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Why Is My Roku Ultra Blinking?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022
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If the Roku Ultra is blinking, this is almost always an indication that the system is malfunctioning. There are a few different lights that are part of the Roku indicator system, and their blinking signals can have different meanings depending on the location and color.

When a Roku Ultra blinks, this means that it is having connectivity or power issues. These issues can be resolved by troubleshooting the Roku Ultra’s power source and connection to a wireless Internet signal. Most Roku Ultra issues that involve blinking can be fixed at home.

Having a problem with your Roku Ultra blinking? Keep reading to learn what this blinking means and how you can get your Roku working again.

Reasons the Roku Ultra Blinks

There are two major reasons that the light on the Roku Ultra will start blinking:

  • Power issues: If the Roku Ultra displays a red blinking light, this is an indication that the Roku isn’t receiving enough power. Without additional power, the Roku won’t be able to operate normally. This issue is usually the result of an incorrect power adapter or a malfunctioning power source.
  • Connectivity issues: If the Roku Ultra displays a white blinking light, this is an indication that the Roku is not able to maintain a connection to the wireless Internet signal. This issue is usually the result of a malfunctioning Internet signal or a defect in the Roku.

If your Roku is having power issues, this problem can often be fixed by inspecting and adjusting the Roku’s power source. If the Roku is having connectivity issues, it’s worth checking out your home’s wireless Internet signal to see if the signal is the issue rather than the Roku.

Lights on the Roku Ultra and Remote

There are a few different lights on the Roku Ultra and the Roku remote that each indicate different things about the Roku’s functionality. These are the different lights and what they mean:

  • Light on the Roku housing: The main light on the Roku Ultra is the one that indicates power or connectivity issues.
  • Light on the Roku remote: The light on the Roku Ultra’s remote indicates the remote’s power levels, and it can also indicate connectivity issues between the Roku and the Roku remote.

A blinking light on the Roku Ultra will appear on the Roku’s main housing. Below we’ll figure out how you can potentially fix this problem if it happens with your Roku Ultra.

How to Fix Roku Ultra Power Issues

If you see a blinking red light on your Roku Ultra, the first suspect you should look at is the power source to the device. Along with a blinking light, you may have a pop-up message on screen indicating that the Roku is not receiving enough power to operate.

When this happens, there are a few potential reasons:

  • The adapter is incorrect. If the wrong adapter is used with the Roku Ultra, this can cause an incompatibility issue where the Roku doesn’t receive enough power.
  • The Roku is hooked up to an intermediary power source. The Roku Ultra should be plugged directly into a wall socket in order for it to receive enough power to operate correctly. Hooking up your Roku Ultra to a power strip or splitter can prevent it from drawing enough power to function.

To solve this problem in the Roku Ultra, check to make sure that the adapter being used with the Roku is the one that was originally included with the device. If it is, ensure that the adapter is plugged into a wall socket rather than a power strip or other intermediary power source.

If the Roku Ultra is plugged into the wall and isn’t receiving enough power, try unplugging it and plugging a different device (such as a lamp) into the same outlet. If other devices also malfunction when plugged into this outlet, it is a problem with the outlet rather than the Roku’s internal power source.

How to Fix Roku Ultra Connectivity Issues

The other common problem that you may run into with a Roku Ultra blinking is a connectivity issue. This is indicated when the Roku Ultra’s light is blinking white.

In many cases, the Roku Ultra’s connectivity problems are a temporary issue caused by wireless Internet maintenance or an episode of poor connectivity from the remote signal sent to your modem.

The first step is to check your wireless signal and ensure that it is operational. If not, you may need to do a reset on your computer modem before moving on to resetting the Roku.

Here is the method for fixing a Roku Ultra connectivity issue directly from the Roku menu if you see a white light blinking on it (Note: This reset requires the Roku remote that is paired with the Roku Ultra):

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote. This will bring you to the Roku’s main screen and options menu.
  • Scroll down and select Settings.
  • From the settings menu, select Advanced Settings.
  • From the Advanced Settings submenu, select Network Connection Reset.
  • From the Network Connection Reset submenu, select Reset Connection.

In most situations, following this method should restore your Roku Ultra’s connection to your wireless Internet signal.

In rare cases, the Roku Ultra may contain a defective piece of hardware that prevents it from picking up the wireless signal. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to hold on to your warranty information for your Roku and register it so that if you run into serious technical problems, you can ship it back to the manufacturer for repair or a replacement.

Roku Blinks To Send a Distress Signal

If your Roku is blinking either red or white, chances are you’re dealing with an issue that will prevent the Roku from operating effectively. But if you use the troubleshooting guide above to navigate the Roku Ultra’s most common issues, you should be channel surfing in no time!

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