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Why Is My Twitch Stream Lagging?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2022
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It can be a real bummer when you are trying to stream a gameplay or watch movies with your followers and your stream starts lagging. That buffering message gets us every time. Or when your game freezes mid battle and you feel like a let-down to your team. So, why is your Twitch stream lagging?

Some reasons why your Twitch stream may be lagging include:

In this article, we will check these issues to try to help with that lag issue. Keep reading to find out more.

Poor Internet Connection

For your Twitch stream you will want a speed of 4 Mbps to stream live in HD. The first thing to do is run a speed test. 

A few speed test sites include: 

The speed test tells you how fast the device uploads and downloads information. The speed definitely makes a difference during play. 

It should be easy to clear out your browser of unnecessary cache and cookies. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help figure how to clear your cache and cookies according to Google support

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. In the top right corner hit MORE.
  3. Click on MORE TOOLS. 
  5. Choose a time span to clear. To delete all, Click ALL TIME.
  6. Look for “COOKIES and OTHER SITE DATA” and “CACHED IMAGES and FILES”, click all boxes.
  7. Hit CLEAR DATA to finish this process.

Once you clean your browser it should help with the lagging issue. 

Poor Bandwidth

Twitch uses more than 5 Mbps of upload. There are 8,000 Mbps in a GB per second! That means you probably use around 2.25 GB or more of bandwidth an hour. 

You can check your bandwidth with the speed test mentioned previously. The ISP (internet service provider) you have may have different plans for you to check on if your speeds are not what they need to be.

Insufficient Hardware

Your computer may have an outdated system that does not have the proper hardware you need for streaming. If you have insufficient RAM on your system, it could cause it to lag. You may be able to upgrade your RAM. 

You can check your system specs with Upgrading your system hardware could be the solution you are seeking. You may need to upgrade and get a new computer if you cannot upgrade the system to where you need it to be.

Plugins and Extensions Issues

The Chrome extension has caused this issue for many users. 

Let’s disable the hardware acceleration for it: 

  1.  Open your Chrome browser
  2.  Go to the three dots in the upper right corner (Chrome Menu).
  3.  Scroll down and open the settings menu.
  4.  Find the ADVANCED section and open System.
  6.  Now, restart your browser.

For other extensions that may cause problems, you can disable them. You can do this on a specific extension or on the Twitch extensions page. Start with the one you last installed and work your way up. Restart your browser and hope your lagging issue is resolved. 

Twitch Has a Bug

As we all know, the issue may lie with Twitch. They are a streaming service that isn’t insusceptible to having bugs in their system from time to time. 

Simply log out of your account for a little while and try to start your stream again after a few minutes. If it was a bug on their end, the restart should resolve the lagging.

Insufficient VPN

One final thing to try would be to use a VPN to reroute the connection you’re using. There are ones you can find for free or they also have subscriptions. 

If you are unsure as to which VPN is right for you, you can go to for the best options. This seems to be one of the most popular fixes to the lagging issue. Most people have mentioned that this fixed their issues and made the stream even better.


We all like to play games and watch movies to pass the time, but it isn’t any fun when your Twitch stream lags. To me it is one of the most aggravating things that can happen (besides a complete crash). Some of the issues we went over here are free and easy, while some will cost some money. 

So let us hope your issues will be an easy fix and that your Twitch Stream will be lag free. Let’s go hop on Twitch, load a game or video and hope for clear and uninterrupted streaming. 

Hopefully we will see you on Twitch, issue and lag free.

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