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Why is My Spectrum Modem Blinking White and Blue?

Last Updated May 30, 2022

While Spectrum has a solid reputation for consistent and reliable service, sometimes their hardware will start acting up and cause connection problems.

The most common reasons the Spectrum modem blinks white and blue instead of solid blue are a service outage in your area, a damaged coaxial cable connected to the rear of your modem, or a hardware issue with the modem itself.

Are you pulling your hair out troubleshooting your Spectrum modem? Are you looking for answers as to what the different LED colors and combinations mean? Read on to learn more about what the LED indicators on your modem mean and how you can get your internet service up and running again.

What does the Spectrum LED Light Indicate?

After the modem finishes powering on, the LED light is supposed to turn from flashing to solid blue. If it starts flashing white and blue or just white, this means there is an issue. Powering up the modem can take a few minutes, but usually no more than 5.

The following chart explains what the colors mean:

  • Blue Solid – The modem is operating on high-speed internet
  • Flashing Blue and White – The modem is currently attempting to establish an internet connection
  • White Solid – The modem is operating on standard speed internet
  • Off – No network access

Next are the reasons why your modem may be flashing blue and white and what are possible ways to correct the problem.

Why is the Spectrum Modem Light Flashing White or Blue?

The flashing white or blue light on the modem generally means that there is a problem with your modem specifically or with your coaxial cable.

Several issues can arise with the coaxial connection. Many people don’t notice when the coaxial cable gets damaged. The Spectrum modem light may also be blinking due to a faulty or loose cable connection at the back of your modem.

In addition to the coaxial connection, there can also be an issue with the internet service itself. Likely, you’re seeing this because you don’t have access to a high-speed internet service or connection.

How do I Fix the Spectrum Modem Flashing Blue and White?

Secure Cable Connections

Make sure all cords and cables are secured. You should try twisting the cords to see if that fixes the problem. There should be no bends or twists in the pathway.

Replace any Damaged Cables

If after a visual inspection of the cable, it appears faulty or damaged, try replacing the damaged cable to resolve this issue. The length of the cable also shouldn’t exceed 100 feet since this could cause problems as well.

Use Another Coax Wall Outlet

It is possible there could be an issue with the wall outlet you are currently trying to use. The coax wall outlet might have gotten damaged or worn out. Ensure you are using a functional one. If there aren’t any other ones to try or it seems the ones you have access to are faulty, have a local technician repair them.

Reset Your Modem

After troubleshooting issues with the cable, take a look at the modem itself. Just unplug the modem from the power source for at least 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

Another method to reset the modem is holding the reset button located at the back of the modem for 10 seconds and then releasing it. Wait for about 5 minutes for the modem to completely power up and see if the LED light has turned solid blue.

Check the Status of Your Modem via My Spectrum App

You can try checking the status of your modem by using the My Spectrum App. Once downloaded from your app store of choice, open the app and sign in. You should see a list of devices that are connected to your network. Select the modem you are troubleshooting and then click on the Status tab. This will give you information about your modem’s current status.

Check for Spectrum Service Outage

If it’s an outage, you can contact Spectrum Support and ask what’s going on. You can also log in to your Spectrum account using your smartphone and you will see an alert message informing you about the outage. Once the service is reinstated, the light should stop blinking.

Get in Touch With Spectrum Support

If none of the other solutions have resolved your issue, contact Spectrum support. Simply describe your problem in detail, and they will perform diagnostic testing and give some advice on what to do. If needed, they can send a technician over.


Using to troubleshooting tips found in this article should provide you with clarity concerning the LED light on your modem and how to fix your specific issue. There are several causes of flashing white and blue light on your modem. The leading causes are an issue with coaxial cable, a faulty modem, or an internet service outage in your area.

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