Why Is My Skybell Blinking Red and Blue?

Skybell doorbell flashing blueSkybell doorbell flashing blue

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What was the first device you chose to start your Smart Home journey? For many people, the smart video doorbell is a proper introduction to all things smart home technology. But, when you’re getting started, it can be difficult learning some of the technical sides of things.

Why is my Skybell blinking red and blue? When setting up your SkyBell smart video doorbell, it will flash red and blue when it does not have enough power to fully charge its battery.

To learn more about the SkyBell and how to troubleshoot various issues, read on.

Determining Why Your Skybell Is Blinking Red and Blue

If your SkyBell device is blinking red and blue, it means the device is not getting enough power to fully charge its battery. When troubleshooting this issue, consider whether your device is digital or mechanical. If it’s digital, you’ll need to make sure a digital adapter is installed. This will help power up your SkyBell properly.

You can also check the back of your SkyBell for any bulging or arching on the device. You want to make sure the metal contacts on the back of your device are not pushed in. This can prevent the device from charging. Gently pull the metal contacts out a little if you see they’re pushed in.

If you’re still having issues, perform a voltage meter reading. It may tell you that you need to replace your transformer.

Other Color-Coded Lights to Help with Troubleshooting Your SkyBell

SkyBell’s LED light will flash different colors to give you a message about the status of your device. Here are some of the light patterns you might see:

  • Green: The device is ready; green is the default LED color.
  • Red-Blue: The device is charging and may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Rapidly flashing Green: The device is entering sync-ready mode.
  • Yellow: The device is booting up.
  • Red-Green: The device is in WiFi-sync ready mode.
  • Orange double flash: The device is awaiting a WiFi connection, or the WiFi connection has been lost.
  • Blue-Green: The device has successfully connected to WiFi, and it’s waiting on a connection to SkyBell servers.
  • White: The device is in Call mode; a call was initiated by movement, button push, or demand viewing.
  • Rapidly flashing Blue: The device is performing a power reset.
  • Red double flash: The device has insufficient power.
  • Rapidly flashing Yellow: The device is performing a factory reset.
  • Blue-Yellow: The Device is performing a firmware update.

Resetting Your SkyBell Doorbell

If you ever run into issues on your SkyBell HD device, you can always reset it to start your process over. There are two types of reset on your SkyBell video doorbell:

A soft reset restarts the power cycle on your SkyBell; or it turns your device off, then on again. To do this, Hold the power button down for 45 seconds. The LED lights will go from blinking green to flashing red and green. It will take about five minutes for the device to boot back up. When it reconnects to the WiFi network, the lights will flash orange.

A hard reset returns the device to factory default settings. To do this, hold the power button down for 60 seconds. The LED lights will go from blinking blue to blinking yellow to confirm your action. This will delete any programming changes that have been made to the device. The new owner will have to completely re-program the device. When the device powers back on, it will blink red and green.

Making Sure Your Skybell Has Enough Power

The SkyBell needs access to full-time power in order to function properly. It also requires a connection to your existing wired doorbell chime. To connect your SkyBell, remove your old doorbell and attach the two wires to your smart doorbell.

To make sure your SkyBell is properly installed and has connection to sufficient power, the following conditions must be met:

  • SkyBell must have access to power all the time, and it must be connected to a wired, analog doorbell chime.
  • SkyBell requires low-voltage power (10-36 VAC and 12 VDC with an amp range of 0.5-1.0).
  • SkyBell must not be connected to two terminals of a transformer without a 10 ohm/10-watt resistor on one connection.

Check out this guide and video for a demonstration of connecting the SkyBell to power. When your doorbell is installed correctly, you should still be able to hear your traditional doorbell chime in your home.

Where Do I Go Next?

Making sure your device is set up correctly can be challenging for some users. However, companies like SkyBell provide customer support to make sure their consumers are well taken care of.

If you have any issues setting up your device or making it work properly, explore the manufacturer’s FAQs on their site, or give their customer service a call.

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