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Why Is My Roku Ultra Not Working?

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022
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The Roku Ultra is a great streaming device to have in your home. You can easily have access to all your favorite channels and shows. On occasion though, you might notice an issue with your Roku Ultra. If your device has stopped working, there can be many reasons why. 

Roku Ultra can stop working when there is an issue with the signal or WIFI. There can also be problems with the device itself. The easiest way to fix most of these issues is by restarting the device. 

You might be wondering how to fix your Roku Ultra when it stops working. We will go over all the steps in this article. We will also give you a full troubleshooting guide. 

Roku Ultra Has Stopped Working 

There are many reasons why a Roku Ultra might suddenly stop working. 

Here are some of the most commonly reported issues people have with their Roku that is cause for a restart or reset:

  • Frozen Roku 
  • Your Roku will not turn on 
  • Roku is connected to WIFI but not working 
  • Roku will not connect to the WIFI 
  • Roku is on but there is no picture 
  • Remote is unresponsive

For all the issues above, you can try a restart of the device first. If the Roku will not connect to the WIFI, you will also need to restart your router. You can either find the on/off button or unplug it from the wall. 

Rebooting Your Roku 

A reboot of the Roku can be a restart or a reset. It’s recommended that you restart first as this will not affect your settings and information. When you do a complete reset, you will have to reconfigure your settings and reconnect to the WIFI which can be time-consuming. 

Restarting the Roku 

There are two main ways to restart your Roku. You can do so through the settings menu from the remote or you can do it manually. 

Restarting with the Settings Menu 

The first method is using the settings menu on the Roku device.

Here are the steps to restarting Roku with the settings menu:

  1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote. 
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Press Ok. 
  4. Go to System. 
  5. Scroll down with the down arrow button. 
  6. Choose System. 
  7. Choose Ok. 
  8. Click System Restart. 
  9. Click Ok. 
  10. Choose the Restart button. 
  11. Press Ok. 

The Roku will now restart and turn back on once the process is finished. 

Restarting Manually 

You will use the remote for this process. This might be a better option if your Roku is not showing on the TV screen and you cannot use the settings menu. 

Here’s the process:

  1. Press the home button on the remote five times. 
  2. Press the up arrow once. 
  3. Press rewind twice. 
  4. Press fast forward twice. 

Your Roku will now restart and turn back on. Once it has turned back on, you can check to see if the issue you were experiencing is still a problem or not.  

Resetting Your Roku 

Resetting your Roku is the next step in the process if the restart process did not work. Remember that this will erase all your preferences and settings. As with the restart process, you can reset your Roku through the settings menu or manually. 

Resetting with the Settings Menu 

Now, we’ll show you how to reset your Roku with its settings menu.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Press the home button on the Roku remote. 
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Choose Ok. 
  4. Go to System. 
  5. Press Ok. 
  6. Choose Advanced System Settings. 
  7. Choose Ok. 
  8. Choose Factory Reset. 
  9. Choose Ok. 
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts. 

Your Roku will take a few minutes to reset. Once it’s done, you will need to configure your settings and then see if the issue is fixed. 

Resetting with the Reset Button 

Before getting started with this part, you will need to locate the reset button on your Roku device. Depending on the version of the Roku Ultra you have, it might be a real button or a pinhole button. 

If you find that it’s a pinhole button, you will need to get something like a bobby pin or an unrolled paperclip to press into the opening. 

Then you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the device is on. You should see a white LED light on the device. 
  2. Press and hold the reset button. Hold it down for 10 seconds until the light blinks to show that the reset is done. 

If you have reset and restarted and the issue is not resolved, you might need to update the Roku software. 

Updating Roku Software 

Updating software can fix signal issues and issues with the Roku stalling or buffering for long periods of time. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the home button. 
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Choose Ok. 
  4. Choose System. 
  5. Choose Ok. 
  6. Choose System Update. 
  7. Choose Ok. 
  8. Choose Check Now. 
  9. If there is an update available, choose Download. 

Once it has finished, it will reboot. If none of these solutions helped, consider contacting Roku support. 

Final Thoughts 

There can be many reasons why your Roku Ultra might have quit working. In most cases, it’s because of a signal issue, WIFI issue, or something is wrong with the device. A restart or reset will usually fix the issue as well as update the software.

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