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Why Is My Samsung Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

Last Updated Oct 20, 2021
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Whether you just purchased a new Samsung laptop or have owned it for an extended period of time, you may be having some issues that have popped up. You may be wondering why your device isn’t operating as efficiently as you expect it to, or as it previously has in the past.

Battery issues with your Samsung laptop can range from hardware to software issues to general wear and tear. Battery performance can generally be improved by addressing these possible concerns.

Considering that you are wondering why your battery is draining so fast, it is not performing to the standard you are used to. Let’s take a look at some areas of concern that affect battery performance to address why the battery may be draining so fast, and also check out what can be done to possibly improve the battery’s life.

Laptop Battery Specs

There are a few different types of batteries that you could have in your Samsung laptop. 

Every battery has a different life span as to what can be considered as draining fast. Based upon your model number, your laptop will have the approximate time range of operation listed in the user manual for comparison to what you are experiencing.

The typical range of time that a battery will operate normally before needing replacement is around 2-4 years. If it has been longer than that, you may want to consider the replacement of the battery. However, there are some issues that may be present that you can remedy in order to get your battery back to lasting as long as it should. 

Let’s take a look at some of the problems that may exist that can give your battery life issues.

Hardware Issues

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A laptop battery’s performance requires that all areas of the laptop be performing as they should. How you use your laptop directly affects how much power is needed to operate all the different parts that are essential to peak operation. 

If you are using your laptop for things such as gaming, or use your laptop to run several different programs at the same time, this requires extra power to operate normally. Be aware that the more processes you run, the more your battery will drain from the extra load on the hardware components of your laptop.

Software Issues

When it comes to laptop battery life, the operation of the system itself is often the area that causes most of the problems. Several things can affect the performance of the system that you may or may not be aware of.


Over the course of ownership of your laptop, you may have accidentally picked up a virus or an unwanted program that is wreaking havoc on the memory usage of your laptop. Malware can target the graphical processing unit of your laptop, causing a massive drain in battery due to the unit being overworked. 

Often, there can be processes working in the background unnoticed that are actively corrupting other programs or stealing sensitive information.


When you purchase a laptop, it often comes with a preset package of software that is included from the manufacturer. A lot of times this software goes unused by the user, but is still actively running in the background using up your battery for no reason.

There are several tools online and also removal methods within the operating system to uninstall some of the programs you are not using so you can free up some of the load on your computer. Most computers include a Task Manager program that gives the ability to view the processes that are actively consuming power in your laptop. 

Take a look at these and see if there is anything you aren’t using that you can stop the operation of.

Laptop Settings

Many times your power usage can be adjusted by changing some of the settings on your computer to being more energy friendly. Check to see if your laptop has a power saving mode. It may be that your laptop is set to operate for high performance despite the toll it takes on your battery. This can normally be adjusted.

Battery drainage often is caused by the area of the laptop you are most aware of; the screen. The brightness of your screen is often the leading culprit in battery drainage.

There may be settings on your computer that are left on even though you are not using them. If you are not using things such as your wireless network or your bluetooth connection, make sure they are turned off, as these options are actively running even though you may not be using them.


After taking a look at some areas of possible concern, hopefully your battery isn’t draining at the rate it was previously. Using a software program to evaluate your computer can usually find some of the culprits of battery drain. 

If your laptop is still having issues after getting rid of some of the running processes and shutting off all unneeded options, you will need to look into battery replacement.

If you would like to learn more about Samsung laptops, check out this article.

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