option of using a mobile hotspot is still very convenient.

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