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Why is my SimpliSafe Flashing Blue?

Jan 29, 2020
Simplisafe Alarm system with blue ring light on

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin using SimpliSafe’s home security system. After using it for some time, you may have run into everyone’s favorite inevitable step with technology: troubleshooting. When I finally had my system all set and ready to go, I soon noticed a flashing blue light on my SimpliSafe base station.

Why is my SimpliSafe Flashing Blue? The SimpliSafe Base Station will flash a blue indicator light to alert you of potential issues. The blue light is meant to inform you that a message containing more details on the problem is being sent to the SimpliSafe Keypad.

As with any smart home technology (especially those meant for security), it’s essential to understand what your devices are trying to tell you. The SimpliSafe Base Station provides visual cues that indicate a variety of potential issues or notifications. In this article, I’m going to break down the notifications and make the communication more manageable.

Base Station Indicator Light Cues

Smarthomestarter - simplisafe and alexa

The lights on the Base Station serve as visual indicators of a broad range of potential problems. If you’re ever unsure, a light on your Base Station usually means a more descriptive message has been sent to your SimpliSafe Keypad, where you can access detailed information on the issue. Here’s a quick look at what type of primary cues you might receive from your Base Station:

Blue Light

  • Solid Light: System Armed
  • Flashing Light: A message was sent to Keypad

Red Light

  • Solid Light: An alarm was triggered
  • Dim Light: An alarm was recently triggered
  • Blinking Light: Recent loss of power or system error

The Base Station also implements Yellow and White lights to indicate your system is attempting to communicate with other devices. Whether it’s downloading an update or receiving input from your Keypad, the Base Station lights will give you visual cues depending on the status of your devices.

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What Could be Triggering the Flashing Blue Light?

SimpliSafe Lights Yellow

Now that you’re getting a flashing blue light, what could be triggering your system? We know that the light indicates a message has been sent to the associated SimpliSafe Keypad, so let’s take a quick look at some of the notifications you may receive:

Keypad Error Code Potential Cause
“Entry Sensor Open” Something in your house was left open (door, window, etc.).
“Power Outage” This message will appear if your house has experienced a power outage. The system will continue to function up to 8 hours with its backup battery.
“Alarm, Panic Button” “Alarm, Entry Sensor” “Alarm, Motion Sensor” These messages indicate an alarm was recently triggered in your house.
“Keypad Out of Range” You may receive this notification if you set up your SimpliSafe Keypad too far away from the Base Station.
“Keypad Battery Low” The batties in your SimpliSafe Keypad need to be replaced.

Data Courtesy of SimpliSafe

It’s helpful to note that the flashing blue light is intended more as a heads up notification, rather than an indication of something more serious, like a break-in or environmental anomaly.

For a full list of potential Keypad Warnings you may receive, you can also check out SimpliSafe’s troubleshooting page here.

How Do I Stop the Flashing Blue Light?

Now that we’ve established some of the causes of the flashing blue light, how do you stop it from flashing? Once you’ve addressed all the alerts that initially caused the blue light to begin flashing, the system can be cleared from the SimpliSafe Keypad in a few easy steps:

  1. Press the “Menu Button”
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Scroll through the menu and select “Exit.”
  4. Your system should then resume its normal functioning and monitoring.

How-To Information Courtesy of SimpliSafe Forums.

Other Potential Issues

A common cause of the Base Station flashing a blue light revolves around communication with the SimpliSafe dispatch center. SimpliSafe offers the ability to dispatch emergency services if an alarm is triggered. If the system is unable to establish a connection to dispatch, the Base Station will flash blue.

There is a small catch, however. A paid subscription service is required to use the SimpliSafe dispatch services. So what do you do if you opt-out of their premium services, and therefore can’t connect to dispatch services? Fortunately, other users have experienced this issue as well, and you contact SimpliSafe Customer Service for instructions and a download meant to remove this indicator.


I was relieved to discover a blue light wasn’t warning me of an imminent threat or alarming issue, but rather the security equivalent of a notification text. SimpliSafe utilizes various light indicators on its Base Station as a primary function of communication.

Perhaps the most common type of light indicator you will see is a blue light. Whether its flashing or solid, its simply meant to notify you that your system is armed or you’re receiving a message that needs to be addressed.

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