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Why Is My Wyze Smart Plug Not Connecting

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
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When setting up smart home products, you can always come across an annoying situation when your device would always have trouble setting up with your home Wifi network. In this scenario, it may be your Wyze smart plug that doesn’t want to connect to your internet. These issues are caused by various reasons, but what are these reasons? Why is my Smart plug acting up?

Your smart plug from Wyze may not be connecting to your local network because your socket may have been turned off, and the device may not have the power to function. Other reasons may also be as a result of your smart plug in dire need of power-cycling or restoration back to its original state (factory reset).

Fortunately, these issues stopping your smart plug from connecting may just need little troubleshooting solutions you may need so that your Wyze smart plug can function at an optimum rate. In this article, we are going to look at how you can activate your Wyze smart plug, the major reason it may be offline, and how to fix “Plug is Offline” problems.

How Do I Activate the Wyze Smart Plug?

So you just got a new smart plug for your smart home and you are just taking it out of the box. On the first try, you may be perplexed about how you can activate your smart plug. Are there any strange steps to take? Any other gadgets to buy? Overall you may even be wondering how it will work with your appliances.

To activate your Wyze smart plug, all you just have to do is to plug in your smart plug to a standard wall outlet. A blue light would come indicating it is ready to connect. If you don’t see the blue light, press the button on the side of your plug to activate it. Now your smart plug is active and ready to be set up.

You have to activate your Wyze smart plug before you can connect it to your local network or home wifi. If your smart plug doesn’t want to be activated, it might be a result of minor issues. You may have to try a factory reset. You can check out the rest of the setup guide here.

Why is My Wyze Smart Plug Offline?

Now you might have activated your Wyze smart plug, and you may have been using it for some time now. But everything that has been set up can also come down with some errors and defects. Now on the Wyze app, your Smart plug may be shown as offline on some occasion or it may be working just fine, and out of nowhere, it goes offline.

Your Wyze smart plug may be offline or showing offline due to various reasons. Most are:

  • It may be plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a switch such as a power strip or a light switch. 
  • It may need to be power-cycled for some reason.
  • You may need to reset it/or set up the plug again.

All these may contribute to the reason why your Wyze smart plug may be showing offline on the map. If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article. Don’t worry, we will show you how to fix that, isn’t that why we are here?

How To Fix My “Plug is Offline”?

Just as we discussed above, if your Wyze is showing up as “Offline” on your Wyze app, it may be due to certain reasons, and these reasons also have a simple step you can take to rule them out. 

To fix your “Plug is Offline” issue, make sure to follow these steps:

  • When your app shows this issue, make sure that your Wyze smart plug is directly plugged into a socket, and isn’t controlled by a power strip or light switch. 
  • If your Plug stays offline after you have confirmed it isn’t controlled by a switch, try to power-cycle the smart plug. This can be done simply by removing the smart plug for at least 10 seconds and plugging it back.
  • If your Smart Plug is still offline, you have to reset it or reinstall the Smart plug. Start by visiting your Wyze app, and removing the device from settings. After that, you can reinstall it again. You can also reset it using the guide we provided here.

Note: You have to be connected to the same home wifi network. If you don’t, you may experience issues like these coming up. Most smart home ecosystems can’t work on separate Wifi routers.


Wyze smart plugs are one of the most favorite items you can have in a smart home because it turns most appliances that are not smart into smart one. If your smart plug is not connecting, it’s probably due to some minor issues we looked into above which you can troubleshoot easily within a few minutes. You don’t have to give up fixing it yet.