Why Is My Ring Spotlight Cam In Black And White?

The silhouette of a man looking outside his window in the dark.The silhouette of a man looking outside his window in the dark.

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The Ring Spotlight Cam is a great device to add to your home security system. It comes with motion detection lights and can have varied lengths of recordings whenever you need them or when someone comes by your home. One thing that can possibly happen is your Ring Spotlight Cam can get stuck in a black and white setting.

If your Ring Spotlight Cam is stuck in black and white, there are several possible reasons for this. The most common reason is that the camera is in its night vision mode. It is very simple to fix this issue from the Ring App on your phone.

Even though this is the most common reason to cause a Ring Spotlight Cam to be in black and white, there are other possibilities for why this is happening. Most of them are easy and quick to fix as well.

How to Know if Night Vision is on a Ring Spotlight Cam

One of the most popular features of a Ring Spotlight Cam is its clear night vision, so you can see and record what is happening outside of your home at night. One frustrating thing that can happen is a Ring Cam can get stuck in night vision mode, and you’ll have a black and white video. 

If this is the case, you will notice a red light on the front of your camera, which says that night vision is on. In an ideal scenario, the night vision will only be activated when the lights are low, so night vision might automatically be on from dusk to dawn if it’s darker outside. 

Another reason your night vision is stuck on your camera is because of the placement of the camera. Your camera could be placed in a spot on your porch that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight. 

How to Fix Stuck Night Vision on a Ring Spotlight Cam

There are different fixes for the stuck night vision on your Ring Spotlight Cam depending on what is causing the constant black and white image. 

Camera Placement

If your Ring Spotlight Cam is stuck in black and white due to the camera placement, try to find a spot that you can put it that won’t be blocking the sunlight. This will allow the night vision to appropriately and automatically trigger at night.

You may also have a tree or some plants blocking the view and shading the camera. If it is possible to move the plant, then move it and see if it is causing the camera to be stuck in black and white. 

Adjust the Infrared Setting in the Ring App

If the camera placement isn’t causing your Ring Spotlight Cam to stay in black and white, the next step would be to check and adjust the infrared settings in the Ring App. You can adjust the infrared settings in the Ring App by:

  1. Select the three dots on the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.
  2. Select the cogwheel icon and select “video settings.”
  3. Select “Night Vision” and toggle to the “auto” setting.

If you are still having an issue where your Ring Spotlight Cam is still in black and white, the next step would be to reboot the camera.

Reboot Your Ring Spotlight Cam

Rebooting your Ring Spotlight Cam is another way to reset the settings to try to get it out of being stuck in black and white. If you are using a wired Ring Spotlight Cam, you’ll first have to disconnect it from its power source. 

After that, you will pick up your Ring Spotlight Cam, and on the back of the camera, there is an orange button. Press and hold it for fifteen seconds. Next, turn your camera toward you, and you will see a light flash. That’s how you know your Ring Spotlight Cam has been reset. If there are no flashing lights, try again.

It takes about five minutes for the camera to reboot. After the reboot, turn it back on, and your video should no longer be in black and white. If it still is, then you can call Ring technical support for further assistance.

Call Ring Tech Support

One of the final things you can do to turn your camera out of black and white is to call Ring technical support. If you call Ring technical support, they can make adjustments to your camera for you. They take several minutes to take effect, but it’s the best possible outcome for getting your Ring Spotlight Cam out of black and white if it’s stuck.

As a final step, if you have gone through all of this and nothing works, consider your product warranty and exchange your Ring Spotlight Cam for a new one. 

Colored Night Vision

The Ring Spotlight Cam also offers a feature to have colored night vision. This is particularly handy for nightly recordings to know the colors of cars or jackets that people are wearing outside of your home. 

If you are using colored night vision, it won’t be full color, only accents. You can also turn the lights on, on your camera to get more colors to appear closer to the camera.

You can turn this feature on by enabling it in your device video settings through the Ring App. 


While there are several possibilities as to why a Ring Spotlight Cam would be stuck in black and white, there are many simple fixes to these problems. Ring is known for its amazing customer service, and in the end, someone is always available to help you.

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