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Why Is My Viki Not Loading? (8 Solutions To Try)

Last Updated Sep 21, 2022
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Viki is a great streaming app if you are interested in all the latest and greatest K-dramas available online. It can be disappointing when your Viki isn’t loading, so why does this happen?

Viki might not be loading because of WiFi connection issues, outdated firmware, too full storage, or several other reasons. You can tell when this happens because the app will stop loading. 

Fixing this problem is a whole other issue. Keep reading to find out why your Viki is not loading and how to fix it.

Troubleshooting Viki

There are many reasons why your Viki app will not load. It can depend on various variables such as firmware, device type, and compatibility. 

Determining the issue can be the hardest part of troubleshooting. Keep reading to get the best tips and tricks.

You can also see if you can download videos from Viki if that works for you too.

Log In and Out

The first troubleshooting tactic you should attempt is to log out of the Viki app completely. Wait a few moments, and then log back in. 

This occasionally resets the app enough so that it will function properly.

Clear Your Cookies and Cache

If you haven’t done so, you must regularly clear your cookies and cache on your smartphone, computer, or Smart TV. 

This is essential to ensure that browsing can continue and apps do not crash. If you have never done this, follow these generalized steps to help you:

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Select network settings
  3. Find the cookies/cache menu and select it
  4. Select clear cache and cookies
  5. Shut down the app and restart it

This should provide enough room for more cookies and cache to enter the system, allowing it to work properly so that you can enjoy your favorite shows.

Try Another Browser

If you are on a computer using a browser such as Edge, try swapping to a different browser like Google Chrome. 

Sometimes browsers are incompatible with different websites, which will cause them to crash and interrupt the video streaming experience.

Restart the Hardware

If you are using a third-party streaming device such as a Roku TV or Apple TV, you should try to turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on again. 

This will refresh the device and often helps solve minor IT issues.

This is usually done via the power button on the device. However, if it is a Roku TV, there will not be a power button

This means you will need to physically unplug the Roku TV from the wall to restart it.

Reinstall the Viki App

Another easy fix is to uninstall the Viki app from your device. 

Then, go back to the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or online and download the program. 

This can help fix driver or software failure in the background.

Firmware Update

All smart devices run on software pushed out by the company that manufactures the device. 

As such, they are constantly being patched and worked on to provide the best service to their end user. It is important to regularly update devices to ensure the apps, like Viki, function.

To do this, most devices require you to navigate to the settings. Within the settings, a general section will be labeled general or software/updates. 

Select this and choose to search for and install updates. 

Look at Your Storage Space

Some devices have a storage cap associated with them. You only have so many gigabytes to store data from a streaming service or application. 

When this is the case, it can become full and cause the app to stop functioning.

Smartphones are notorious when it comes to this issue. Many phones fill up quickly due to firmware updates, photos, and videos. 

This means there is no longer enough space left to store the data when it comes to watching shows.

Go into your smartphone’s general settings and find the storage menu. If storage is full on an Apple Device, you can add more by paying for a cloud subscription. 

You can purchase a MicroSD to add more storage if you are an Android user.

WiFi Connection

A bad WiFi connection can also cause your Viki app to crash or stop loading randomly. Try to hardwire your device with an ethernet cable when this occurs. 

If you do not have that ability, try connecting to another WiFi network.

If your WiFi is not functioning properly, you may need to invest in a WiFi extender such as the Google Nest Hub or similar hardware. 

This will strengthen the signal and assist you in solving your connectivity issues.

Power Problems

The last reason your Viki app is going in and out could be a faulty power connection. If the outlet or wire is shorting, it will disrupt the flow of power and electricity to the device you are streaming on.

Power disruption can cause the chipset and hardware to malfunction or fry, resulting in a lack of response. 

Use a voltage meter to check that power is successfully being transmitted through the outlet, or try replacing the device’s plug.

A Clear Picture

Obtaining a clear picture with Viki is not too difficult. This is because there are plenty of ways to troubleshoot the problem if the app starts to blink out. After you have solved the problem, sit back and enjoy your favorite K-Drama. 

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