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Why Is My WYZE Vacuum Offline?

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021
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In the connected world that we live in today, more and more homes have smart devices. Every home seems to have at least one of these devices, from smart TVs, smartphones, smart thermostats, and even smart vacuums. When a smart device, like the WYZE vacuum, goes offline, one may wonder what the issue could be.

As a general rule, the WYZE vacuum will be shown as offline when there is an interruption with the internet connection. This could be from the device being outside of the Wi-Fi signal range. The other reason could be from a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Getting your WYZE vacuum back online will have it back to cleaning in no time. If you want to learn about mapping issues that can happen with the WYZE vacuum, keep reading below.

Why Does My WYZE Vacuum Not Clean All Rooms

The WYZE vacuum is made to give a worry-free cleaning experience. However, with all types of technology, there always seems to be the occasional problem that pops up. The WYZE vacuum is made to clean all the rooms in a house. It does this by mapping the rooms of a home. 

Sometimes, the WYZE vacuum can run into an issue that will cause the vacuum to skip a room. So what can be done if your WYZE vacuum misses a room?

The most common way to fix this is by resetting the mapping of the WYZE vacuum. This can be done from the WYZE app in a few simple steps.

  • Find and click on the WYZE Robot Vacuum from the WYZE app
  • In the right corner, click on the gear for the setting of the vacuum
  • Click on the RESET MAP option, then click on RESET

Cleaning of all rooms is suggested after doing a mapping reset. If you would like to learn more about WYZE, check out this article.

Having your WYZE vacuum back to cleaning all the rooms in a house makes life easier. If you want to learn about resetting the WYZE vacuum, continue reading for more information.

How Do I Reset My WYZE Vacuum

Resetting a device isn’t always something that is needed. Usually, it is reserved for when a device isn’t properly working or when other troubleshooting methods don’t work. Resetting a device is generally considered a last resort to troublesome issues. 

Resetting a device will put it back to its factory settings, requiring everything to be set up again. So how do you reset the WYZE vacuum?

To factory reset the WYZE vacuum, you have to press and hold down the POWER button for at least five seconds. There will then be a voice telling you that the device is resetting. After that, hold down the power button again for five more seconds to complete the reset.

With a freshly reset WYZE vacuum, resetting the WYZE vacuum will set things back to it’s “out-of-the-box” state. If you want to find out how to clean your WYZE vacuum filter, there are details below on how to do that.

How Do I Clean The Filter On My WYZE Vacuum

A clean filter in a vacuum can help prevent dust and dirt from polluting the air in the house. Dirty and clogged-up filters can lead to significant problems with your WYZE vacuum. The newer generation of vacuums, like the WYZE vacuum, don’t use bags like older vacuums from before the 2000s did. 

Newer vacuums are bagless, and in the case of the WYZE vacuum, it has a dust bin and a HEPA filter. These filters help keep your air fresh while cleaning. So what can be done to clean the WYZE HEPA filter?

These are the steps to take in cleaning the WYZE HEPA filter:

  1. Remove the cleaning tool of the vacuum and remove the top cover
  2. Remove the dust bin from the vacuum
  3. Access the filter from inside the dust been and remove it
  4. Use the vacuums cleaning tool to brush the filter, removing any clumps of dirt
  5. Rinse the filter with clean water, do not use soap or detergents 
  6. Air-dry the filter
  7. After drying is complete, reinsert the filter into the dustbin before reinstalling the dust bin back into the vacuum

With a clean HEPA filter back in your WYZE vacuum, the air in the rooms can be fresh and clean from any dust or dirt during the vacuuming process.


Now you know why your WYZE vacuum is offline and how to troubleshoot the problem.

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