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Why Is My Roku Ultra Remote Not Working?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022
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It can be frustrating when you discover your Roku remote is no longer connected to your Roku Ultra since the remote is the main way that users interact with the Roku interface. Without a functioning remote, it’s also impossible to use Roku’s voice-activated commands.

The Roku Ultra remote may quit working if it becomes unpaired from the Roku Ultra, if it has a low battery, or if it needs to be reset. Most issues with the Roku Ultra remote not working can be resolved with a little troubleshooting at home. 

It’s always worth the trouble to inspect your Roku remote yourself and figure out if you can get it working again before contacting technical support. This can save you hours of annoyance and days of not being able to use your Roku device remotely. Read on to learn more about reasons why the Roku Ultra remote may stop working and how you can get it connected again.

Reasons the Roku Ultra Remote Stops Working

There are several major reasons why a Roku Ultra’s remote might stop working or responding to voice commands. Here are the most common issues that users run into:

  • The Roku remote has become unpaired with the Roku. If the Roku Ultra and the Roku remote aren’t connected, then the remote won’t be able to deliver any commands to the Roku device.
  • The Roku remote’s rechargeable battery is low. If the battery power is low in the remote, this may prevent it from having enough energy to push commands to the Roku Ultra device.
  • The Roku needs to be reset. Any kind of software glitches or problems between the Roku Ultra and the Roku remote can typically be resolved using a system reset. This helps restore all connections within the Roku system and can resolve connectivity issues.

The good news is that all of these problems can be solved by the Roku owner right at home. This saves you the hassle of having to ship your Roku away for diagnosis and repair by the manufacturer.

How to Re-Pair the Roku Remote with Roku Ultra

If your Roku remote isn’t connected with Roku Ultra, it may be an issue where the two device are not paired together wirelessly. To pair your Roku remote with the Roku Ultra, perform the following:

  • Power down the Roku Ultra. To do this, disconnect the Roku from the power source and leave it disconnected for at least five seconds before plugging it back in and powering it up until it shows the Home screen.
  • Remove the batteries from the Roku remote. This will allow you to completely power down the remote and remove any previous pairings. After five seconds, reinsert the batteries in the remote. If your remote is rechargeable, power it down and back up again by pressing the pairing button for 20 seconds.
  • Restart the remote. If you press the pairing button and the remote flashes, this indicates that it is reconnected. If it does not flash, the remote needs to be recharged or needs new batteries.

After thirty seconds, the Roku home page should display the pairing dialogue. 

How to Resolve Battery Issues with the Roku Remote

Another common problem that can cause issues with the Roku rechargeable remote is a low battery charge. To check and see if the remote needs recharging, you can place the remote on the micro-USB charging cord and power adapter.

Once you’ve placed the remote on the charger, check the indicator light. If it begins flashing, this means that the remote is charging up. If it glows a steady green, this indicates that the remote is already sitting on a full charge.

If the remote is fully charged up but you’re still having problems using it, you may need to move on to resetting the remote and Roku completely.

Restarting Roku Ultra and Roku Remote

Another method of resetting the Roku Ultra and remote is through the Roku’s home screen. Note that this method only works if your remote is still working and you can’t get a connection for Roku voice commands.

If you don’t want to restart the Roku and remote manually by removing power from them, you can navigate to the system reset button in the Roku settings.

Here is the method you should follow for restarting the Roku Ultra and remote through the Roku home screen:

  • Access the settings. Press the Home button on the remote to get to the home screen of the Roku device, then select Settings.
  • Perform a System reset. From the Settings menu, select System and then select Power. In the Power submenu, select System Restart.

Once the Roku system is restarted, press the pairing button on the remote and hold it down for five seconds. This should reestablish the connection between the Roku Ultra and the remote.

Roku Ultra Remote Issues Are Easily Resolved

If you have a problem with your Roku remote working, there’s no need to panic. The answer is usually a simple reset of the system, a reset of the system’s pairings, or a renewed battery charge to get things operating again.